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RPG Newb To Boards Starting a Game of Sorts


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Ok, im fairly new to the forums, but ill try a game for the heck of it.
This game is set in the world of Amothkrain, famous for its mining products. Then, one day, an evil sorceror, name and origin unknown, apears and creates his own little town in the mines. Now a group of adventurers set off in a quest to destroy this menace and all his minions. (Details given later)
Creating A Character:
To create a character you msut have these basic stats=
1.Name of trainer
2.HP: always 100(+any armor donned, explained later)
3.???(name of followers, explained later)
4.???(Animals/Pets, explained later)
5.Weapons (any basic weapon, no enchantments yet)
6.Spells: (No Starting Spells)
7.Gold (starting default is 300)
8.Group Reputation (1=bad, 100=good) Default is 50
9.Team Health: Healthy (explained later)
The "Explained Later" Stuff:
1. Name of Followers:
Over The Progression of the game you can gain followers who will fight for you. Also (note this) followers like blacksmiths, given the proper tools and supplies, can create weapons and armor for you.(Armor Details After #2)

Throughout the game you may encounter wandering druids. These druids will either A. give you an animal companion to fight for you, or B. give you the scroll: Conjure Animal Aid. Basically, animals/pets assist you in battle.

3.Armor Detail:
Thoguh not specified as a feild in Creating a character, armor has soem attributes. You see, your character has 100 health. Extra Health Points (HP) can be obtained through donning armor. (ex. Donning the Magical +5 Titan's Plate Male could give you up to an added 75-90 extra hp. *note that magical armor is very rare*)Your Health stats will be recorded as 100 at all times, but after adding the armor (leather=+5, studded leather=+10, etc.) you would see it as 100+25.

To rummage the town, completing side quests for money and stuff, then defeating the sorcerors undead minions and finnally confronting the sorceror himself and destroying him.

5.Team Health:
As you progress, if you lsoe battles, team health gows down, its kind of a estimated versino of your earlier hp. so if u had 37 hp bcuz u jsut lost a battle, then your team health would be unhealthy, and 96 hp would be healthy.
See my signature for what a real character might have for stats
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