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Ok this is my first Fanfic.. The title's kinda pathetic now..but if you can think of a better one you can tell me!!

In this Fanfic there are some New Pokémon I made up. They are:

Otto: A doglike Pokémon. They look like dogs but live in communities called "Warrens", Like Rabbits. All Ottos are white with stripes. The males have blue stripes and the females have pink ones.

Piki: An unusual Pokémon. At the Baby level, No one knows what he evolves into. I gave him Calumon's (from digimon) personality, because it fits him. He can speak english.

Mewtre: Baby form of Mewtwo. Really cute!!

Here goes:

Chapter One: Totally Totodile

" My feet hurt!" Ash complained.
The young Pokémon Trainer was walking down a dirt road with his friends Misty and Brock. Pikachu, Ash's First Pokémon, sat on Ash's head.
"Why don't you walk, Pikachu, and let me ride on your head?" Ash said.
"Pika, Pika," Pikachu said in its most insulting tone.
"AM NOT!!" Ash yelled.
"Ash, stop yelling!" Misty had had it with his whining and complaining.
"But Pikachu called me an obnoxious (can't spell) jerk," Ash whimpered.
"So? He's right!" Misty enjoyed insulting Ash about as much as Pikachu did.
"Stop arguring,guys, we're here," Brock announced. "Ultramarine City!"
"Ultramarine?" Ash asked. "What's that, some sort of color?"
Misty whacked Ash on the head.
No, silly, it's called Ultramarine City because it's right on the ocean. I bet it's famous for water Pokémon."
Brock shook his head. "Actually, it's famous for Psychic Pokémon."
"Why's that?" Ash wanted to know.
"A powerful Psychic Pokémon is the city's gaurdian. It comes out only at night. They made one section of the town a Pokémon village because of it."
"Weird," said Ash. "I wonder what Pokémon it is?"

In Ultramarine city, something darted through the shadows of an alleyway. It flew up in the air ad landed on a roof. The creature looked at the cityscape.
"Piki!!" giggled the tiny creature, watching two human children playing with a Growlithe down below.
In the shadows, another Pokémon watched Piki curiously. One thing was for sure, this Pokémon was a LOT bigger.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=seagreen]And BTW, for a title, tell me what the story's about, and I'll dream one up for you.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

It takes place about a month after Mewtwo Returns. Team Rocket has found Mewtwo once again. They try to catch him, but a little girl named Rika stands up to them, protecting Mewtwo. In the story, Mewtwo becomes friends with Rika. But I'm not telling the ending-- it would ruin the whole story!!;)

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiTerriermon [/i]

Uhh...No its not:nope: [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]And I quote from Pokemon Red: "Mew gave birth. We named the baby, MEWTWO."[/COLOR]

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Ok well um Mew isnt the baby form mewtwo. Mewtwo is more like a clone torwards mew. So Raiha your very much wrong about mewtwo being a baby. I mean if he was a baby why is it that mewtwo stronger than mew in the movie.Plus if he was a baby wouldnt there be a 2nd mew.?

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[COLOR=seagreen]I don't know. I didn't write the fücking game. Go play it for yourself to find out. Baby's can be stronger than the adults. Don't you read the Fantastic Four?[/COLOR]

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