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    Always dedicated to my fellow Otakuans, I spend most of time in the following sections: The Lounge, Adventure Arena, Dragonball, Nintendo, Square Enix, Zelda, Art/Design and Banner/Avatar Request.
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    I give Skateboarding lessons and Have my own Skate shop in my basement.
  1. I'm just going to post some cool things that I had fun making. Nothing special, just cool thingies. Enjoy. This is my friend Kiley, she looked evil in the picture so I made it look even more evil.
  2. Yes indeed. Its a shame you didnt post sooner, those were some nice drawings. ongrats to all who got in.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been created yet. If so, just get rid of it. I was wondering what was the first anime that you've ever seen or gotten into that got you hooked? My first was DBZ, after searching the net I found more and more anime. I also rented videos at Blockbuster. I started finding random animes that turned out being the best. For example, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Sakura Wars, Evangelion, Lupin the 3rd, Cowboy Bebop....the list goes on and on. But I want to know what was [i]your[/i] first?
  4. Well, you have to realize that DBZ is a very Hokie(sp?) show. It gets boring to someone who needs something other than just pure action. But I agree, the Garlic Saga was good. But..when you look back at it all, it's all the same. The gang fights, the gang gets beaten. Goku comes to save the day, Goku hangs on by a thread, then he casts the Spirit Bomb at the last minute and all is well again. Hah. All always be a well known fan of Dragonball/Z/GT though, here me out. [b][size=1][color=red]Sorry, but I saw no relevance in the attachment you had in this post to this topic. So I got ri
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Taylor Hewitt [/i] [B]They do it because maybe they haven't translated the episodes yet. I hate it too but I don't watch DBZ anymore - that's the reason. [/B][/QUOTE] Thats why I stopped watching DBZ, Funimation takes too goddamn long to translate the episodes(Mostly because of censors). But that hasnt stopped me from seeing them all. I'm going to start watching it on TV again once GT starts. I also enjoy the movies from time to time.
  6. Oh yah, well get this one. I had a dream that I went to school in the nude, thinking that I was wearing clothes. Everyone was looking at me all strange and I didnt know why. Then I looked down and was like, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!". Yah thats it. I have way more messed up ones. But I forget all of my dreams.
  7. When I look at a newbie, I dont think of them as newbies. I classify members depending on their grammer, experience, and whatnot. You seem to be a pretty good person. There are all sorts of newbies, it all depends on how well you catch on to the rules(if you read them or not -_-*), and how things go on the boards. When it all comes down to it, you are rated on your personality and knowledge of certain subjects. But remember everyone, we were all newbies at one time. Becoming a member of OB was like being born in my opinion. I didnt catch on right away, I may have had some mistakes along t
  8. This does not belong here. I guess I'll have to ring my belll again, eh?
  9. 1. Tidus-FFX-Boraque Sword 2. Quina-FF9-Bistro Fork? 3. Rikku-FFX- 4. Barret-FF7- 5. LuLu-FFX- 6. Kimari-FFX-Spear 7. Wakka-FFX-Power Ball 8. Vincent-FF7-Pistol 9. Freya-FF9- 10. No Clue! That Cat on top of that creature thing? 11. Yuna-FFX- 12. Dont know 13. Auron-FFX- 14. Dont know 15. Dagger/Garnet-FF9-Ultima Weapon(Forget actual name)
  10. Chris wants me to pick 5 out of the many that submitted entries. They were all very good, but I have to come down to 5. Agan, this will not decide who makes it in or not, these are just [i]my[/i] picks. Dan Rugh Boo Boo Juna Psycotik Shinobi
  11. Wow, I dont care if you double posted, that is some amazing stuff. Great job! Show more...........;)
  12. Well we arnt here to discuss how good Kaisuke's is!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: Hahah. Just kidding. Yep, his is really good. I'll get the hang of it eventually. Here is another cool one, its a desktop. But I'll size it down.
  13. I just wanted to show a little thingy I made.
  14. Eh, well, you told me to do random strokes so.......but yah, its start, It will be better next time. Here is a better one.
  15. Thanks to Kai helping me out on Photoshop, I made this cool little thingy. First....I used the gradient tool, selected rainbow, and made a long stroke across the layer. Then I changed the layers blending options to an outer glow. Then I changed the mode to difference. And then I made random strokes on the layer. Then....I was supposed to use Hue/Saturation, but I used color balance instead. Is that rigth Kai? Check out the coolness.
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