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Hey, anyone remember me muckin up on TheOtaku?


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[b]Gota the Dragonball section and gota specials in 'main', then choose Rachel's Z Plant theory,...then u'll c my [URL=http://www.theotaku.com/dragonball/specials/zplanettheory.shtml]muck up[/URL]
heh heh. After I sent that email ta Adam, I realised wha tha 'Rachel' person was goin on about....I emailed adam agen, sayin tha he shud ignore me,....
next day I notice tha it was on
Man, it was sooooo embarressin,..i emailed him everyday fora week, tellin him ta take it off. Didn't work.
Well, I jus went ta the Otaku agen,...an it was still there!
Man I feel stupid :( :( :( :confused:
NEways, live wit the shame :laugh:[/b]
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You do make a valid point (I think you made it clearer then she did) because you say they have a 33% chance of becoming a PS because they only ha 1P and 1Q so therefore they only have 33% chance of becoming a PS. I doesn't matter where they get the P & Q from as long as they have the love of their parents they should be alright. :tasty:
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