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  1. lordvegeta

    Sign Up Lord of The Rings:The Re-Creating of The Ring

    name: Drake Winterborn age: 121 (21 human years) weapons: 1.Bow+Quiver 2.Long Sword 3.leather Whip bio: Drake is an elf that works for Elrond, and was sent on a quest to find an ancient blade deep withen Moria. He has the amazing ability to tame animals, and was trained in dragon training. race: Elf (We got a lot of elves.......) class: Ranger description: Drake has medium blond hair, with long bangs, and is roughly 5' 4" he wears a green hood and mithril chainmail, under a green tunic. HEY ARE THERE ANY WIZARDS? SPELLS?
  2. lordvegeta

    Sign Up Star Wars: Last Defense [sign up]

    yeah a star wars rpg :).... too bad thiers no androids :( name: Turin (Sarin) class: Sith age: 17 weight: 174 height: 6'1" bio: Lived on a peaceful planet, until sith took over, when he was 4. He was Taken away and trained to be a sith warrior. Now that his training is complete, he is ready to fight. He is a confident fighter and is very anxious to engage in combat. When he graduated from a sith acedamy he changed his name to Sarin. Description: Sarin stands roughly 6' 1", and has short brown hair. he dresses in traditional sith robes, and uses a red light saber. he has a light skin complexion and is average wideness. personality: he is somewhat agressive, and tends to get frustrated if he doesnt accomplish his goals immediatley.
  3. lordvegeta

    Sign Up FFVIII - Eye of the Hurricane

    i think ill try to make a character now.......... name: Zaden Sakanawa age: 19 height: 5' 9" weight: 173 occupation: SeeD Member location: Trabia Garden description: When he was a child he came from a poor family and, was used for expirements at a laboratory in the far north. He recieved Dartox5 injections, a new drug that enabled one to gain psychic powers of time, but with one downside, Most of his memory was lost, and sometimes late at night, he will awaken with a seering headache seeing visions of his past. When he turned 15, he discovered he had an uncle, who was a teacher at Trabia Garden, and took him in. He became a SeeD warrior and now is anxious to go gain strength, strength to seek revenge upon the scientists who put him through hell......... weapon: Butterfly Edge (surrounded in an aura of thunder) magic: cure, thunder, fire limit: Pain Wave ( An aura surrounds Zaden and extends out to opponents, making them feel seering pain, making way for Zaden's escape.) -----------If i did something wrong id appreciate it if you guys would tell me-------------------------------------------------------
  4. lordvegeta

    Sign Up Zelda Hyrule's Fate

    this rpg is zelda based so you can be any race from the game. starting area Races- Zora Zora's Domain/Zora Hall Goron Goron City/Goron city Kokiri Kokiri Village Hylian Hyrule Castle town Deku Sacred Meadow Valley/Deku Palace Gerudo Gerudo valley/pirate fortress Terminaian Clock Town ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Classes- Fighter (FTR) Wizard (WIZ) Thief (THF) Cleric (CLR) class compatibilities x= yes, o=no Race-------------------------------------------------- Thf Wiz Ftr Clr goron /o / o / x / x zora / o / x / x / o deku / x / o / x / o Kokiri/ x / o / x / o Hylian/ x / x / x / x term./ x / x / x / x gerudo/ x / o / o /o ------------------------------------------------------------------------ sorry if that was a bit un even :toothy: i'll add a store tomorrow too.......... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Character- name- Terran race- Zora ht- 5'7" wt- 154 lbs. class- Wizard weapon of choice- Natural weapons (FINS)
  5. lordvegeta

    Sign Up FFVIII - Eye of the Hurricane

    hey i dont know much about ff8, but id like to join. Could u guys explain all this crap to me?
  6. lordvegeta

    RPG Dragonball War

    ::DRAGONBALL WAR:: ::STORES:: ::Common Store:: ::Elite Store:: ::Sword Shop:: cape- $20 elite armor-$70 upgrade 1-$40 sword-$30 gauntlets-$20 upgrade 2-$70 improved sword-$50 plasma rifle- $20 master upgrade-$100 3rd class armor- $40 Power gloves-$10 scabbard-$20 2nd class armor-$60 space pod-$100 fire sword-$80 power pole-$20 graviton-$70 ice sword-$80 electric sword-$80 soul reaver-$140 alignment sword-$120 ::TRANSFORMATIONS:: ::Sayia-jins:: ::Namekians:: ::Changelings:: ssj1-1,000,000 super namek-1,000,000 form2-1,000,000 ssj2-2,000,000 super namek2-2,000,000 form3-2,000,000 ssj3-3,000,000 super namek3-3,000,000 form4-4,000,000 ssj4-4,000,000 metal form-5,000,000 Ancient ssj-5,000,000 Ultra ssj- 6,000,000 chou ssj-7,000,000 ::Joining:: post the followin (im using me as an example) name: brolly race: sayia-jin home: Vegeta LV- 1 money- $100 illpost more later
  7. lordvegeta

