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  1. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Lately it's been "Pins and Needles" by the Birthday Massacre. I can't remember when this album came out, but I've been thoroughly enjoying it. A nice break from the random synthpop Pandora hurls at me when I give it the least bit of leeway. [/color][/size][/font]
  2. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]I saw this on base for like two dollars and didn't feel robbed at the end of it. My boyfriend however grudgingly admits it wasn't entirely a waste. He hates musicals though, but liked the horse. Did anyone else feel that the horse's character was more or less borrowed wholesale from the horse in Road to El Dorado? Maybe it's just me. But either way I thoroughly enjoyed the whole shebang, especially the part where she has a reptile for a pet. And when she first tries to escape from her mother and ends up crying one second and being ecstatic the next. That's totally believable, and of course way too funny. [/color][/size][/font]
  3. [quote name='Yukazi' timestamp='1303663732' post='706814'] Nobody will ever be as dynamic and cool as Nerdsy. â?¥[/quote] Except ... [b][i][i]MacGyver![/i][/i][/b] [img]http://gremlindog.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/macgyver11ic.jpg[/img] Anyway I'm back after about six months elsewhere, specifically in Illinois, getting my Navy on. More like the Navy getting on me. And then riding me like a pony. And beating me with mandatory events and training that were simultaneously agonizing, humiliating, and worthwhile. Yeah. Yay.
  4. It's raining, 40 degrees F, and I have to go stand watch for 4 hours in very painful shoes. I hate duty.

    1. K.G


      I start that soon as well. I go into the Army Sept 6. I'm actually looking forward to it. ^^

  5. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Our instructor came to us lined up outside the classroom for marchin and told us the Commanding Officer of our base would be having some free time this morning to come do personnel inspections. After the collective sound of about 22 nervous sailors wetting themselves he then laughed and said that we were idiots. And also happy April Fools. I'm plotting his death as we speak. [/color][/size][/font]
  6. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]My room mate, obnoxious jerk that he is, has purchased this game [finally] because he was too lazy to jump on the beta train. That being said, because he has a 'hearing' problem he plays with the sound all the way up. Is there, do you know, a way to get rid of the flavor text that is spewed every time he makes a single action? If I hear those idiot space marines say "you can count on me!" one more time, I may reformat his hard drive with vinegar and rubbing alcohol. [/color][/size][/font]
  7. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] I recall being aggressively campaigned to regarding prop 8 by the homosexual lobby in a manner that was eventually ruled to be illegal. As they were two feet from the polling booths. This is what I remember when I think about Prop 8. Strangely, I wasn't marketed to at all from the opposing faction. Also, because I don't support state recognized marriage regardless of gender, I didn't vote on the matter at all. You may now begin hating me for my lack of interest in the foibles and generalized howling about the rights of gays, straights, and so on and so forth. One can only surmise that now that the right to "marry" is extended to people of all socially acceptable persuasions everyone will be tolerant and have absolutely no problem with it. In California. I am not for one convinced that this ruling will stand on it's own for very long, because it has yet to go to the federal level, and here's where the intellectuals try to tell me that the federal government can't interfere with the rulings of the state and blah blah blah blah blah but we all know it's going to happen anyway so why bother celebrating now. All of this is premature until the bolt from Mount Olympus [that'd be the Supreme Court for you unimaginative types] comes crashing down into our bedrooms. Then you can all either throw yet another party or slit your wrists, whichever works best for you. [/color][/size][/font]
  8. Raiha

    Get Sharp!

    [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]So "Get Sharp" released yesterday and now that I've had enough time to crank up my energy sucking subwoofers and blast them loud enough to register with old Russian spy satellites, I can safely say that I do enjoy this latest/newest/first actual album produced by these two insane morons. They're from the Bay Area for one, which is nice for me, I like supporting local bands. And they play at Popscene, which is a local venue I'd like to see survive into the future wherein I have enough money to go to actual concerts. They're available for download legally anyway, on iTunes, and I really do recommend it. Very high listenability and repeatability, as the 'sounds that annoy you to death' are not as present here as they are in other electropop style bands. "Very Busy People" was on the radios out here for a long time, and that's probably what turned me on [haha] to the band. As such my current favorite song is one that was featured at BFD 2010, a rather big local grouping of bands that had all the good musical talent of the Warped Tour and Burning Man, without the copious drugs and old people. Current favorite song by them: "Internet Killed The Video Star." And after spellchecking this entry, I can safely say that I'm gushing. Oh well. Hmph. [/color][/size][/font]
  9. Raiha

