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RPG The Frequent War (sign up)


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[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=darkblue]

It's that time of year again. You know when there is a war, anywho's it was called The Frequent War. In the year 2034, there have been a lot of technolegy that people disagree that they should have that stuff. But all the brave soldries (whoch is you0 sign up to fight the war. But make sure you beat the bad guys!

Code name:
Unit: Bad Guy ( there will be some tell me if you want to be one) Commander
Or Hopitality


Name: Thrasher Saler
Age: 21
Weapons: Sowrd (of course) machine gun, and kendo stick.
Bio: H ecame from a distance part of the earth. He grew up with is older brother. They journied, but one day is older brother died. Now he is on his own.
Unit: Commander

Watch you have to do is fight the bad guys whenever you get the chance. There will be 10 bad guys. The people that want to be bad guys will say so.
The battle will go like this

wht/blk magic
where you are going to hit
then you keep the battle going.[/size][/font][/color]
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Name: Xavierianne
Age: 15
Weapons: sword, machine gun,magic, battle fight(space craft), mind control.
Bio: I raised my self on black magic. never knew my parents, love nothing hate all but my little sis, (Little sis up for grabs by anyone) she is 9 and is more dangerous than any 24 year old man. Anything I ever wante in life I stole or won with my power of persuasion and beauty. You better beware baby!
Code name: Grim Reepe-X
Unit: Bad Beoch
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