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  1. Valen


    SPX!!!! Congrats!!!! Holy cow they are adorable!!!!! A little dirty, but hey, that's the best part!! Kind of. Yeah. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Valen

    RIP Desbreko 1988-2016

    Des.... This is what I get for not logging in often. Drink some tea up there for me, big guy! Sorry to find out about your passing a year too late. Your last visit to oB was 8-6-16... I shall now go re-read the RPGs we rocked way back in the day. Thanks for all you've done to help with Jitsuryuku and OmniShore!
  3. Love you bro. Tea in heaven for all!

  4. Here's to ya, BG! Happy Birthday!

  5. Valen

    Music Unappreciated bands.

    Karni is amazing. A couple bands are still local, but they should get some recognition... [b]Awaken December[/b], a screamo band that hails from the woodwork of New Orleans. Quite an amazing band to see live... Here is one of my favorite songs by them, "Shut up Charles, I can name this song on my own." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4KAa7r7QBI [b]Chaos Aeon[/b], a rock/screamo band, amazing guitar solos and keyboarding. Here is a song for Karnival... haha called "Karnival Killer" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrrBpvzi-oo [b]Van Canto[/b], a Pagan rock band with a medieval feel to their music. Here's one of my favorite songs EVER, called "Last Night of the Kings." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt4CQc1MSso ...And for any Metallica fan out there... here is their cover of "Master of Puppets" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzk_K2yXeWo
  6. Valen


    [s]Lol, poor guy. Obama has definitely had his pitfalls, his triumphs, and his share of close-calls. We, as the people of his country, should believe in our leader... the man WE elected to become our leader. Okay. That's enough of that. It has been shown he does not know much about American history, the number of states we have, nor the fact that he should have his hand over his heart as the pledge/nation anthem is played.... but all that I can overlook. Its gotta be a stressful job, and with most of the country now against him, it has to make it even more stressful for him. His wife is on Disney channel now trying to reach out to the younger generation and help lead them to grow away from what we, as a society, have accepted as normal--high fat diets, bad music, drinking, drugs, random sex with random strangers.... I have absolutely no idea where I am going with this, except America should give the man some more credit. He may have messed up, gotten around a few laws, tried to rewrite the constitution, but he has also helped in many ways. He's trying to get our debts settled (Eventhough there is a simple solution when you get to the nitty-gritty of it), deal with the collective intelligence of a country that has... seemingly... lost what little common sense they once had. [/s] [s]Obama can[/s] He's trying his best and we should support him in whatever ways we can, whether it be calling our senators and having them propose laws to our president or just sit around and do nothing and complain about it everyday. Personally, its the same problem in New Orleans. ESPECIALLY Post-Katrina. He's only one man. He can only do so much. We have so many laws and by-laws that he has to get around to even take a poop in a public setting. It's a wonder he can get ANYTHING done without running into so much red tape and paperwork. ....I never thought I would say that.
  7. I knoooow!!! its like a min-facebook without all the annoying updates!

  8. Haha, it said you were last active waaaay last year lol I'm here now too!! Lots has changed!

  9. Valen

    Writing RPG Posts You're Proud Of

    [quote name='lol' timestamp='1316516952' post='709520'] Man, I've just read through most of both of them like a month ago. Our little baby. ;~; [/quote] Man, we should redo a few stories like that with proper grammar and whatnot... they could be best sellers!!! Heck, most of the stories here at OB are amazing. Jaaaaaaaaames! OtakuPublishers? Bwaha!
  10. DUDE....so much has changed! lol. I might have to browse around here a bit. This is definitely not the OB that I knew! lol. X)

  11. I'm here. Where are you?

  12. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry, just got back on!!

