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Story for FFX


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Guest Safer Sephiroth
No I dont, but you may be able to find out if you go to Yahoo and search Final Fantasy 10 or something.:flaming: :devil:
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Guest Voodookanaka
I couldnt find any storylines, I did find this review though that states the new features

Every third release of a Final Fantasy game, Square moves to a new platform, and the gaming world is changed forever. With FF4, it was the Active Time Battle system and deeper plots. With FF7, it was the move into 3D and its wholely cinematic nature. Final Fantasy X is proving to be a game indeed worthy of standing side-by-side with these behemoths, taking the series in new directions and once again affirming Square's supremacy in their realm.

Unlike the grandiose and flashy openings of its Playstation predecessors, FFX opens very quietly with what one can assume is a glimpse of the game down the road. But the calm moment fades away and players journey back to Zanarkand, hometown of Tidus, Blitzball superstar! Here, addition of the real-time graphics and voice acting are only dwarfed by the excellence of Square's Full Motion Videos, of a calibre never before seen. The blazing techno music and unparalleled level of visual quality almost makes me wonder if someone tried insulting Square's CG abilities, forcing them to go produce the single most impressive piece of video I have ever witnessed. Shortly into Tidus' cinematic Blitzball match, however, disaster strikes in the form a massive hovering orb called "Sin." It begins ripping Zanarkand to shreds, and Tidus gets pulled inside and looses consciousness.

From there the game takes off into exotic directions, slowly introducing players to the various new features of FFX's world and game system. And the features are aplenty! Most notably, FFX finally breaks free from its pre-rendered background shackles with completely real-time environments. But this does not mean a free floating camera a la Tomb Raider or Mario 64. A close comparison to FFX's camera system is Resident Evil: Code Veronica for Dreamcast, whose camera moves with the player, but from a fixed position. This all real-time environment allows Square the ability to produce wonderfully cinematic cut scenes without the need for FMV, an ability they often take advantage of.

Final Fantasy X's other immediately obvious feature is the addition of added voices to the cut scenes, and for just one DVD, the amount of voice acting is incredible, and very well done. We can only hope that, being Square's flagship title, its English dubbing will be equally superb. Overall, the voice acting does not detract from the game one bit, making a smooth transition away from the large text boxes of the past. Purists are able to keep subtitles beneath the action, however there is no option to disable the voices.

In a tradition begun with FF5, Final Fantasy X also is host to a unique game and ability system, the Sphere Board system. Experience and traditional levels are exchanged for AP and S.Lvs, or Sphere Levels. Players spend their S.Lvs to move their characters along the Sphere Board. It is a massive grid, shared by all party members, and containing many small spheres in an interwoven network, each Sphere represents a stat boost or ability. When characters near a Sphere holding "Steal" or "Firaga" or "Attack Up," for instance, they can use a special item to activate that Sphere, thus granting the character that ablity or boost. While I have not been able to fully explore the system yet, it seems to have a great deal of variety, allowing players to develop each character as much or little as they like.

Battles also receive an overhaul in FFX. While some players will be disappointed at Square's returning to the three character parties, they will be pleased with the latest feature: the ability to swap out party members at any time during combat. I do not yet know if there will be limitations on this feature, but it seems to be a very robust change. In addition, summon spells now behave very differently from previous games. Instead of arriving, dealing a single blow and departing, summoned creatures actually replace your party for a time, allowing you to actually control them. A final major change to the battle system is the return to turn-based battles, all but removing completely the ATB system started with FF4. This is countered with a change of pace during battles, whereby characters perform their actions as soon as they are able to, making for very rapid, stylish-looking combat.

It will be some time before anyone can say for sure where FFX will fall in the hierarchy of Final Fantasy titans, but if my initial impression is any indication, it certainly seems to be jockeying for the top spot. Only time will tell.
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