    Favorite Joker

    [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]As much as I enjoyed watching Jack Nicholson dancing with a drugged female on a rooftop, I don't think he was my favorite, aside from the fact that he just seemed a little too old to be a psychotic criminal. The ones who are insane don't usually last that long, at least to my mind. I know, picking Heath Ledger just makes me another squealing fangirl, but I did actually read some of the Batman comics. *gasp* And his rendition of the Joker really did seem closer to the portrayals of the Joker in the comics, and that is of course the motivation behind my choice. Oh right, and then there was his disappearing pencil trick. Classic. [/color][/size][/font]
  10. [quote name='Heaven's Cloud' date='24 July 2010 - 08:57 AM' timestamp='1279987026' post='697754'][color="indigo"]Anytime you can defeat a final boss in an RPG the first time makes the whole ending disappointing.[/color] [/quote] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] Agreed. I found the more challenging boss was Lady Yunalesca. I had no idea what the zombie status effect did, and I didn't research before going in to fight her. Thus she cast megadeth...megadeath on my characters and that was the end of them and I threw my controller so hard I shattered a vase. On the other hand, you can make sure you don't easily defeat final bosses in RPGs if you have the option of simply not leveling up much. Unfortunately in Final Fantasy XII, I did virtually everything that could be done and was level 90 when I charged into battle with Lord Vayne and his...whatever it was. ...and he dropped faster than a sack of coal on Christmas morning. Alas. But on the other hand, he might not've been the 'Real' boss, if we can count Omega Weapon.[/color][/size][/font]
  11. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Primarily frost, with some arcane mixed in, just for giggles. And, it's on an RP server, so pretty much the only thing I do is run dungeons for fun. And I don't think it's nearly as weak as it should be. I was fire for the longest time and got really tired of doing almost no damage at all. Either I was doing something wrong with the talents or ...something. But I went from doing less damage than a petless hunter to the most. Blizzard [the spell] is my new best friend, even if it's a mana guzzler. [/color][/size][/font]
  12. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Oh good, there are others besides us three. I was worried. Of course soon I'll be weaned off wow for two months at a whack, so I'm not too worried about 'addiction' and whatnot. Besides, I can give it up for ...a few days anyway. *twitch* So I retooled my mage to be frost/arcane and suddenly it's doing more damage than I've ever seen it do. I'm a little worried that I spent all this time not doing much damage only to spend a cool 25g just to see my toon become god. What does this say? [/color][/size][/font]
  13. [quote name='Burori' date='23 July 2010 - 01:16 PM' timestamp='1279916176' post='697709'] as for badger moles I don't recall any earth bender persay walk around with one. Aside from Toph who learned how to bend from them. [/quote][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] In the Blind Bandit episode, ....was it 4 or 5? There was a badgermole and an earthbender cleaning the fighting platform. And...that's as far as I can go with that one. Although if I were an earth bender I would DEFINITELY walk around with a badgermole. All the time. And I would sing the SECRET TUNNEL! SECRET TUNNEL! song as much as humanly possible, to drive the people around me insane. Wait, I already do that.[/color][/size][/font]
  14. [quote name='NeedMoarRope' date='23 July 2010 - 12:33 PM' timestamp='1279913637' post='697707'] [font="Comic Sans MS"]Well, acording to Katara in the third book, the Waterbenders picked it up from the moon.[/font][/quote] [font="Times New Roman"][color="#9932cc"] [size="3"]I thought they ......damn. Maybe she'll just surf like the other waterbender who taught Avatar Kyoshi. I mean that could be cool. [/size] ...right?[/color][/font]
  15. [b][quote]If thereâ??s a new Avatar, that means Aang has passed on. If he died around age 70, isnâ??t that pretty young for an Avatar?[/b] [b]Konietzko:[/b] You gotta keep in mind that he was frozen in a state of suspended animation for 100 years, so he kind of burned up some of his extra Avatar time.[/quote] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] [/color][/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"].....Really? That's what their excuse is?[/color][/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] [/color][/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Yes, that is really the only thing I can criticize about this entire situation. And I guess it works out for Katara, she doesn't have to watch herself grow old and die faster than her husband. I guess when there's peace in the world, you have to find some other reason for an Avatar's death, because the Fire Lord wasn't an issue, and I doubt anyone else could've really threatened him.... Le sigh. [/color][/size][/font] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]But horray! Strong female character will be fun and exciting. I wonder if there will be fun descendants from other characters. Like Fire Lord Zuko and May's kids. I can't imagine how messed up/emo/confused they'll be, but it'll be fun anyway. AND, what kind of animal guide would Korra have? Badgermole for Earth, Dragon for Fire, Skybison for Air, and ....what exactly for water? Giant whale/eel/shark? God I would love to ride a giant whale...[/color][/size][/font]
