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Dragon Ball X:A New Story


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Hi,I'm your host Tero Valor.In case you missed the last time the this thread was on Otaku.Here are the Rules......

Choosing a Guy(or Girl):you can make your own Warror or choose
one of my own from DBX(no it not the name of a DBZ porn Flick)

DBX Charaters:
Gotai:Son of Gohan/Vidal,Friend of Tero's
Vegego:2nd son of Vegeta/Bluma,rival of GoTai
Shimmia:her father is Trunks/mother is Pan/sister to Gotech
Gotech:Son of Trunks/Pan/brother to Shimmia
and any other charater in the DBZ andDBGT sagas Charaters

Charaters played by Tero,Talon,andTala:
Tero:Played by me,hair turn Gold when he turns Ulta Saiyan
Talon:played by Talon,Friend and rival of Tero,boyfriend to Tala,Hair turns Sliver
Tala:Played By Tala,me and Talon,Girl friend of Talon
Gaboo:Played by Tero,a luck dragon

I hope you like my Thread or have any throughts about it e-mail me at [email]TeroValorRPG@aol.com[/email][/email]

(and cheak out A New Hero By Talon Stormhawk on Games and stories Otaku Boards)(his is no Relation to Dragon Ball Xsterme on the Boards ether)
Thank you very for reading and please Join
Tero Valor
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Name: Talais Skyfury

Age:15 (Earth years)

Weight: 112lbs.

Height: 5'6"

Race: Saiyan and Laporin

Level: SSJ3/Transformation with her Spirit Stone

Clothes: Blue skirt/tank top

Bio/Stuff: Serious, pretty, compassoinate, Fight's against Jarness often (Evil green dragon)

Allied: None
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Name: Brolly Jr

Age: 16

Weight: dont know

Height: 5'11

Race: Sayin

Levels: SSJ USSJ and SSJ2 so far

Clothes: like what Goku wears only black and red

Bio: he is the son of Brolly though he is not evil like his father he is somewhat if a loner strong, deadly when pissed off,and can be compassionate

Allied: none

heh hows that
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by lordvegeta [/i]
[B]zadens allies: goten, piccilo, brolly jr. tero valor, jay , tailais [/B][/QUOTE]
O.o...Talais is in space. She's a mercenary...sells her power to the highest bidder. Something like Twilight Sazuka, for those of you who watch Outlaw Star. She has a change of heart when her sister...Rena...dies. She grows compassionate and kind and becomes a fighter for good. Unfortunatly, she fights against an alien constantly and neither will win until Talais finds something to be really pissed about so she can use a special technique...
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OOC(out of charater):I'm sorry for making you guys wait so long
but now we can start.....

*The earth has had many years of peace.....
But That peace is about to be broken.....*

*Tero is Flying around when he sees Demonos(a Deo which is a demon like being)fighting a Sliver haired warror*

Tero:Who the Hell is Demonos Fighting?I hope he's good.

*Tero turns to see Demona(a female Deo also sister of Demonos)
.Tero Flies down to Demona*

Tero:You aren't planing on jumping in on my friends fight.

*Demona Turns*

Demona:Tero Valor!!!What the hell are you doin' here?

Tero:Making sure you don't jump in on the fight?

Demona:Oooooh,okay so you want to fight?

Tero:Here or in bed?

*Demona SLAPS Tero*

Demona:You Jurk!!!

Tero:I was ownly kidding.

*Demona Laughs on the inside*

Tero:Okay,Shall we then?


*As Tero and Demona lock down for combat they both heard someone Yelling Deomna's name*

the voice:Demonaaa!!!!

*Tero and Demona came to the seen the found a girl on the ground beginnig gurded buy The sliver haired warrorand Demonos at the hand of the sliver warror*

Demonos:Help me out will ya?

Demona:No!you dug your own grave,now lay in it.

Demonos:Why you B*tch!!!You dare go against your own blood??!!!Now die!!!

*Demonos go's to shoot Demona with a energy wave when Tero
kicked him in the face*
Tero:How about fighting a real Warror insead of beating up girls

*Sliver Warror Leans againest a tree*

Sliver Warror:thank you,I was getting sick of whiping his a**.
By the way my Name is Talon

Tero:I'm Tero,Tero Valor.By the way you mind if I fight Now?

Talon:Be my Guest.

Demonos:Sorry to disapoint you but you won't kill me.

Tero:will See about that!!!

*Tero and Demonos are a bout to fight when they hear a loud sound........

OOC:Please Continue the story and come again....

