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  1. Here's to ya, BG! Happy Birthday!

  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Arcadia [/i] [B][size=1]It was just more comfortable to think that she was still in Ohio, miles away, and that would be the only thing that stopped me from seeing her. [/size] [/B][/QUOTE] [color=deeppink]That's exactly how I had been dealing with my brother's death throughout an intense period of personal denial. It [i]is[/i] way easier to pretend that they're simply 2000+ miles away, still living, still breathing, still making people smile. I suppose I still think of it this way to some extent, but being home for three weeks at Christmas helped me c
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mitch [/i] [B][size=1] But back to the topic at hand--the funeral. Does the funeral provide any amount of closure? I don't think so. Tell me, does seeing your loved one one last time, all dolled up, all superficial, and dead, does this make any closure? I doubt it. [/quote][/b][/size] [color=deeppink]Personally, I don't think so. But it depends on the person who has died. For the 16-year-old girl I hardly knew who died of leukemia, the funeral brought closure because it seemed like the right thing for me to do; pay my respects and all. For my brot
  4. [color=deeppink]My high school's band was good, but they seemed to have issues with the rest of the school. I think they thought we all hated them for being band groupies, when instead we all admired them for their talent. They turned themselves into an exclusive group that snubbed their noses at the rest of the school...it was a very strange thing indeed. I was in band from 6th-8th grade, along with 75% of my school. Everyone except the dedicated ones basically quit band after middle school. I didn't really enjoy it because I was really bad. I played coronet and was first chair in 6
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Darkness [/i] [B]It may not be the greatest, but it's worth watching. As for Pokemon being a good starter, BG, I hope you were kidding. [/B][/QUOTE] [color=deeppink]Tehe, nope. If someone has never seen anime, they're not going to know how horrible Pokemon really is in comparison to the better series out there. All truth be told, I started watching Pokemon for the cool animation style and later found out that this was called 'anime'. It hooked me I guess, so it could work for someone else, especially younger viewers :whoops:[/color]
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Darkness [/i] [B]Then what about the second part....What would you all consider a good anime to present to the sceptic? [/B][/QUOTE] [color=deeppink]Absolutely not. It will only create a greater skeptic. I think most people need to be eased into anime by more mindless shows like, as CrH said, Pokemon or DBZ. To them, confusing shows will only support their claims that anime is 'stupid'. If it's an older skeptic, someone who would appreciate gritty, thoughtful anime, Cowboy Bebop is a good one. But not Noir, definitely not.[/color]
  7. [color=deeppink]I do not like Noir >.>; I watched the first two DVDs until I was absolutely bored out of my skull. I couldn't bring myself to watch any further episodes for fear of seeing the same sequence and hearing the same music five times in every half hour of the series. I think that they sorely underestimated the intelligence of their viewers by how many times they repeated certain scenes and flashbacks...agh. I realize that this is just the way the show is, especially at first, but I just couldn't take it. Foreshadowing never really snags my intrest, anime or otherwise,
  8. [color=deeppink]I think chivalry is really rather sweet. My boyfriend of 1+ year still holds doors for me and treats me like the lady that I am. In a world where a lot of girls get screwed over in relationships, it's refreshing that there are some good men out there raising their sons to be curteous to a woman. It may be outdated in a lot of ways [like standing up every time a woman enters or leaves the room], but random acts of kindness are always appreciated. Men often hold doors for me or let me go in front of them in line, and I don't find that to be sexist, I think they're just be
  9. [color=deeppink]Legally the pedestrian [i]does[/i] have the right-of-way. Once you start driving you start understanding why it's annoying that people take too long to cross the street. Because, honestly, in some situations you could at least hurry yourselves across [speaking in general terms]. However, a good driver is always attentive to the road around them, especially to cross walks. It's probably a better idea to wait for a car to stop [i]for[/i] you [if that's possible where you're trying to cross], because they're willing to stop their own journey to let you cross in front o
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dan L [/i] [B]There's a difference between mental breakdown and teenage angst.[/B][/QUOTE] [color=deeppink]I think that's definitely the best way to say it. Teenage angst is such an ugly thing, too. It's unpleasant for both the giving and receiving ends, but it's also avoidable. There [i]are[/i] ways to make yourself happy during those angst-prone years, or at least keep yourself occupied enough to stop dark thoughts from roaming around in your head. Contrary to the angst situation, I'm assuming that mental breakdowns are triggered by thi
  11. [b][u]General Awards[/b][/u] Overall Member of the Year: [color=deeppink][b]Charles[/b][/color] [size=1]Honorable Mention: [b][color=deeppink]Drix D'Zanth[/color][/b][/size] Male Otaku of the Year: [b][color=deeppink]James[/b][/color] [size=1]Honorable Mention: [color=deeppink][b]Shy[/b][/color][/size] Female Otaku of the Year: [color=deeppink][b]Lady Asphyxia[/b][/color] [size=1]Honorable Mention: [color=deeppink][b]Queen Asuka[/b][/color] [/size] Staff Member of the Year: [color=deeppink][b]Arcadia[/b][/color] [size=1]Honorable Mention: [color=deeppink][b]Dea
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by anatema [/i] [B]I'm all over the place, but after some thought and a brand new camera I went for photography.[/B][/QUOTE] [color=deeppink]I'm glad to hear someone else from OB is on the same path as me ^_^. What type of camera did you buy? I am currently in my second year at Brooks Institute of Photography for 'visual journalism', the new age term for photojournalism. I basically know that I'm going to be a photojournalist, which probably means I'll start out shooting as an intern for smaller newspapers and work my way up. I'd be very content
  13. [color=deeppink]After not attending church for a few years, I actually attended a [i]Catholic[/i] church service for Christmas Eve. The whole ordeal made me feel oddly out of place, seeing as how I knew none of the reply chant/songs, nor did I even like being there. Being in church personally annoys me...but that's just me. To make a point, Christmas means family time. I'm sure Jesus was a way cool person and his birth is important, but the whole religious/church process is too formal and totally not for me. I just like being home for the holidays and seeing everyone I love.[/color]
  14. [color=deeppink]I had to dig this image out of my old computer files, but I used it as an avatar a long while ago. I'm not sure why I used Mara, seeing as how I don't necessarily like her, but I think I wanted a real photograph of a woman with a lightsaber and those were hard to come by before the prequels. At least she has a purple lightsaber in this image, that wins her a few points with me ^_~. [But UGH! That leather cat suit?!][/color]
  15. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Deedlit [/i] [B][color=009966]lol It really freaks her out when I wear it because I look like a ringwraith[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] [color=deeppink]Or the Grim Reaper, ehehe... --- I got my beautiful 20mm f/2.8 lens, so nothing else matters. My life is complete.[/color]
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