  16. [quote name='Allamorph' date='23 July 2010 - 07:58 AM' timestamp='1279897108' post='697697'] [font="Calibri"]Or have we become a culture who only gets intense when our internal political quibbles and agendas can be serviced?[/font] [/quote] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] We have most assuredly been a culture who only gets intense when our internal political quibbles and agendas can be serviced. For quite some time now really. Niger isn't close enough or viable enough for us to give a rat's ass, as a country anyway. Plus there's the added bonus of it being in Africa, and we all know that only movie stars, Bono, and AIDS activists care about what goes on in that continent. And it's Amnesty International. They too have their agenda to serve, regardless of what socially correct flag they wave over their heads.[/color][/size][/font]
  17. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]To be honest, no. Unfortunately at most conventions, unless your work is published, almost nobody will know or care who you've cosplayed as if you're character is original. And worse still, some people who cosplay as their own characters will feel the need to enlighten everyone around them and then they become thundering bores. My job sadly is to tell these people that unless your character was published before the convention somewhere other than your brain, you can't carry your weapons with you on con property. Persona non grata, is the usual state of being for people cosplaying as their own creations. We call them OCs. Original Characters. [/color][/size][/font]
  18. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]I'm usually acting as security for the conventions I attend. As such my gear is slightly different. [/color][/size][/font][list][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Money [small denomination] [/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]ID[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Convention pass[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Staff armband[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Radio and Earbud[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Two suits[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Formal dress[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Cosplay[s][/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Boots[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Heels[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Flip Flops[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Knife [legal][/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Bikini [on the off chance I get a moment to find the hot tub][/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Flogger [line control][/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Makeup[/color][/size][/font][*][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Room key [don't trust anyone else with it] [/color][/size][/font][/list][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] Keeping track of everything is only simple when you don't bring much. I compartmentalized my garment bag to make sense, getting dressed at 3 in the morning in the dark is much easier that way. [/color][/size][/font]
  19. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Revelations 12:11, and let the record state that even if you think some of it looks Japanese it is not. It is Chinese. Translated by a friend, transcribed onto my back by Orly of Humble Beginnings Tattoos. Recommend him, he does amazing lineart. And yes, it hurt. But only a little. Then it felt good. [/color][/size][/font]
  20. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]I will endeavor to find these episodes and assimilate the information. [/color][/size][/font]
  21. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]The worst fortune cookies are the ones that give you advice, rather than a hilarious and funny fortune. I.e. Eat vegetables and get sleep for a healthy life! My best two fortune cookies were received in the presence of friends. The first was when I was having lunch with a firefighter friend and the fortune read: [size="4"]"The World Will Soon Be Ready To Receive Your Talents!"[/size] The second and by far the most hilarious fortune came to me when I was having a dinner date with a friend that didn't turn out to be the one referred to in the fortune. However it did come one month before I met my current boyfriend. [size="5"] "You are on the verge of something big." [/size] Go figure. [/color][/size][/font]
  22. [quote name='Sangome' date='05 July 2010 - 02:43 PM' timestamp='1278366196' post='696601'] [color="#9932cc"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]To be honest, I really dislike talking about college, mainly 'cause I've changed majors a good three times now, I'm still not sure what to do with my life, and I'm stuck at home while all I ever hear about are how AWESOME!!!!!! people's campus lives are.[/font][/color][/quote] [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"] I kinda have the same issue. [Only it's more like changed schools 6 times] I had my major requirements changed on me as well, so I've finally decided to join the Navy instead. Plus their 9/11 GI Bill will deal with any college I want later. Generally, dorm life in the Navy will be a bit more interesting than campus life. With the added bonus of bullets.[/color][/size][/font]
  23. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]Airbenders improve their aim by hurling fruit pies at their meditating elders. You can survive being flung 60 feet in the air and then falling back down on solid rock. However if your name is Jet, you will immediately die from a single rock sledge push into your face. [/color][/size][/font]
  24. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]I am an easily frightened little girl. Consequently the first game that made me actually leap vertically, two feet into the air from a cross legged position was Resident Evil 1, back when I was 16 and easily spooked. The zombie that came out of the bathtub was what did it. [/color][/size][/font]
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