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RPG Dragon Ball X:A New Story

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*As Tero watched Talon and Tero go at it Tero felt
stange to see Talon fight a shadow of himself*

Tero:*look's up at the battle*Talon!
*Talon look's down at Tero*enough!This fight is mine!
*Talon look's at Tero and Sees he means it*
Talon:Tero...He's all yours...
Tero:*Smiles*Thanks*frouns and look's at Karma*
Karma you have great power but you use it to harm the good of this world...*Tero Power begins to grows* and I can't allow that!!!*after that was said Tero flew with and fast punch to the gut,a kick to the face,and little beam to the chest.Karma
flies down to the gorund hitting it like a ten ton of iron...
Karma:This can not be!? I'm al a mortal...

Conutine the story....

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OOC:Time to Start again People.People Join in Players

Karma:This can't be I'm Immortal

*Tero looks down a Karma*

You may be a Showdow of the evil that is in me but this only proves that the light in my heart is stronger......

* Tero holds up his fist*

Tero:And is What makes me stronger!!!

Continue the Story Please.

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yo i'm willing to join!!
race:Saiyan clone
BIO:KAOS is a clone designed after the saiyan race the most powerfull race there is. He was created by the finest scientists of the universe to seek vengeance on the saiyan race for what they did to there worlds and what bettr to destroy them than a saiyan its self?

description: He wears a long black leather coat,baggy blue combat jeans,and adark blue T shirt, his hair is white as a genatic Defact when created, as a saiyan he is obviously musculer and extremely powerfull.

mission:Destroy all saiyans

Allies: none he is a loner his name suits his job KAOS

Alliance:neutral(he's nether good nor bad he does what he wants when he wants)

Ki moves:
DARK SUMMIT(a large black ball designed after the spirit bomb,it is black in colour and also looks like the Spirit bomb,KAOS's ultimate move.
SANKTION BLAST(A ki blast not as powerfull as DARK SUMMIT but it is designed after the KAMHEHAMEHA and GALLICK GUN, so it is still really power full.
some others that are not noted

Transformations:NOTE his SSJ's Hair couler is white due to the genetic defects.
...for now

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