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  1. halo,1,2,3, god no not wars and on september 9th halo:3 O.D.S.T. Because these are the top games played on the 360 and there is always something to do in the new playlists and game variants... Hello silpheed long time no see.
  2. Hey all my old buddys are gone. What is with this new generation of OB users? I mean the old days I had many o' battle scars from just one day. Nowa'days theres nothing going on. I miss syk-9 and the others. Any one else here from the old days have any thing to say?
  3. [quote name='Midnytsun']Would somebody please make an avatar of Lord Canti, he's the robot. I'd be very thankful.[/quote] [IMG]http://[IMG]C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\120619\OldDesktop\DESKTOP PERM\furi-kuri[/IMG] Heres one enjoy.
  4. Ooh now see here. I got no will I'm locked up all day and only get out for a few hours at night. Night time is noo cool :) it really is. And I hate to ba a party pooper. But I think there is no point to life if we die any ways. As I say " The liveing envi the dead, Till thier dead them selfs. Then they envi the liveing. I mean how else do I explane zombies fanitisam, With eating liveing flesh of other humans? Well this should awncer some questions and start some new ones. But I hate starting something cause it always ends. Eventuly it all will end and when that day comes I'll be on my high horse. I'll be lookin down on the little people runing in fear of the apoculips. Ooc: please excuse my slopy and missspelled scinteces I have barly any time on-line.
  5. Relentless as the sea, Remorseless as death. In this world of complete darkness, It has no shadows to fear. The liveing cannot understand the benefits of death. The only comfort in death, Is that you will no longer have to worry of the things in life. Only one who can trueley understand the songs of the damned, Is the one who wails them. Death its self can only say. "Come with me and I shall end your suffering."
  6. I'm Called as fallows. Shadow:Cause I seem to always sneek up on people. Dragon bane: For my unquincheble thurst for adventure. Mangagod: with I some reason picked for my Ob screen name. Any ways its cause i read tons of manga mags'. Bane Ash:Cause I always push my self a little boyond my own limits. Master:I have no idea why some of my friends call me this. Naruku: For my devis autuide. Shino: For my great strength. Fera: For being so vilent when i fight. Naruto: For being so uncareing and yet consedert, As well as for my auditude when I fight. And last but not least is-----> Kizna
  7. Name: Chrono. Sex: Male. Age: 17. Discription: I think all of us here bacily know what he looks like. But for the sake of it I have made a few changes to his attire. Sutch as he now is wearing a cloak, and he no longer is a short shrimp. He has ornge red hair and is verry well toned mucle and tan wise. Weapons': I've made changes he now uses wrist swords. He has a small shield with a short sword hidden in his cloak,and well he uses grace and speed to attack and avoid attacks now. Bio:Chrono is a young man who lives in the village of "I have no idea, its been a wile scince i've had the game I lost it :( ." His friends are lucia and "i have no idea of the other ones name." Ooh: And I would love to start off in my house if I could please?
  8. Ill join. Name§heál. Age:14. Sex:Female. Apperance: Draped in a dark black and red claok she has never been seen, only red hair can be seen comeing from the hood. 6"7'. Personality: She has no firends and serves only Anubis. Bio: She can not rember her past not even the day before. Weapon: Katar's X2 and a shoudouchy-short sword katana. Side: Anubis.
  9. Name: §ol Cresent. "Unknown why he oicked his name." Age: Unknown. Gender: Male. Race: Half Elf/ Half Human. Apperance: Draped in a thick red and black cloak "as in the line in the story un folds, so shall my apperance be come known." Bio: Past is unknown even to him but he seems to hate all liveing things for an obscure reason. Main Weapon: He uses stealth and a pair of Siccor Katars hiden under his cloak. Other Weapons: Throwing stars and a katana as well as a koudouchi. Good or Evil: obvisley Evil ("Duh")
  10. OOC: I'm too lost now I'm just going to end my time with you guys here, this is going to be the lameest ending for me. And the nameles Caption flew in too the void Never too be herd from agen. Only thing he left behind was his Ship, He locked it in the space docks at Planet France.
  11. Ooc:§O it's that way is it I thought I was your boy?!
  12. Shael raido'ed in and said "Ok I'm comeing back Serinity just hang in there!" Sheal ran as fast as he could triping and tumbleing down the stair well. Sheal in the process of trying to get to serinty dislocated his right arm he dident even notice it tho. Sheal at last got to the frount door, and saw serinity on the ground and zombies closeing in on her. Sheal was over come with fear and rage that of witch he had never felt before. Sheal charged the zombies there where 4 of them Shael dident care tho. Sheal ran at the 1st zombie spear heading it and then imiditly rolling off its shaderd body, he then went for a 2nd zombie that was on top of serinity Shael grabed the zombies hands. Then lifted it off of her and throw it in to a streat sign smashing its head on impact. The last 3 where already in bad shape he just had to kick thier heads once and that was that. Sheal walked over to serinity and asked her "Can I ever go any where with out haveing you get in to some sort of trouble?" Serinity just smiled at Sheal and tryed to laugh but only hacked from the ingerd wind pipe.
  13. OOC: Now I fell like a big ass I'm verry sorry serinity. Sheal and Serinity wher siting in the lobby of the umbrela corp. building when Serinity heard something. Serinity:"I hear someting strange comeing down the stair well it sounds like crying." Sheal:"Shh just dont pay any atention to it just rest for now your injerd rember, I'll take a look I'll be right back just stay here." Sheal:"Ooh i almost forgot here 'Sheal gives Serinity a raido hand set' Call me on it if u have any trouble so u dont hafe to yell. And strain your voice any more than u hafe to." Sheal walks up twards the stairs and he begins to hear it too. He paused to listen and he remberd that Kris went up these stiars. Sheal: "Serinity it sounds like Kris but why would he be crying 'UNLESS' Ooh no Sheal yells' up the stairs "I'm comeing Kris hold on!"
  14. I have never known the true meaning of family, I dont know my parents and I do fell some what eampty but it has also strenghtinged me. For the times ahead stay strong and dont give in to the worlds influnce so eazly. After all we all never reayyl die if we have ones that still love us. For if there are reacrents of your deeds your memory and soul shall alwas be alive.
  15. The nameless pilot sat in his cockpit over going the read-out's. Upon the comopleation of his insoection of the systems' read out he decided it was time to luanch the ship from the dry dock so to speek. He went out side the ship to readdy all the systems for launch and set to full speed. after he compleated all of the preperations' he got back in his ship. Just then the space part manager came in and said he would not be able to launch to day cause of a big group of astorids wher comeing and they wher going to have a meator shower. He did not care he jumped out of the ship and punched the managers lights out just befor he did to he said. " Lights' out old man!!" Haveing put that aside he decided to go ahead and let nothing stop him and said. "This should be a good test drive for my Wind star." And launched off twards space.
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