  13. HEY! come home.... :(

  14. Valen

    Writing RPG Posts You're Proud Of

    As I came out of the dust of the old spellbook... haha It would definitely have to be out of the Destiny: Revenge will be Ours series! Well, two of them... [quote]The world has been at peace for over a millennium now. Thanks to the five warriors that wanted to avenge their families and friends deaths. But now all five lay in eternal slumber deep in their graves, their story forgotten by all, except for their decedents. Now a terrible thing has happened. A powerful evil has been unleashed and has arisen to the mortal plain, to create suffering, agony, and death. The Earth that had been at peace for so long wasn�t prepared for the darkness that has come upon it. The nightmare that had been defeated four thousand years ago is now reoccurring, if not the fiends that did originally did it, then it is another, totally new evil, nobody is certain of that. But with the five of them long since passed on, and nobody strong enough� Or brave enough to take their place and do what they did so long ago. And because of that there is total chaos. Still� there is a glimmer of hope. The young descendants of the five warriors have accidentally discovered items, capable of reviving the dead. The question now is� Will they use the power that has been enthused to them for good purposes? Only time� and time alone, will spell the fate of the Earth� The room is dark in an old house built atop an old cemetary. There are a few kids sitting around in the dark attic of this old 5th or 6th century house with a book, candles, flowers, a bowl of Blessed Sea Salt Water, and an incense burner on a table. You could hear voices of a few children about 15 or 16 years of age moving stuff around on the table and yelling at eachother in the dark. Kid 1: Hey! No! Not there! Here! Kid 2: Would you shut up? I know what I'm doing! Kid 3: Both of you shut up before mom wakes up and catches us with her old Gaelic spell book! Kid 1 & 2: Oooooooooh! You're going to be in trouble if she finds out! Kid 3: She won't find out! Now shut it before I summon a demon to come and take you all away! Mwuhahahahahha! Kid 1: Vahn, you're nuts. Vahn: Yes, I know... Kid 2: Can we just do this? It's almost dawn! If we don't start it now, we'll have to wait another month for the full moon on the first hour before dawn! Vahn: Yeah, you're right.... Everyone: Let's do it! Vahn knelt down in front of the Alter and his friends knelt down around the alter, all holding hands while focusing their energies into the ritual. Vahn lit the first candle. The room slowly lit up with a dim, golden light. There was junk all over the place covered in cobwebs and dust. It was evident that not many people have been up here in the past century. Vahn continued the ritual. He lit the other three white candles starting with the one at the top, then left, then right. With the added light, he opened the book to the page the spell he wanted to do was on. It was in the ancient language of Gaelia. He chanted the spell as they all held hands focusing on the outcome of the ritual. The chanting got louder and more emotion was put into it. The candle flames started to wave as the energies passed through them. Suddenly, the flames seemed to jump off of the candles as they were extinguished by the force of their auras. Sitting in the dark, amazed, the kids looked at eachother with the same thought on their minds... "Did it work?" The floor started to tremble as they felt something pushing up through the floor. The floor seemed to crumble as a tattered and torn body arose from within it. Vahn and the others watched in fright as the dead body arose higher above the floor. There was a light glowing where the corpse's heart would be. The light shot out and retreated back into the body. The corpse fell to the ground with a loud thud. Vahn went over to the body... slowly... slower... he stopped a few inches before the corpse. He couldn't go any further. He was too frightened. Kid 2: Vahn...? Is it....? Vahn: I think so.... ???? : Who has awakened thy spirit from thy eternal rest?! Vahn jumped back. Kid 1: VAHN DID IT! OH PLEASE SPARE ME! IT WAS ALL HIS IDEA!!!!!! ???? : Vahn, is it? Vahn: ... Y--Yes...? ???? : Thank you.... But there is a question I must ask thee... Vahn: W-What is it? ???? : Why did you call upon me? Vahn: Who are you? ???? : Answer me! Vahn: Answer me first! Kid 1: Vahn, obey the dead guy before he gets in a bad mood! ???? : To answer your question, my name is Valen. All: !!! Vahn: Is it really you? Valen: Yeah, you were expecting maybe Merlin? Vahn: Well, yeah... actually..... Valen: .................. now, answer my question.... Kid 1: HE SUMMONED YOU! HE WAS FOOLING AROUND WITH AN OLD SPELL BOOK AND HE-- Valen: An old spell book? Vahn, was this spell book in Gaelic? Vahn: Yeah, why? (!!!) Wait... you're Valen from...... about..... 1381 years ago? Valen: Wow..... has it really been that long? Heh.... time flies when you're dead.... Valen's body and spirit merge in a bright flash of light. The corpse that was on the floor was now standing, but there was something different.... the clothes weren't tattered, the rotting flesh wasn't rotting anymore... it was... it was real flesh... Valen looked just as he did moments before his death by Lacroix. Valen: Wow... this feels good... home again... sorta... Kid 1: Uh... Vahn's friend passes out after what he saw a few seconds ago. Kid 2: Um... I'm going home now... As Vahn's other friend ran out the door towards his house, Valen and Vahn got to know eachother a bit better. Valen went to take a bath but found out something weird -- They had HOT water! Vahn: (Banging on the bathroom door) Hurry up in there! My parents will be up in any minute! Valen: Alright alright! Hold on! Eesh... Valen got out wearing what he had on earlier that morning. Vahn and Valen went back up to the attic and dragged Vahn's friend into the bed. Vahn went over behind a crate and picked up his weapons. They headed out to show Valen around the house when Vahn noticed something. They followed it up to a forest that Vahn has never noticed before in his life. They cautiously walked into the forest... [/quote] ~A New Era, A New Destiny! A classic RPG series, though it was never really finished... Wow... 2002/2003.... That had to have been 9th grade...