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Writing The Ghosty Butler

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The van headlights lit up the dark and lonely November road. It was 11:45pm. They had been driving for hours. Driving the van was Joe; he had blond hair and wore a white shirt, blue jeans and a red bandana. Beside him were Jill and Mary. Jill had red hair. She wore a purple skirt, a green belt and a long pair of orange socks. Mary was the brains of the outfit. She was smaller then the rest of the group and wore an orange jumper, black skirt and thick black glasses. In the back of the van were Billy and Rover. Billy was long and lanky with messy light brown hair. He wore a green T-shirt and reddish brown trousers. Rover was Billy's big brown lovable Great Dane. He had black spots on his back, a blue collar and a yellow nametag with his initials on. Billy had had Rover forever, and they went everywhere together, so much so Billy even understood what Rover said, and vise versa.

The gang was on their way to a barn concert out in Nutbush and had been driving all evening. After a while, they arrived at a fork in the road. There was no signpost to indicate which way to go. The left side was dark and scary, whereas the right side was brightly lit with streetlights. They were lost.

"Where to now gang?" Joe asked.
"Like, lets go that way!" Billy replied, pointing towards the right, as he was somewhat of a coward. Rover nodded in agreement.
"All right." Joe said.

Joe was just about to turn the van and go down the right road, when suddenly; out of the shadows came a big man. He creeped slowly up to the gang. Joe opened the window. With a better look, they could see what he looked like, in more detail. He was really pale and had dark, piercing eyes and messy black tangled hair.

"Hi there" said Joe cheerfully "Can you tell us how to get to Nutbush?"
"Both ways lead to Nutbush," said the stranger, in a deep frightening voice "but the left road is shorter."
"Thanks, we'll go that way then" smiled Joe.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you."
"Why not?"
"Because, there's a haunted mansion not too far down, and you shouldn't go near that place at this time of night, or any time for that matter."
"Ooh aye?" Joe said excitedly.
"Yes, my name is Sam, the gardener from the house. A short time ago, strange things started happening at the house and then, the Ghostly Butler showed up and started haunting the mansion." Sam droned on.
"The Ghostly Butler?" Joe exclaimed.
"Soon after that, the master, Mr. Dylan, disappeared, taken from his room in the dead of night, by the Ghostly Butler. " Sam continued.
"Jinkies!" Mary cried "What a mystery!"
"Oh no, a mystery, I don't like the sound of that." Billy whimpered, echoed by Rover.
"Let's investigate," said Joe.
"Let's not" said Billy.
Joe closed the window and drove off down the left road, leaving Sam on the road, all alone.

The dark deserted mansion loomed over them. It was very old and empty looking. The garden was huge and matched the house. Many strange and exotic plants occupied spaces in the garden.

Joe made his way up the wooden steps and knocked on the big brass doorknocker. The door creaked open slowly, and the gang ventured inside.

"Let's take a look around" Joe suggested.
"Ooh . . . " Billy was frightened, as was Rover.
"Come on you two! " Joe insisted "Myself, Jill and Mary will check upstairs, you guys have a look around down here."
"No way!" Billy stood firm.
"Will you do it for a Rover treat?" Mary asked, holding out a box of biscuits. Rover and Billy nodded in delight.
Mary threw them both a biscuit each, and followed Joe and Jill upstairs.

After searching hopelessly for ten minutes, Billy and Rover stumbled into the kitchen. Seeing as food was always on their minds, this perked them right up.
"Lookey here, Rover" Billy said to the dog as he opened the fridge to reveal all sorts of food.
He took out some slices of ham and cheese, a few pickles, some mayonnaise and some bread and made himself a sandwich, before gulping the whole thing down in one mouthful. Rover had found a roast chicken and was making short work of it. The continued to clean the fridge and presses.
"Hey Rover, pass the orange pop." Billy said.
Rover opened the press and was given the pop by a man standing inside. Rover closed the press and handed the bottle to Billy. As he slowly realised what had just happened, the press door swung open. A tall man with eerie green skin and a navy jacket was standing behind the duo, looking very annoyed.
"THE GHOSTLY BUTLER!" Billy screamed in terror and ran out of the kitchen with Rover, closely followed by the ghoul.

They ran into a huge library and slammed the door behind them. The barricaded the door with tables and chairs and anything else they could get their hands on. Billy passed the furniture to Rover who threw it against the door.
"Gee, thanks" Billy said, as he was passed a chair by someone behind him.
He gulped when he realised that no one else should be in the room. He turned around, slowly, and was confronted by The Ghostly Butler. Billy and Rover quickly dismantled the blockage and once again were on the run. As they ran, Rover bumped into an old record player, which started playing a cheerful, cheesy 60's song. The tune could be heard all over the mansion.

Billy and Rover ran from room to room, with the Ghostly Butler always hot on their heels.

Eventually they managed to lose their tail, and ran into a bedroom. The music had stopped playing and Billy and Rover sat on the bed in the centre of the room, to catch their breath.

