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Writing the story behind Wolf and the Pack

Wolf Maximas13

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this is for anyone that wishes to know more about Wolf Maximas.
these are my stories so please tell me what you think.I've been writting for about a year now and have written four books and working on a 5th.

The sun rose from it's nightly slumber, and cast it's natural alarm clock across the land it touched.the first thing the rays of the bright star touched were the feet of a large were wolf looking person.he stood about 9 feet 11 and looked about to be 300 or so pounds.his feet were rapped in white cloth to pad them while his toe claws grabed the ground below him.his silver fur ran up his legs until his dark blue pants hid it from sight.his torn pants had been threw hell and back, literaly.
His first battle in hell was about 116 years ago.Wolf's looks did not show his age.he looked 25 but was realy about 245.the lord of evil himself had found away to open a portal to earth.Wolf and his not yet wife at the time stopped him by finding there true love, and when they did it created a power so pure it could not live in hell.this power closed the gate and sealed it for about 111 years.when it was reopened and Wolf and Lena's son and his love had to close it, but when you fight the devil him self it's no practise match.for Wolf thow that was along time ago, and a time he did not wish to remember.
As the sun rose more it made more of Wol'f body visable.his pants lead up to red sash that rapped around his waist nicely.his chest and stomach were bare like always and as, if you will mind the word, ripped as ever.a scare across his chest was his memory of a bad time in his life.
About more than 200 years ago Wolf and his Pack were 20 members strong, and one of them he was starting to fall in love with or so he thought.when they encountered there first demon.his name was Fear.he had the power to open a portal to hell, but his left arm,mouth,and back were locked up with a holy seal.he found the keys and almost opened the portal, but Wolf and his team were there to stop him.everyone but Wolf and five other members were left alive after Fears attack.even the one Wolf cared for was killed in front of him.Fear had run his bladed hand all the way threw Wolf and out.Wolf was on the brink of death when he realized his faults and wrongs over his years, and had an ephifany if you will.then he transformed into his noble form.which was him with white fur and extreme powers.he oblitorated Fear and saved the day, but at a cost he would never forget.his noble powers were nothing like what he had now.he had gone though sevral diffrent forms.after noble it was arch, then three stages of arch, then lunar, then bio, and finally his pure form.he was basicly the same accept his powers and abilities were more powerful than you could dream, and he had large white angel wings which could easily hide him.
The sun continued it's path up Wolf's body when it showed his arms thrusting back and forth with fists tight.his silver fur ran to his elbows were it flared out then turned white.he wore black fingerless gloves which fit his hands so well you could think they were apart of his hand themselves.across his neck was his red scarf that flowed to his feet.his hair was hidden behind it in places but not in all.his muzal was white with bright white teeth hidden under.as Wolf told his wife 'just because i'm a wolf dosen't meen i have to have bad teeth'.his ears were two different shapes with light gray fur,not silver.the gray fur flared to the sides and alittle ways down his chest.his hair was silver and ran down to his feet in a brade that was tied at the end by a piece of his wifes garments.his left ear had a gold ring threw it, and his left eye a scare down the middle.his eyes were light blue almost the color of the sky.his tail swade with Wolf's punches, it to was silver with a white tip.i would tell about Wolf's scare but then it would give the rest of this story away.
Sweet had started to fall from Wolf's face and fur.he had twenty tons straped to his arms while he was punching.the wieght was nothing for Wolf, but anything done in continuous repatition can and will take it's toll on an indavidual.then a hand was placed on Wolf's shoulder which calmed him down.he unstraped the wieghts and they impackted the ground and made to small holes.Wolf turned to see a red headed women about 7 feet tall with beautiful lightly taned skin.her eyes were as blue as Wolf's if not more.her face was perfect with no lines or any marks to show she was 135.she looked about 25 herself with the body of one to match.she whore a light blue dress with a puple sash tied at her waist.she pulled Wolf down and kissed him.when they finished Wolf stood upright and smiled.
"Good morning hun, how was your night?"Wolf asked his wife.
"It was great i was with you wasn't i"Lena smiled
the two walked inside were they meet the rest of Wolf's family.
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As Wolf and his wife,Lena, entered there house located somewhere in Asia Minnor.it was a good size house.four bed rooms, three baths, and a very nice sized living room.to the north was a vast forest that Wolf would train in every now and then.to the east, a river that lead to a water fall.where Wolf's half brother Blizzard would meditate under every day.to the west was a lake that was big enough to swim in.to the south was a plains area with just lush green grass, and a few flower patches.the first ine to say 'hello' to Wolf was his little girl, Angel.she was five years old and basicly looked like a small Lena.

"daddy! your just intime for breakfast"Angel smiled.

"great! and how did you sleep?"Wolf asked his daughter.

"great, come on lets eat dad"Angel said and pulled her dad's arm to the dinning room.

the next member to find Wolf was his son Lupus.

"dad, you got up early to train today.why didn't you wake me?"Lupus asked his father.

"sorry, just wanted alittle time to myself.don't worry, next time i do early training i'll wake you"Wolf promised his son.

"don't forget me bro"Blizzard said.

Blizzard was Wolf's half brother threw his father.as Lena has told him many times.'your life story is pretty close to a soap opera'.for you see Wolf's family is very complicated.his father,Lupus Maximas the king of Labrina,meet a young dradonian lady with who he had four kids with.i know this is alittle werid but bare with me.all shall be explained in time.to answer proabaly the first two questions Labrina is Wolf's home planet.this planet is inhabeted by wolf like beings.Dradonia is just the dragon version of Labrina.now back to Wolf's dad, the first child to be born was Dercon.he is the oldest out of all and the oldest dragon.next came Silver, the other dragon brother of Wolf.Silver and Wolf are the closest siblings.next was Wolf, and since he was the first Wolf kid he got both wolf and dragon blood in him.which is the reason for his powers.last was Lupa, she didn't get the powers Wolf did.then Wolf and his siblings mother was killed by a terrorist on Labrina called Cyote.because of this the four kids were sent away to be hidden.all went to Dradonia except Wolf's whos, as you can quess, got miss directed to Earth.Wolf's dad married and had one more kid, Blizzard.

"of coarse bro.now lets eat."Wolf said.

the five sat down and ate there fill for the morning.

"dad, Lobo called and wanted to know if the three of us could train later at his place" Lupus told his dad.

"sure why not.you and your brother do need some time together"Wolf said.

Lobo is Wolf's gentic son, if you will.Labrina created Lobo when they didn't think Wolf would marry.the funny part is Lobo married before Wolf did.Lobo married the princes of Feolis, the cat planet.
they have two kids, Liger the oldest, and Lupa who was names after Wolf's sister.

The two waited until about 2:00 PM and then took off.flying it would take about an hour to get to Australia, were Lobo lived.when they arrived Tigris greeted them with huges and Lobo and Liger stepped out.

"ready you two?"Lobo asked

"always" Wolf said with a grinn.

the four flew to a place Lobo had picked already.Lupus had never seen his dad acually fight.he had seen him throw a few moves and energy waves, but never fight.this also would let Lupus show all three of them what he could do.
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