Tero Valor:)
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the demonas and tero lock into combat
tero: shoots a ki ball
demanos: catches it, ha you'll have to do better than that!!!
tero thinks to himself hmmmm.... hes stronger than before... ill need all the power i can get to defeat him..... when all of a sudden...... demanos appears be hind him a sticks a needle in his arm........
tero: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
demanos: hahaha when im done with you you'll be tottaly powerless and you'll die a slow dishonorable death!!!!!!
tero: just barely breaks free , uhhhh no way ill never lose to scum like you, thinks to himself man, i lost too much power there if this keeps up maybe he will be right.........
mysterious voice: ha that wont happen while im around!!!!!!
tero: how did he know what i was thinking????
mysterious voice: ha demanos youre going down!!!!!!
demanos: who the hell are you??????!!!!
mysterious voice: ha! im youre worst nightmare but tero, you can call me zaden!!!!!!
slashes demanos
demanos: arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!
zaden: here youll need this throws tero a senzu bean
zaden: lets finish him!!!!!!!!!!!111
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[COLOR=royalblue]Talais: Rena...why did you have to die? *sigh* *computer beeps*

Computer: You have a new mesesage from Jarness.

Talais: On screen.

Jarness: Ah, Talaissss...I will fight you on Earth tonight....be there or ssssuffer as I have sssssuffered.

Talais: Certainly lizard brain. End Transmission.

Computer: Was that wise?

Talais: Of course, plot a course for Earth and inform Sacherry that I will be on holiday for the next week or so.

Computer: Consider it done.

Talais: Now you will pay for your crimes Jarness, and you will never escape me.[/COLOR]
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*Up above the world on Kami Tower, Piccolo sits in meditation.*

Dende - Mr. Piccolo, do you feel that?

Piccolo - Yes Dende, I do. They have finally emerged. Its a good thing I have been training.

*Piccolo stands up from medititation.*

Piccolo - I had better go see our new heros.

Dende - Good luck Piccolo.

*Piccolo leaps from Kami Tower and blasts off into the air. He flies for miles, sensing a battle comensing. As he flies, he senses another force enter the battle. This one not quite as strong, but still quite powerful.*

Piccolo - Well, this fight seems interesting.

*Piccolo reaches the fight after another minute of flying. He stops directly over the fighters. He recognises the large demon as Demonas.*

Piccolo - I knew that that imbisol would get himself killed on of these days. Hes taking on two fighters with his same power level.

*As Demonas gets ready for another fight, he senses Piccolo's power above him. He looks up and sees Piccolo staring down on him.*


*Demonas runs off into the woods in fear.*

Tero - What the?*Looks up to see Piccolo* Is he what Demonas was afraid of. His power seems nothing special.

*Suddenly, Piccolo disappears and reappears infront of Tero before he can even blink.*

Piccolo - So you are Tero....
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Talais: Jarness. Shall we?

Jarness: *lizard smile*

Talais: Silver nose!!!

Jarness is wrapped in the silver cords from Jarness's hands and bounced around the enviornment.

Talais: Hah, does this feel familiar to you? Remember how you did this to Rena when I was at Sentinel 3?

Jarness: Mercy!

Talais: Mercy? What's that? :smirk:

All of a sudden, Talais senses another power coming closer. A strange man lands in front of her and starts to speak...
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Tero - Ya, who are you?

Piccolo - My name is Piccolo. I have come to help you on your journey.

Zaden - Hey man, you kinda sick, your all green?

Piccolo - This is the color of my skin.

Tero - So, your an alien.

Piccolo - A Namekian actually.

Tero - Well, whatever you are, If Demonas was so scared of you, I'm glad your on our side. How do you know him anyways?

Piccolo - He challanged me to a fight a while back in an attempt to take over my temple. I was able to beat him without using my full power, so now he assumes that my power is never ending.

Tero - Wow, is it?

Piccolo - I wish kid.
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OOC:Hi,guys sorry it's been a long time(not actaly).sometimes I can be here so I need you guys to continue the story for me so it
doesn't croke over. so I like too thank Out Law,Lord Vegeta,and all the other people how write on to this board thank you

*as Tero,Piccolo,Zaden,and Talon flew off*

Talon:Hey,Tero were we goin'?

Tero:To Master Goku's house.

Piccolo:Goku?You Know Goku?

Tero:Ah,Year ago he found me in some city shoping for food.

Talon:How can up have a power level like us?

Tero:I'm part of a dying race.

Piccolo:What Race?

Tero:Golgo,so others put in my blood,and ahhh....ahhhh.....

