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oohhhhhh,so now i see. im being called a liar and an idiot. okay. i can deal. i just thought id let the people in on some HONEST and EXTREMELY TRUE information.and by the way, i got some B.S for ya. XBOX is DROPPING Dino Crisis because it isnt selling sh!t on XBOX. Its moving to PS2 JUNE 26th. and did i say i worked on Dino Crisis 4 when i was with Square? noooo...i wasnt even selected to be put on the team.
mainly because those square boneheads cant see talent. anyway,i wont waste any more of my time announcing upcoming games and such since you seem to think that im a liar because i know something you dont. and dont take this as an "unfriendly" post,because i know you can ban me if you want and i dont want to be banned. just take this post assssss....a friendly reminder that i know what im talking about.:D

hey! i liked that moive,by the way. it didnt bomb. anyway. "Thus it doesnt make sense as to why squaresoft would make a movie based on a capcom game." sure it does. "On May 22nd 2002, Capcom signs a $4,000,000 contract with SquarePictures to co-produce and co-develop the Capcom Survival-Horror thriller for the playstation,Dino Crisis."
thats why. bye now...

[color=blue][size=1]Don't double post. Simply edit your post to add what you want to say.-Crazy White Boy[/color][/size]
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1) Instead of posting another useless topic, and making false accusations, PM Charlie instead of spamming up the forums.

2) While there MAY be a Dino Crisis 3 in Japan, there are only 2 in the US. So, there for, DC4 will be DC3 for us in the States. So why you were saying crud about it being DC4 when it was released here is beyond me.

3) The movie did bomb. Let's look at the stats:

Week 1: 19 Mill. (5 day)
Week 2: 7.8 Mill.
Week 3: 3.5 Mill.

Well, seeing as how they barely cleared $30,000,000, and the movie took somewhere around $140,000,000 to make, I think that's safe to say it's not a bomb... It's a nuke...
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Let's sort this out.

For starters, I neither called you an idiot nor a liar. I specifically told you that if there was a misunderstanding, then you could pm me.

What I did say, was that Dino Crisis 3 is an Xbox title. Guess what? It is. You said that it was released in Japan. As far as I know, it hasn't been. I've even checked up on this.

I didn't even say that you're a liar when you spoke of Dino Crisis 4. All I did was tell you to [I]prove[/I] it. Until there is significant info on the game, regardless of whether it is in development or not, there is nothing to talk about.

As far as films are concerned, Square's failure with the CG movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, was thought to be the blame of Square's financial situation. It is estimated that the film recuperated only a third of its $100 million profit projection in the US, and it even single-handly caused the company to pull out of this entertainment market. Regardless of whether you like the movie or not, that's the deal.

[I]Now,[/I] I'm going to close THIS because it's something that should have been taken to me in a private manner like I originally suggested. I'm not going to recommend you for a ban warning. But, if you have a problem with my moderation, I suggest you take the complaints to Rico Tranzrig, the super mod of gaming otaku.
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