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  1. Yes, yes, still haunt the boards.... mostly just watching it grow... lost too many great ones here, but also made a ton of friends!
  2. SPX!!!! Congrats!!!! Holy cow they are adorable!!!!! A little dirty, but hey, that's the best part!! Kind of. Yeah. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Des.... This is what I get for not logging in often. Drink some tea up there for me, big guy! Sorry to find out about your passing a year too late. Your last visit to oB was 8-6-16... I shall now go re-read the RPGs we rocked way back in the day. Thanks for all you've done to help with Jitsuryuku and OmniShore!
  4. Love you bro. Tea in heaven for all!

  5. Here's to ya, BG! Happy Birthday!

  6. Karni is amazing. A couple bands are still local, but they should get some recognition... [b]Awaken December[/b], a screamo band that hails from the woodwork of New Orleans. Quite an amazing band to see live... Here is one of my favorite songs by them, "Shut up Charles, I can name this song on my own." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4KAa7r7QBI [b]Chaos Aeon[/b], a rock/screamo band, amazing guitar solos and keyboarding. Here is a song for Karnival... haha called "Karnival Killer" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrrBpvzi-oo [b]Van Canto[/b], a Pagan rock band with a medieval feel to their music. Here's one of my favorite songs EVER, called "Last Night of the Kings." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt4CQc1MSso ...And for any Metallica fan out there... here is their cover of "Master of Puppets" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzk_K2yXeWo
  7. Valen


    [s]Lol, poor guy. Obama has definitely had his pitfalls, his triumphs, and his share of close-calls. We, as the people of his country, should believe in our leader... the man WE elected to become our leader. Okay. That's enough of that. It has been shown he does not know much about American history, the number of states we have, nor the fact that he should have his hand over his heart as the pledge/nation anthem is played.... but all that I can overlook. Its gotta be a stressful job, and with most of the country now against him, it has to make it even more stressful for him. His wife is on Disney channel now trying to reach out to the younger generation and help lead them to grow away from what we, as a society, have accepted as normal--high fat diets, bad music, drinking, drugs, random sex with random strangers.... I have absolutely no idea where I am going with this, except America should give the man some more credit. He may have messed up, gotten around a few laws, tried to rewrite the constitution, but he has also helped in many ways. He's trying to get our debts settled (Eventhough there is a simple solution when you get to the nitty-gritty of it), deal with the collective intelligence of a country that has... seemingly... lost what little common sense they once had. [/s] [s]Obama can[/s] He's trying his best and we should support him in whatever ways we can, whether it be calling our senators and having them propose laws to our president or just sit around and do nothing and complain about it everyday. Personally, its the same problem in New Orleans. ESPECIALLY Post-Katrina. He's only one man. He can only do so much. We have so many laws and by-laws that he has to get around to even take a poop in a public setting. It's a wonder he can get ANYTHING done without running into so much red tape and paperwork. ....I never thought I would say that.
  8. I knoooow!!! its like a min-facebook without all the annoying updates!

  9. Haha, it said you were last active waaaay last year lol I'm here now too!! Lots has changed!

  10. [quote name='lol' timestamp='1316516952' post='709520'] Man, I've just read through most of both of them like a month ago. Our little baby. ;~; [/quote] Man, we should redo a few stories like that with proper grammar and whatnot... they could be best sellers!!! Heck, most of the stories here at OB are amazing. Jaaaaaaaaames! OtakuPublishers? Bwaha!
  11. DUDE....so much has changed! lol. I might have to browse around here a bit. This is definitely not the OB that I knew! lol. X)

  12. I'm here. Where are you?

  13. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry, just got back on!!

  14. HEY! come home.... :(

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