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  1. [font="Impact"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"]I'll have to get pictures of mine up here sometime soon, I have to get good pics tho...I want some more fo' sho' I just have to figure out what I want and the meaning behind them and such... It feels good when they are doing it, just not on my ribs so much. I have scar that I want them to cover up, but I don't know if they can tat through it.[/color][/size][/font]
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  3. going to work...

  4. I have two tattoos, one is on my left shoulder blade, which is a tribute to the dedicated racers and car enthusiasts. The other one is to remind me of home when I start to get home sick, it's a Japanese cherry tree in bloom, and that one is on the right side of my body down my ribs. That one hurt a bit, but at least it is done now.
  5. dream car? Can we have more than one...well if I had to choose.... EVO X GSR! Black with the white front, screw the damn black front. Change it up a bit...and if you think that the MR and the MR Touring out do the GSR this cycle, the answer is so no. The GSR will actually out preform the other two and are way cheaper...anyways....enough on my mini rant
  6. Bad habits? Hmm, cussing in front of children and not caring, they are going to hear it one day:smirk:. Cussing a lot in a normal day, but it is now acceptable considering my job. Biting my nails, another reason why I had to put on acrylics. Dissing on peoples cars when they think that they are hot stuff and really aren't, that one is my favorite bad habit. Caffeine addict...I drink way too much coffee and energy drinks... Hm I don't know what else I could think of at the moment but I am sure that there is way more!
  7. [font="Arial Narrow"]I am from the United States, and I currently reside in Florida, I just moved here three months ago...in the middle of the heat wave, damn the humidity. I come from Washington state from the capitol. I have visited japan, Hungary, Austria and Canada, I have been several places in the US. I am just trying to get settled down here, and get used to my work schedule...well if they would stop changing it on my every other week I may stand a chance.[/font]
  8. [font="Impact"]hey ya all! I used be part of the board way way back in the day, but can't seem to remember anything that would allow me back into the site, so i decided to create a whole new screen name and such. I am now 22 and living in FL and originally a Washington State resident. I am in the Navy, and I am hoping to explore a whole bunches of places while I am here. [/font]
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