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    One day God thought he would make a little girl. But the Arc-angel played a trick on him and changed her super genious mind out with some idiot psyco. I wan't my real brain!!!!!!
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    Digidestined Name: Kris Ayako Age: 15 Gender: Male Appearence: eh, I'll get you one of these soon promise. Bio: Kris is actually an American who moved to Japan because his fathers in the army. His mom died when he was five and he doesn't know much about her. He has a history of violence but you can't tell it by looking at him. He rarely talks to his dad and spends most of his time near the Ocean by his house. He loves the water. Personality: around others Kris is a goof off. many of his teachers say he'll never get in anywhere in life because he doesn't take thing seriously. He's a class clown and some times a prankster. When he gets mad he shoots off however and although it takes alot to get him mad it's dangerous to do so. Digivice: A hybrid between third and second season. Blue with silver lining Digimon (is female) Baby Form: Name: reremon Type: Water/blue blob? Attribute: none Attack(s): none Appearence: almost like a big blue teardrop In-Training: Name: SemiGuamon Type: Water/Aguatic puppy Attribute: none Attack(s): Finslap Appearence: Like a puppy but with webbed paws and a fin on it's head. Rookie: Name: Guamon Type:Water/aguatic Dog Attribute: healing (tears of sarrow) Attack(s): Tears of destruction Appearence: A dog-like creature standing on it's hind legs. Stands up to about an inch above partners head. Has dog hind paws and human like hands with webbs. Has a "shark fin" from it's head down it's back. Has fins on each arm as weel. Is blue with a silver teardrop by one eye. has silver eyes. Champion: Name: Cientmon Type:Water/werewolf-shark Attribute: None Attack(s): Shark tooth, SeaSalt Appearence: Stands on two legs looks very similar to rookie form but has silver "armor" and slight changes in the fins. the teardrop is gone and she now has a tail. Ultimate: Name: Versamon Type:mermaid Attribute: none Attack(s): whirlpool, waves of Ice Appearence: looks exactly like a mermaid only with silver armor and still has the "wolf-like ears" Can only take on this form in water. Has blue hair with silver streaks. Mega: Name: Iraemon Type: human/aquatic Attribute: healing(neptunes mercy) Attack(s): Neptunes Fury, Hurricane Appearence: Almost human with same hair as before and silver eyes. Has sharper armor and very sharp shark fins ears are sharper as well. Carries a trident.
  2. RPG

    sorry I've been gone guys... --------------------------------- Serena stood up. "I'll keep first watch!" she claimed laying Teo's weapon next to him. "thanks" she whispered only for him to hear. Dango shook his head "that probably wouldn't be best." "But why not?" Serena protested "I can do it." Teo somewhat grunted in his subconsiousness and serena frowned "what are you laughing at?" she said to his unconsious body. Laucian stepped forward. "I'll watch first and let you have some rest Serena then I'll wake you for next watch." Serena frwoned. well,...okay" she sighed giving in. Dango smiled weakly. "Let us get some rest then."
  3. RPG

    Serena jumped up using her wings to dodge an attack from one of the men's staff. "Oh yeah buddy, I got one o' these too!" she knocked him in the back of the head with it knocking him out. "haha! can't touch this!" she started dancing until she felt the sharp tip of a sword poke her in the back. She tensed up "uh oh" the guy laughed and taunted her. "your a very pretty being" "uhm...thanks?" Serena said frowning. 'oh man oh man ohman' she thought to her self. The man lowed his sword and held a dagger to her throught. "now I have a prisoner" he whispered in her ear. Serena frowned deeper. 'oh man I have failed my king....'
  4. RPG

    Serena flapped her wings and hovered in the air. "hold on guys i'll be right back!" she said as she flew away. She flew to where she had been before and looked around. "awww where did i put it?" she said as she tapped the trees. She finnaly hit a hollow tree. "There!" she opened the tree and pulled out a staff. the staff was long and had a winged leo at the top carved out of pure crystal. there were beautiful carvings and markings in the staff and tied near the top of it was a long silk white ribbion. She hurried back and landed next to the others. she tapped her staff on the ground and smirked. "ok, I'm ready"
  5. RPG

