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    I like anime, speed-skating, LOTR, Zelda, drawing, reading manga, going on the internet, RPGs, and I play percussion in the school band. I also like doing crafts and painting with acryllics. ^_^
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  1. I knoooow!!! its like a min-facebook without all the annoying updates!

  2. DUDE....so much has changed! lol. I might have to browse around here a bit. This is definitely not the OB that I knew! lol. X)

  3. HEY! come home.... :(

  4. [color=yellowgreen][b]Name:[/b] Iris Tarayavie [b]Age:[/b] unknown [b]Genus:[/b] angel [b]Element:[/b] Bless, Life [b]Occupation:[/b] hanging around with Aria and keeping an eye on things[/color] [color=black] [color=yellowgreen][b]Arms:[/b] sniper rifle and throwing knives [b]Melee:[/b] twin swords (don't know if that counts as two, but I'm okay with it.)[/color] [color=yellowgreen][b]Appearance:[/b] [/color] [color=yellowgreen][img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25436[/img][/color] [color=yellowgreen]see pic, but instead of blue eyes she has
  5. [QUOTE=Dragon Warrior]Well, Sean and I have been known to take real life jokes with friends and make them into comics (ergo that's why some comics are dedicated to said people). So we wouldn't mind if you threw something in. You'd get rightful credit like everyone else does. [center][img]http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/1192/slackers859al.jpg[/img][/center][/QUOTE] [color=#009966]Indeed. =Þ Your comics make my day, Gavin. You should make T-shirts for these. I'd buy one. ^_~[/color]
  6. [color=#009966]I have officially decided that I need to visit OB more often. Must have more Slackers! XD I think that your SIS comics are even better than "Concerning Midgets," [size=1]which you didn't finish, by the way. *cough*[/size] ^_- I can't pick a favorite. I love them all! ^__^ May your creative genius never run dry. [/color]
  7. [QUOTE][b]SCIENTISTS ASTOUNDED BY HUMAN 'HOBBIT' DISCOVERY[/b][/QUOTE][color=#009966]I knew it. Actually, I think it's pretty interesting, but I don't know if they have any solid evidence. There's alot of "midgets" today, so it's possible that it could be that the one person was short, not an entire species. But if they can find another similar in height to the first, then I'll believe it.[/color]
  8. [color=#009966][i]About five inches of water had already gathered about their boots, tuning the soft soil to a sticky mud. Deedlit nocked two arrows and released them, sending them shooting towards the crying smilie. The arrows hit their mark; but it did nothing to injure the smilie. Instead the arrows vanished, somehow being pulled into the animated body. Matt swore again with a much stronger and colorful word. He and Deedlit exchanged looks, and then as one they both dodged to the left as the arrows flew out, zipping past their shoulders. The crying continued, the tears getting larger with e
  9. [color=#009966][i]Deedlit reached down to a fallen n00b and retrieved her dagger, which had firmly lodged itself in the enemy's ribs when she threw it at the oncoming army. The sound of charging boots came at her from behind. She whirled around and paried a blow from a n00b dressed in a DBZ Goku outfit, then clubbed him in the jaw with the pommel of her sword. He fell heavily to the side, crashing into two other n00bs who were trying to capture one of her comrades. [/i] [i]Some of the n00bs were starting to fall back a few steps. She decided to take advantage of this and return to the Adven
  10. [color=#009966]Spiffy-ness.... [b]Name:[/b] Deedlit [b]Status:[/b] Otaku [b]Location:[/b] The Arena [b]Team: [/b]Hanzo [b]Appearance:[/b] See image, only instead of green hair I have brown. [b]Weapons:[/b] A longbow, a sword, and two daggers. This should be good....^__^[/color]
  11. [color=#009966]I don't know much about Huma, but it's DragonLance nonetheless. ^__^ [b]Name:[/b] Vinlysaii (Lysaii for short) [b]Age:[/b] 74 [b]Race:[/b] Silvanesti Elf [b]Class:[/b] Mage of Neutrality [b]Magic:[/b] yes; Lunitari [b]Weapon:[/b] a wooden staff that holds a clear crystal in the branches of a platinum aspen tree, and, because of the war, she has two long daggers at her side [b]Appearance:[/b] See the attachment. (That's what her clothes look like, and it will give you a good idea about her appearance.) She has dark green eyes with flecks of gold; long
  12. [color=#009966]You've got more patience than I've got, Gavynn. ;) :p [/color]
  13. [color=#009966]I killed 40 insects last year for my biology project. Ha! I beat you. :p j/k[/color]
  14. [color=#009966]I'm an old member. In fact, I celebrated my 3rd-year anniversary a little more than a week ago. :D If my memory is correct, I joined way back on Oct. 9th, 2001. [strike]Or was it 2000? I don't know, I'll have to check my profile after I type this post.[/strike] :p I used to be called kool_aid13 back then, but I changed my name to Deedlit, and now I can't put new names to old faces since everyone changed their name. I joined back in version 3 (I'm 99.9999999% sure it was version 3). Ah, good times. ^____^ That was when all newbies and junior members had to earn 500 posts
  15. [color=#009966]My most memorable Halloween costume was when I dressed up as Deedlit. X.x The outfit was cool, but I never want to make armor again....[/color]
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