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  1. I love scrabble! I also have monopoly but I think it is a little too long. Scrabble is my all time favorite, but I also used to like trouble and scatogories (sp?)
  2. Hmm... I'm intrigued. It has been awhile since I been on, but this sounds fun!
  3. Jeremy Camp - restored (gold edition) I actually just heard of this the another day for the first time and I ran out and bought the cd. I listen to all kinds of music but he is the first christian rock guy that is kinda gritty (I like my rock hard, for the most part). My wife was super pleased because she only listens to gospel music and none of my rock previously fit in that category. (It makes for silent car rides folks). He has some good lyrics and music part has a normal music feel to it still. It's worth hearing even if you don't go to church.
  4. I am waiting on Evanescence's new album. It drops in October.
  5. A song writer. I have been writing music since I was 14 and 10 yrs later I am finally learning to play guitar. I used to want to be a singer (yep, I have a few good notes in me) but my life has come to a point where I'd have to make some unacceptable sacrifices for that to happen. Plus I do want money, but not mega fame (I enjoy going out in public and not being engaged by hundreds of people). I do have a few goals that fit in with this though. I want to sell at least one song and I want to write at least one fantasy novel.
  6. "Destiny is not a matter of chance; but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, It is a thing to be acheived." -- William Jennings Bryan It shows that you have strive for your goals in order for them to happen. Life isn't going to unfold for you without any effort on your part. "Take your work seriously and yourself lightly." -- Bob Nelson Basically, don't let your job (or the task at hand) make you a jerk. "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far" -- Theodore Roosevelt Don't talk just to hear yourself. Listen while you can, but make it known when you speak.
  7. Well, I would normally agree with most of the people here and say "say hello to him and introduce yourself"...yada, yada, yada. But the grade thing is an issue. If he is that much older than you, there is a good chance he won't give you the time of day. High school kids can be like that. You also may not want to go that route in the long run, since he may be into some things that you may not be into.
  8. Ehhh, House of Flying daggers is okay at best. As people earlier have said, it is much more of a love story than an action flick. The story line isn't terrible, but much could have been done to give it more "flesh". I think there are only a few true fight scenes in the movie and the last one isn't really that interesting. My final say is: It is worth renting, but you won't want to watch it more than once.
  9. To me, Gundam Wing had a good story line and was the most entertaining of them all. However, I really like the 08th MS team and I think the battle system in G made the most sense. I don't like the chibi stuff, so SD didn't appeal to me at all.
  10. That's the thing. This guy was a powerseller, 99% positive rating, and whatnot. He's very lucky that I don't live anywhere near VA. I'd crush his spine for crossing me. But, otherwise I had have no problem at all any of my ebay transactions. This should be a good measure of quick they handle problems. I'm not too fond of paypal, but they will get in my good graces if this situation is handled in timely manner. Ebay doesn't really seem like they are really interested in helping me because I have tried every single measure yet (my claim is in, but I haven't made one on the IFCC). Has anyone here ever filed a paypal claim? How long do they usually take? You know, I'd love to be playing FFXI right now..........
  11. After many a year shopping on the net, I got past the notion that anything I didn't expect would happen. Now that I am proven wrong, I'm ultra upset! I had not wanted to spend the money involved with owning Final Fantasy XI, but my best friend convinced me to change my mind. So I went to my old friend, Ebay, to see if I could get a better price. I did. Thirtyfive dollars cheaper than it would have normally cost me; heck, I paid as soon as I won. That was Aug. 17th. I still don't have my game, but my money has been gone for quite some time. I tried to contact the seller multiple times and have finally made my claim. So tell me: Has this happened to any of you? If yes,what happened and how long before everything was resolved. If no, is this something you ever worry about. Share your internet horror stories here folks.
  12. Me, I'd want to live in the world of Orphen. I'm real big on the whole magic thing with less technology. I'd be a sorcerer and travel the land. That isn't too lofty, is it?
  13. Well, I think I like the system from ffx the best so far.The whole switching in and out + the grid system has me sold. I like the system from ffx2 as well, but I feel that the whole game is lessened by the lack of playable characters. If I were to combine systems....it'd be ffx system with the option of making the battles atb and I'd throw in the combo system from legend of dragoon.
  14. If you think about it though, it is not only the ff games that follow the pattern. I could name countless others that offer similarities as well. With or without the whole love aspect, most of the time the stories have the same basic formula. There has to be a big, evil "government" or "invincible" bad guy because there would be no point in pursuing a weak individual. Let the local authorities take care of them, we'll handle the big stuff. I will admit, however, that it is about time for ff to stray from the pattern for a few games. I have no problem with the love, but don't make it the focus (maybe save for someone besides that two main characters). The problem is really that ff has been around for a long time and the "true gamers" are tired tired of the redundancy. If only they'd let me write the next story.....
  15. So far as piercings go, it just really depends on where they're at. I don't like any on the face (eyebrows, labrae, nose lips, whereever else). Ears are fine, the bellybutton is okay, and tongue is okay sometimes. I like tattoos, but only if they can be hidden. I have an eagle with spread wings on my right arm, which is pretty big but easily hidden with a short sleeve shirt. I can't stand it when someone younger gets tattoos in places that are almost always in the open. As long as it can be hidden, it's fine with me.
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