    Serena layed down then looked up at the sky. Stars glittered feverently up there and she reached out her hands as though she could touch them. She sighed and rolled over. She suddenly yelped and jumped up. "Get it off me get it off me. ew ew eww get it off me!!!" The others laying around her sat up quickly to see what was going on. Serena was flailing her wings and arms around fighting somthing they couldn't see. Laucien stopped her with a wave of his hand picked the bettle up off of her shoulder then threw it to the side. Serena looked at him and then the beetle then smiled awkwardly. "oh...I knew that"
  6. RPG

    Serena poked at the "unexpected visitor". He didn't move. She frowned as though she expected him to. She just shrugged. "I wanna join you on this mission thingy!" She suddenly announced. "It sounds like fun even though no ones told me a thing about it..." ---------------------------------------- ooc: that's how my angel talks K.K.C. =p lol. sorry about the shortness. *sigh* I promise to work harder next time I'm tired right now. ^_^
  7. RPG

    Serena looked around. "Wow schnazzy!" Serena ran her hand over the stone walls. "This place is huge!" she shouted enjoying the echo. she then noticed Dango whispering. He got up and walked over to them. "I accept you" he announced. "For what?" Serena cocked her head to the side. Dango blinked. "You mean you don't know why your here?" Serena shook her head. "Oh boy.."Quel said.
  8. RPG

    Serena looked out at the upside down world. (yes upside down) Her head started hurting as the blood rushed to her head. She was hanging upside down in a tree. She started laughing and lost her grip falling on the ground. "Owie" she said rubbing her head. She flapped her wings to get the leaves off then stood up. She staggered a little, dizzy from hanging upside down for so long. Serena sighed. "I'm bored...I want some adventure!" She threw her arms toward the sky as though the answer would fall from it and into her outstreatched palms. Suddenly as if on cue she saw a girl fly over her head and towards Kamouri Castle. "Wounder where she's going..." Serena jumped up and fallowed her.
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    I'll sign up for this but please do fix it out... Raven Gender: Female Skills: ability to be as still as posible and hid in even the smallest of shadows. Weapons: Raven uses stelth and knives to tke down her enemy. Her aim is dead on so good luck escaping her knives and daggers. Appearance: A pale thin figure with raven black hair and dull brown eyes that reflect no light. Raven wears black leather pants and a black over coat that hides her fragile figure. She rarely smiles or shows any signs of emotion. refuses to talk unless it be absolutely necessary.
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    Name: Marie Savaghn Age: 17 Race: Angel Gender: Female First Weapon: Staff Second Weapon: anything nearby, such as a rock stick etc. Armour: none Master/ King: Awaiting a king (please make it Dango ^.^) Personality: Very sweet. Dislikes fighting but will if she has too. Can sometimes be annoy 'cause she messes with those she likes *wink* Description: See attachment (pretend that he wings are white ^^;) Biography: I'll get back to you on this one...^^; Extras: healing leaves and holy water.
  11. Writing

    Wow Vicky this is great! True it was very long! lol, but i loved it anyways. PLease do keep writing!
  12. RPG

    ooc: I'm glad you did. I was scared no one would notice it. IC: Otogi and Serena kept thier own fight going as they had a normal conversation. "So do you think Kaiba's really serious about this?" Serena said nervously. Otogi uncrossed his arms. "Knowing Kaiba he is, I can't believe he would pull yugi into a battle like this." Serena put her hand on her hip. "Seth and hiro are knuckleheads for going through with this but I shouldn't be worried they are the two best duelist I know." "Oh yeah? You just whatch!" "I'm watchin' and I know they'll win" "Will not!" "Will too!" Otogi and Serena growled at each other and glared face to face. "So wanna get a soda or something afterward?" Otogi asked. Serena fell over anime style. "Did you just ask me on a date?" Otogi nodded. "oh boy..."
  13. RPG

    Flash shivered. Flash: Hey guys did you feel like? Kitty: feel what? Flash: i dunno, it was like...a really bad feeling like when your close to something you've been searching for all your life but you just know it's gunna have a bad outcome and suddenly you don't want it any more. Kitty: What are you talking about? Shin: I guess that's one way to say you have a bad feeling about something. Flash shook her head. Flash: never mind. Forget I said anything...
  14. Writing

    Thanks, I'm trying but i stink at that kind of stuff. I'll have to work on it.
  15. RPG

    Soooo...Did this die? Or if I post will more people come back and save it?