    RPG War Legends (War Rpg- If you signed up come here)

    (sorry guys i dozed off could some1 fill me in plz???) Alarm clock: BEEEEEEEEPPPPPP BEEEEEPPPP Zaden: just 5 more minutes.......... alarm clock: get up lazy @ss you,ve got work to do! Zaden: that does it ive had enough off your crap! (powers up to ssj2) (pulls out sword) alarm clock: what are you doing???!!! you would'nt want to do anything irrational now would you???????!!!!!!! Zaden: o sure i would hehehehehe alarm clock: me and my big voice chip!!!!! Zaden: you are the weakest link! g'bye! slices clock in half!!!!! well now thats that taken care of, off to the gravity gym! gets on weighted clothes and goes off to the gym to get pumped........................
  8. lordvegeta

    RPG War Legends (War Rpg- If you signed up come here)

    finally! well im ready '
  9. lordvegeta

    RPG War Rpg Signup

    uhhhh heres some more..... abilities: oozaru, power level... .no clue attacks: kamehameha, final flash, solar flare, burning attack, genki dama, chou kamehameha, max kamehameha signature attacks: sayain rage, dragon fury
  10. lordvegeta

    RPG War Rpg Signup

    ill join name:Zaden age: 21 race: sayia-jin weapons: sword bio: sayain bounty hunter
  11. lordvegeta

    RPG DBZ Gennisess RPG

    this is an rpg about pre- dragonball u can be: bardock,frieza,dodoria,zarbon,chibi vegeta,nappa,fasha,tora or anyone else in bardocks crew, or anyone from this saga..... u start with- pl- 10,000 hp- 5,000 ki-2,500 $1000 i need- race, starting planet. ::PLANETS:: vegeta freezer mete arlia connossa ::STORE:: rejuvination tank $400 1 person pod $200 2 person pod $400 3rd class armor $200 blox 25% of damage 2nd class armor $400 blox 50% of damage 1st class armor $600 blox 75% of damage power gloves $100 +10% stats scouter $50 gain an extra 10% per battle power gauntlets $100 learn attacks 2 days sooner siaba seeds $50 for 5 $100 for 12 ::ATTACKS:: final flash,6 days AD=5000 KI=2000 big bang ball,5 days AD=4000 KI=1,500 controlled oozaru,4 days,can be oozaru and control yourself moon shot,3 days, turn oozaru when this attack is used power sensing,2 days, sense others powers power hiding,2 days, hide your powers dodanpa, 3 days AD=3000 KI=1000 super dodanpa, 4 days AD= 5000 KI=2000 *must know dodanpa elbow strike, 1 day AD=1000 KI=0 take down, 2 days AD=2000 KI=0 low jab, 1 day AD=1000 KI=0 knife hand, 2 days AD= 2000 KI=0 lunge punch, 2 days AD=2000 KI=0 round kick, 2 days AD=2000 KI=0 mega punch, 3 days AD=3000 KI=200 mega kick, 3 days AD=3000 KI=3000 :: RULES:: last one standing wins!!!!! :: please join!:: my stats: chibi vegeta race: sayain pl- 10,000 hp- 5,000 ki- 2,500 account- $1000 items- attacks:
  12. lordvegeta

    RPG Endless Waltz Gundam Wing RPG Sign Up

    i would join but you took duo plus i donbt know jack about gundam
  13. lordvegeta

    RPG Dragonball - Battle Field: End of the Universe

    man you guys lost me i think it would be best if im out cuz i missed way 2 much man!!!!!!!!!!
  14. lordvegeta

    RPG Dragon Ball X:A New Story

    the demonas and tero lock into combat tero: shoots a ki ball demanos: catches it, ha you'll have to do better than that!!! tero thinks to himself hmmmm.... hes stronger than before... ill need all the power i can get to defeat him..... when all of a sudden...... demanos appears be hind him a sticks a needle in his arm........ tero: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! demanos: hahaha when im done with you you'll be tottaly powerless and you'll die a slow dishonorable death!!!!!! tero: just barely breaks free , uhhhh no way ill never lose to scum like you, thinks to himself man, i lost too much power there if this keeps up maybe he will be right......... mysterious voice: ha that wont happen while im around!!!!!! tero: how did he know what i was thinking???? mysterious voice: ha demanos youre going down!!!!!! demanos: who the hell are you??????!!!! mysterious voice: ha! im youre worst nightmare but tero, you can call me zaden!!!!!! slashes demanos demanos: arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!! zaden: here youll need this throws tero a senzu bean zaden: lets finish him!!!!!!!!!!!111
  15. lordvegeta

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