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  1. '' They say its easier to be mean to someone than it is to be nice , and i always take the easy way '' that is an origanal qoute . and also '' people tell me to go to hell because they hate me , thats a sin , so when they get to hell i'll be waiting for them '' . thats another origanal
  2. ok , so if you could have any job or jobs what would they be ? here's mine blueman chipendale telemarketer rent-a-cop chiclet(gum)boy limo driver beer taste tester beer critic doughnut critic the guy that shoots chickens out of cannons at airplanes so whats your answer ? [COLOR=Red]Edit: Please remember when starting a new topic the very first post sets the standard for the responses to follow. Proper use of capitalization is import
  3. i have a great story to tell . ok so about 4 or 5 months ago my uncle, my grampa, and were coming home at night from a hunting trip in michigan ( we live near chicago ) and we're driving past resurrection cemetary and we see a woman in a white dress, at which point my grampa grabs his shotgun out of the back of the van because hes a real ghost buff and he knows the woman is resurrection mary . so i go for my gun too just as a precaution and then she disapered into thin air luckily my who while driving got a picture but it came out all blurry (like most ghost pics) . and thats my story.
  4. lets see.... James: because he seems really cool Silverwolf_fang: because ive read a lot of his rpgs or rpgs he's been in and it would be cool to have a convo with him anyone who wants to meet me: i like meeting new people
  5. Zeke woke up when his started buzzing , showered , got dress and went out of his room through the inventory room and into the front of the store. An hour later Zeke had a few people come in and out and was now drifting into a daydream when someone walked through the door "hello and welcome to my shop , what can i do for you " the woman, who Zeke had noticed was a total babe replied" hi , i um need a gun, that is if you have any " Zeke pointed behind him were the wall had a bunch of pistols, machine guns , and shotguns " pick whatever you want " "ill take that one " she said and pointed at a
  6. name : Zeke Bandy classification : cyber replacement nickname/code name: crusher age : 27 sex: male physical apperance: Zeke is 6'2 with shoulder length black hair that hangs over his green eyes . Zeke has a muscular build and a devious grin , his right arm is completely machine which he constantly customizes and is more than twice the size of his left arm with a huge fist thus being dubbed crusher. Zeke usually wears dark blue jeans and a black muscle shirt with black converse and a oversized green hawiian shirt. mental stability: just fine personality: Zeke is one laid-ba
  7. what it says on one or both sides on the cross symbol is "jesus christ is in heaven now" im pretty sure thats what it says, 97% sure yup .
  8. well the only thing i want for xmas i might get tommarow the love of the girl i love and if you read my sig thats what i hope it will go like. so wish me luck.
  9. name : Zeke Bandy age: 17 gender: male costume: Vash the Stampede from Trigun 'cause he looks like him personality: Zeke is care free and always upbeat so why shouldn't his costume be .also he loves halloween .
  10. name: Chance Carson nickname: second chance gender: male age:27 apperance: tall, muscular, usualy seen wearing a brown suit with a tatered black duster covered with bullet holes and a brown cowboy hat and has brown eyes with dark brown hair with bangs that covers his eyes personality: chance is semi-quiet unless somone gets him talking especialy a pretty girl he enjoys a good game of poker and haveing a few drinks at the saloon. he can usualy be found at the saloon the town church or sitting in town square occupation: formerly a preist now a gun for hire
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