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HeadHunter : Need some help!


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[size=1][color=royalblue]I am at the point where those damn spiders are after me. It says that the spiders can be used to help defeat Ramariz as well... but he's in that room. How do you kill both Ramariz and the spiders? Thanks alot.

- MG[/size][/color]
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The tactic that you're referring to, is to use the spiders against the Safety Door (the one Ramirez is standing behind, in the far bottom-left corner).

Destroy 2 of the spiders in a wave, then shoot the last spider once. Run over to the stunned spider and press that action button to "use" it. The camera will switch to a First-Person view of the spider.

Aim the spider towards the Safety Door with the joystick, and then press the X button, I believe, to start the spider running. Steer the spider at the door, and press X when you are close to the door to make the spider jump and hit the door. The spiders can only jump a certain distance, and they will inflict the most damage on the Safety Door at the climax of their jump.

If you time the jump right, you can take out the Safety Door easily in less than 5 spiders.

[I]Courtesy of Chris Bryant and Nathan Tsui.[/I]
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