Piccolo:What?How?You got Gold hair like a Super Saiyan but your
hair isn't staking up like other Super Saiyan like.....

Tero:Goku,GoHan,Pan,Trunks,Goten,Vegeta,Vego,Gotai,and Shimmia......


Tero:That Becouse I was born a Super Saiyan.I guess becouse of
my mixed race.


*Piccollo Thinks to himself*

*Piccolo:that's crazy a born super saiyan.The promblem is I can't seance he power level so back their I can't tell how much of he's
power he was holding back*

*The warror finally land at Goku's House*

Tero:Master Goku! Master Goku!

*someone step's out side the house*

Chi-Chi:Sorry Tero,Goku's out Fishing with the rest of the gang and Vidal,Pan,andShimmia are helping me cook


*Chi-Chi turns to the group*

Chi-Chi:So who are your new friends?

Tero:oh!,this is Talon,Zaden,and.....

Chi-Chi:Piccolo,right?he's a friend of Goku and a member of the family.


*Pan walk's in on the conversation*

Tero:Hi,Pan how's Gotai doing?

Pan:Oh,Hi Tero,to answer your question he doing good.
Hey did you hear over the radio?

Tero:No? What?

Pan:Their having a tourament of the best of the masters.I think you should go to it.

Chi-Chi:Ah,like you have a choice?Goku already sign him up.

Tero:Alright,this is going to be fun.look's like it time to train
Hey,would you guys like to train with me..........

OOC:Please continue the story please thank you and come again

sign:Tero Valor

E-mail me at [email]TeroValor74@email.com[/email]
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Piccolo - Maybe I'll sign up too. I would like to see how strong Goku has gotten.

Pan - Mr. Piccolo! I didn't notcie you. What are you doing here?

*Pans runs up and hugs Piccolo.*

Piccolo - Heh, I was just out and I found Tero. He told me he was a friend of yours. So I decided to come along.

Pan - Well I'm glad your here. Daddy will be happy to see you.

Piccolo - Is Gohan here?

Pan - No, but he'll be here for dinner.

Piccolo - Great. Now where is your grandfather?

Pan - Grandpa is at the river fishing.

Piccolo - Sould have guessed.

*Piccolo flys off to find Goku.*
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*Talon comes out from standing against a wall*

"Did you just say Gohan? He is a legend among my people in Silvan. They say he destroyed Cell with an enormous inner energy blast that was never before seen...I've always wanted to meet him...but I never knew which planet he was on on. Hmm....some of the people here are like my people only just a little different...the saiyans as they are called here get pissed off and turn super saiyan with gold hair, where as my power power increases in true batle and my hair turns silver..I am of the Silvan Race..."

*Talon looks around..*

"Tero, where is this Goku that you speak of...maybe he can tell me the history of battles of this realm."

*Talon leans against the wall again with his back to it and left foot proped up on the wall behind him. His eyes bulge out and he gets off the wall, hair turning silver awith a silver aura glowing about him.*


*Talon flies out of the house to find Demonos hovering over the house, focusing hisa energy for a demon wing blast. He realeases it*

"No you dont Demonos!!!!"

*Talon powers up his own energy*


*Talon releases his energy and it goes straight through demonos' and hits into him, sending him flying into thin air, Demonos stops his self*

Demonos: How dare you interfere boy...for that you shall die!!!!

"You threatening me when my blast went through your blast liie a fish in water...watch yourself old man."

*Talon turns aroiund and begins walking away from the house*
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*Piccolo lands by the river where Goku is fishing.*

Piccolo - Hello Goku.

Goku - Huh *turns around to see Piccolo* Oh, hello Piccolo. What are you doing here?

Piccolo - I met your new traine, that Tero kid. He is an interesting one isn't he.

Goku - Ya, I was amazed by him being born a super saiyan. Its astounding.

Piccolo - Don't you think it is somewhat odd. Considering that you and Vegeta are the only Pureblooded Saiyans left. From what I know, a child that is born a super saiyan is born that way because both his parents where super saiyans when it is conceved.

Goku - Ya, I guess. But does it really matter. Hes a good fighter, ya know.

Piccolo - Ya, I know. Anyways Goku, I heard about this tourniment your entering. I was considering entering it, seeing if you can still take me.

Goku - Hahahaha, I certainly hope you have been training Piccolo, because I have.

Piccolo - Ya, I have a little. Well just see who is the strongest during the tourniment. But for now, lets head back to your place.

Goku - Ok.

*Goku throws a few fish over his sholder and he and Piccolo fly back towards Goku's house.
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