Rover got up and started walking around the room and Billy lay on the bed with his eyes closed. Rover tripped and fell in a big pile of laundry. He got back up and was covered in a white bed sheet from head to toe. He had hurt his tail and started whimpering. Billy heard this and looked over. When he saw Rover in the sheet, he thought it was another ghost and shot out of the room and ran straight into Joe, Jill and Mary, knocking them all over.

"What's the rush?" Jill asked, climbing to her feet.

No longer covered in the sheet, Rover walked out of the room. Billy saw him and realised what had happened and felt awful embarrassed.

"What's going on you guys?" Joe asked.
"The G-G-G-Ghostly Butler!" Billy said.
"You actually saw him?" Joe was amazed.
"He chased us!"

May adjusted her glasses which had been knocked off when Billy bumped into them and noticed big, black footprints, leading down the hall. She found it odd that a ghost would leave footprints, so she bent down and examined them.

"Jinkies!" she cried, jumping up "Oil!"
"Oil?" Billy asked.

They followed the footprints down the hall, until they vanished at a dead end.

"Like, they just disappeared!" Billy gulped.
"Let's investigate some more" Joe suggested.

They came to realise that the wall in front of them was actually a hidden passage, which opened when Jill triggered it by knocking over an old statue of a monkey.

Behind the wall was a there long dark passage leading down. They followed the footprints down the passage. Some time later, Billy found a scrap of paper reading "3 jugs of dark sunshine" He handed it to Mary, who examined it but even she couldn't figure it out, so they continued walking.

After walking for quite some time, they found a ladder leading up and a trapdoor at the top. They climbed up and opened the door and climbed into a small room with wooden walls and ceiling. The room was filled with all sorts of strange machinery and barrels. On the shelves were some potted plants and small tools.

"What kind of funky room is this?" Billy asked, looking around.
"This is mining gear!" Mary said "And it's been used recently, too."
"And I'll bet I know what's in these barrels!" Joe said.

Suddenly the door burst open, and there stood the Ghostly Butler, in all his anger. He let out a ferocious roar and ran at the gang, who managed to slip past him and out the door. To their surprise, they came out in the garden. They ran and ran, until they reached the house and slammed the door behind them.

"Like, this mystery gets stranger and stranger!" Billy exclaimed.
"But I think I've cracked it." Mary said.
"Right!" Joe agreed.
"Really?" Jill asked.
"Yeah, and now all we have to do is catch our ghostly friend." Joe said.

And so the gang set up an extraordinary trap to catch the ghoul.

"Alright" Mary explained," Billy and Rover will lure the ghost in here and over onto this rug. Underneath, there a plank of wood which will spring up when we pull this rope, sending the ghost flying into this washing machine, trapping him inside."

Billy and Rover looked at her blankly.

"Don't worry, you guys, all you have to do is get the ghost in here, leave the rest up to us" Joe said when he noticed the look on their faces.

They found the ghost wandering around a room at the back of the house, searching for his prey. They crept up behind him with a custard cream pie.

"Yoo Hoo!" Billy coaxed.

The Ghostly Butler turned around to face his foe and ended up with a face full of pie. This infuriated him and he darted after the pair. They ran back into the living room, the ghost still behind them.

Rover reached the room first and stood on the rug to see where the Ghostly Butler was. Billy kept running and tripped over the rope, triggering the spring, which sent Rover sprawling into the air. He managed to grab onto the huge chandelier and was left hanging from the ceiling. The Ghostly Butler stood under him and looked up. He jumped up to try to capture the frightened canine.

Suddenly the bolts holding the chandelier up gave way and Rover came crashing to the ground trapping him and the fiend underneath the rubble. Rover poked his head up in a daze.

"Congratulations Rover!" Mary cried, "You've caught the Ghostly Butler!"
"Now we can see who he really is!" Joe said, grabbing the ghost's face and pulling off the mask to reveal his true identity.
"Sam the gardener!" they cried in unison, when they saw who it was.

They tied up Sam and called the local chief of police, Simon, who was there in no time at all.

"How did you know it was Sam? Simon asked in awe.
"Well, our first clue was the footprints of oil upstairs." Mary explained then we found the machinery in the shed. Sam had found the oil while gardening one-day. He knew he had no right to it so he thought up the Ghostly Butler story to scare people off. Then he used the disguise to back up his story and started mining the oil in peace. The he sold it on the black market. Which was what was on this note - an order for oil. Dark sunshine is black gold, which is oil."
"Is this true Sam?" Simon asked him.
"Yes, and I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids!" Sam snarled.
"Well, you did great work kids, but there's just one thing. Where's Mr. Dylan?" Simon asked.
"He's right here." Mary said walking over to the small monkey statue by the door and moved it. A piece of the wall slid open, and there was Mr. Dylan, tied and gagged on a wooden chair. Mary released him and he stood up.

"Thank you kids, I was in the library, reading up to see if I could find anything about the rumors Sam had told me, when he came out of nowhere and grabbed me. Then he tied me up and stuck me in here, and gave me bread and water every day." He said.
"No thanks necessary, Mr. Dylan." Joe said.
"Well, we have to get going if we want to get to the concert on time" Jill said looking at the time.
"Alright" Billy agreed.
"Thank you, ever so much" Mr. Dylan and Simon said, as the gang left the house and the adventure behind them.
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