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I simply LOVE what BabyGirl started (Thread: A little help for the plot impaired), so I would like to make a completely different story, if no one minds terribly.
The youth huddled in the dank darkness. A shaft of moonlight strived to reach into the inky black, but was blocked by iron bars and thick cobwebs.
His emerald eyes roved over the small confine of the prison cell. Three steps forward the unpassable iron door. Beneath him, the stone floor, with a clump of musty hay. To one side, a tin bowl of brackish water. Just above that, a large iron ring, two thick chains running from the wall to the shackles about his wrists. Balling his fists, he desperately trying to break the chains, without any effect. The chains rattled in contempt as he he threw his hands down, and sagged on the old hay.
[i]Thud! Thud![/i] The sound pounded against the iron door. "Shaddup in there, ya freak!"
His long tail thrashed in the hay, kicking up dust motes. With a soft snarl, he brushed his white hair back, swearing under his breath at his stupidity.
[i]Why couldn't I have listened?[/i]
He pulled at his chains again, screaming as the feelings of the hopelessness of it all resurged.
[i]Why do they ignore the impending doom the planet faces?[/i]
The guard banged against the door again, but the prisoner ignored it. Irritated by the interruption of his sleep (the belly dancer had been [i]so[/i] close!), the guard threw the door open and slapped his whip against the youth's body.
Several minutes later, the guard, heaving hard, walked out and slammed the door shut.
The youth, his spirit broken for the moment, lay on hands and knees, his skin laced with red ribbons of blood, his already ragged clothes torn even more. Beads of sweat, mingled with his blood, rolled down his face and marked the floor with a dismal puddle. A shudder ran through his frame, and with a quiet sob, the tears appeared in his eyes. He cradled his head in his arms, weeping in the hay.
[i]Why did they take her?[/i]
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