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  1. can a number show me the root of a tree? can a number measure what it is to be free? can a number subract all the losses in my life? can it add all the beauty that's in my sight? can a number show me where life's point lies? the answer's simple in the poetry of your eyes this proof isn't written since there's proof alone if life's an equation, then where's the answer? everything's question after question - a cancer so benign but malignant if touched by the mind numbers are imaginary, but words are divine
  2. [QUOTE=Brasil]Chabichou, congratulations. You've earned it. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v151/madsatirist/OBGilligan2.png[/img] And since we obviously can't just post images that say precisely what so many people are thinking...I'll needlessly elaborate. It's gotten to a point around here where anyone can post any type of "OMG my life is horrible" drivel and so many people still feel like they have to flock to that person's aid. I don't believe that's necessary at all. This thread in particular...is a perfect example of the OP whining
  3. Honestly, since when can you just post a bunch of images and call that a post? When I was a mod around here I would've never allowed something like that. I mean, it's fine to include some images or whatnot...but at least have some essence to your post, rather than just belittling the maker of this thread and everyone else that's at least taking it somewhat seriously. And how is posting that Psych Ward thing from your My O defending anything? Like was said before, you should've just not said anything at all, nor should you have come into this thread if you don't like it. It's what I've don
  4. Haha, the "Hold It" pic was timeless Charles. My personal opinion is that I enjoy the DS a lot more than the PSP. I've never played a PSP, however, so perhaps I should do that at some time. It's hard to say...both systems have some good things going for them, and some bad. The DS has the stylus/ touch pad but lesser graphic capabilities, the PSP has greater graphic capabilities and doubles as other things - it can play movies, etc. The DS has some quirky titles - such as Phoenix Wright or Trauma Center: Under the Knife, and eventually the DS will have Pokemon - which I can't wait for.
  5. welcome to Depressedville where laughter is offensive where blue is a love fixation under the neon dance floor welcome to Depressedville here the phones don't work here rain falls somber from a gray outcast sky
  6. Well if you're going to run away, better start running 2 miles a day till it becomes easy. Better be able to run a tri-athalon for that matter, 'cause in the end your parents will find you and you'll learn some hard lessons.
  7. Most of Metallica's better stuff isn't played so often. Songs like "Blackened" or "...And Justice for All" or "Sanitarium" or "The Four Hoursemen" and on and on don't get much airplay at all, I've noticed. Perhaps it's just the stations I listen to, but I definitely think you should give Metallica a bigger chance. They honestly have some of the best guitar instrumental work I've ever heard, and I think they are truly deserving of their title as "the Gods of Metal." Their newer stuff is quite a letdown from their older stuff (I'm talking stuff from their first album, [i]Kill 'Em All[/i] her
  8. It would've been a better transition to learn acoustic and then go to electric, but I wish you good luck nonetheless. I've been playing for a few months now, and it's been fun. (I play a left-handed acoustic guitar.)
  9. The second stanza was the higlight of this poem. I thought the use of language in that stanza is more along the lines of poetry. I say this because I've been reading a few poems on here, and most of them have been layered with abstract language that feels more like nonsense and doesn't touch on anything [i]real[/i]. The other two stanzas are a mixed bag, and aren't as good as the second. In the two other stanzas, yet again you, like others, rely on abstract words - such as "dreams" or "fantasy" or whatever else - and don't give them any material essence and so those two stanzas are m
  10. [QUOTE=? Nomad Tical ?]. [B]Memory Poem[/B] from [B]That One Odd Dude[/B] (Book 1) [CENTER]Looking back I see so vividly A swimming pool of memories A mass of visions inside my head Voices that I'll never hear again I see the good, the bad, the crazy Times of being active, times of being lazy I remember the fights, the yelling, the action I remember the times of love and passion I remember old dreams and aspirations Of being rich or ruling a nation I remember the times of desperation And of course, my constant instigation As I leave this pool of memories I b
  11. My intent with this review isn't to tell you what's wrong with the piece...but to try to give you some general suggestions so you can get on the right track. I will try to go a bit more in-depth from time to time, but mostly I'm just giving you suggestions that have helped me grow as a poet. First off, this poem just screams STANZAS out loud to me. Reading it is like trying to breathe in space without any space. We need some breathing room as a reader! Also...the language is very hackeneyed. The bread and butter of poetry is images, and the images you offer in this piece are far fro
  12. Metallica's older stuff is pretty heavy in the instrumental department...I'd recommend something like their album [i]...And Justice for All[/i] (it's my personal fave of their older stuff). Something like "To Live Is to Die" off of that album (an entirely instrumental song, well, nearly) is awesome. I can hook you up with some songs from the album over AIM if you'd want (my name is machineofbones). I'm not sure what I'm recommending is quite what you're looking for, though. Rush is awesome. [i]2112[/i] is just pretty damn classic, as far as I'm concerned. I'd agree with that recommen
  13. If you give me an e-mail, I could perhaps send it there. My best guess as to why it's not working is either a) you have a mac b) for whatever reason, your comp can't open zip files or c) something else is happening and I have no clue. You'd have to describe what the problem is, exactly, for me to get an idea of what the problem is and how to fix it.
  14. [b][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=51500]Somewhere Out There: A Novella[/b][/url][link] Perhaps it seems self-indulgent to plug something of my own creation, but what can I say, other than I love my self-aggrandizing glory? No, but really, I worked very hard on this (for about a year), and just completed the rough before the near year rolled around. I'm proud of my accomplishment, but not so proud that it's going to make me fall. [b]Brasil[/b] Although our relationship is fraught with fighting and tension, at times I feel we put that all behind us and choose
  15. It's only rough. I will be revising it soon. I will accept any comments. It's attached. [b] It is rated M[/b], and I forgot to add the tag once again. Hopefully just saying it here straight-out is enough (if not, asphy, I will remake the thread if it's necessary...). Why do I always have to forget the tag?
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