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MegaMan 64 help...


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-RUN HIM OVER!: She tries to run you over. This hurts the MOST. She ONLY
drives on the road, so it's easy to avoid.

-Pyromaniac Attack: The front legs go together and a trail of fire goes out.
Avoid. It's easy to avoid it, so do so.

-Full of lead: She will fire a bunch of little bullets that do about ZERO
damage on normal, but avoid them if possible.

-Skull Bomb Spin: She spins around sending bombs everywhere. Easy to dodge,
so do it!

Strategy: Shoot Shoot Shoot! Dodge! Shoot! Dodge heh, not really much

to it. if you're low on health, then drink your canteen if it is still full,
or kick a Soda Machine. Try to keep a filled canteen if you can. It will
help. The next part is heck on hard! After you kill her robot, she leaves,
vowing to get even. Go into the newly painted door if you're ready. This part
is close to Hades if your on Hard mode! Data will be next to the gate. If you
ask him to Tell Me.. What I should do next, he'll ask if you have a Range
Booster for your Buster Gun, say __NO__ for a free Range Booster Alpha. He'll
ask if he's a good boy, tell him __YES__, or he'll take his range booster away.

Source from Gamefaqs.
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