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    RPG .hack//TRUTH

    [FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]*cracks knuckles* Okay, let's see what I can do here... - -[/COLOR] At first, Katsuki had pushed the door open with her back, her eyes sealed tightly. She was still innocent, in her own sense, and she was going to remain that way. [COLOR="Navy"]"Cover your shame, men," [/COLOR]she called, entering the bathroom. After there was no noise or confused murmurs or any signs of motion at all, the teen braved opening her eyes. Empty. [COLOR="navy"]"Thank God," [/COLOR]she sighed, before walking into the stall the other employees had described. Katsuki sneered. [COLOR="navy"]"Gross..." [/COLOR]she breathed, looking around at the bathroom entirely. [COLOR="navy"]"Men are sick."[/COLOR] The gnome was heavy in her hands, but she was doing her best not to think about it. The gnome, for the most part, was Kayla's idea, and, for once, Katsuki was rather hesitant. After all, it was [I]creepy[/I]. It just [I]stared[/I]. Nothing else. Just staring and smiling. The girl shuddered and placed it in the toilet bowl, as agreed. Making sure that her favorite employee wouldn't get [I]too[/I] violated should he forget to look where he was sitting, Katsuki added one last touch. Perhaps it wouldn't be noticed for weeks, but she just couldn't help it. Taking out a pen, she wrote on the wall. A number, and the phrase, [COLOR="navy"]"For a good time.
  2. Che

    RPG Assassin's Guild

    [FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]Sometimes, I know that it's really unhealthy to have voices in your head. A lot of times, I really don't care. S.E. and Id have been there for me for as long as I can remember, and they've gotten me into and out of a lot of trouble. To be perfectly honest, I trust these two entities more than I trust my own family. [COLOR="Blue"]Brother.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Yes, Sister?[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Is he trying to tell us that our Evaline wouldn't be able to handle it?[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]That's certainly what it sounds like.[/COLOR] Sometimes, I realized just how protective of me Id is. A lot of times, I never really notice. She looks out for my best interest and counteracts most of what S.E. says and suggests. She cares for me like a mother, I suppose. Although, sometimes, she bases [I]her[/I] ego on [I]mine.[/I] [COLOR="Red"]Are you going to do anything about it, Sister?[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]I'm not sure what I should do...[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]I say prove him wrong.[/COLOR] Sometimes, I become afraid of what S.E. is thinking. A lot of times, he's violent and debaucherous, although Id cancels him out when he tries anything. Still, he's the one who tells me what to do in my time of need. I've won a few fights thanks to his instructions and saved my own skin multiple times; I won't mention how many of those times were his fault. This time, though, I knew that, should the two agree on this, there was no getting out of it for me. Not that I was about to complain. [COLOR="Blue"]Evaline.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Go for it.[/COLOR] [I]You got it,[/I] I responded, ignoring the girl who walked in the room (why was she naked? Did she join a sect?) I walked forward, past the man with the gun, past the stern looking woman, past the scary looking man, and to the counter. "My name is Evaline and I'd like to join the Assassin's Guild," I told the man behind the counter, who smirked at me. Now even I was determined. [I]I'm not some curious little Alice peering into a rabbit hole... I can do this...[/I][/SIZE][/FONT]
  3. Che

    RPG Assassin's Guild

    [FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]"St-st-st-stalking?!" I repeated, eyes widening and taking a step back. No, that's not right! Only strange men in cloaks and hoods stalked people, not me! I was... I was just following him. Yes, that's right. There was a distinct difference. "I wasn't stalking, I was following!" [COLOR="Blue"]Child, you were stalking. Face the responsibility of your actions.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]And there's no shame in that. It [I]was[/I] fun, wasn't it? Maybe next time, we could work on our stealth and-[/COLOR] [I]Shut up,[/I] I snapped at the two. Judging by the glare the other man, the scary one, was giving me, I figured I said something wrong. My lower lip quivered a little in fear... he was really scary. But... "Listen!" I began again. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something important or if I'm somewhere I shouldn't be, but if this is the place where I can get a gun and learn to shoot it, please tell me!" [COLOR="Red"]'Atta girl.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]You're going to regret this, you know that? I don't see why we couldn't just join a nice, quiet guild...[/COLOR] If anyone was going to say 'yes', it seemed, then it would be the man who she had fo... stalked. "Please?" she asked him.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  4. Che

    RPG Assassin's Guild

    [FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]Sorry I'm late, all. :) - - - - - [COLOR="Red"]Steak. Buy the steak.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Buy the apples. Child, you need healthy foods, not something that's been rotting in the sun for the past week.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Steak keeps just as well as apples.[/COLOR] I bit my lip and, out of pure indecision, I closed my eyes and grabbed something off the stand at random. Oh. An orange. I smiled and paid the merchant before turning on my heels and walking the other way, taking out a pocket knife and peeling the fruit. "So, what's on the agenda today?" I asked the two in my head. Of course, I knew this would end up in an argument. S.E. would want to do something reckless and fun and, more than likely, super dangerous. Id would opt for something quieter, safer, and, without a doubt, boring. They would argue, I would wait, and would probably end up following whatever silly compromise the two ended at. [COLOR="Red"]Good question. Hn... let's steal something.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]No. Absolutely not. Can't we just buy a book or join a sect or do something productive?[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]A sect? Like that freaky skyclad sect? You of all entities should be wholly against [I]that.[/I][/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Fine, fine. Point taken. Well, we're not stealing. What about a guild? Why don't we join a guild?[/COLOR] "Here we go again," I sighed, throwing the peels of my orange into the trough of a pigpen. The swine looked back up at me with beady eyes full of gratitude before they tucked in. Smiling, I leaned against the fence and watched, for lack of anything better to do, as I chewed on my citric fruit. [COLOR="Red"]If you even think of the Mage's Guild...[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Well, then, there's no room for negotiation about the Thieves Guild.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Fine! What's that leave?[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]A lot of guilds...[/COLOR] I caught something glinting just out of the corner of my eye. A gun... a filthy gun, but a gun being pulled out a disgusting cesspit by a man. Quickly, I jumped the fence of the pigsty and hid behind the still eating pigs. They didn't mind and provided the cover I needed, although the muck that was swallowing my ankles I could have done without. The man washed the weapon, and I watched intently. I don't know what it was, but the silver glint of the gun was hypnotizing me. My throat constricted and my mind shut off. There was only me and that gun. [COLOR="Red"]Heh. You like it?[/COLOR] "Yes," I whispered. The man began walking away. [COLOR="Red"]Follow him.[/COLOR] "Alright," I murmured, scrambling out of the filthy sty and paying no mind to the nastiness that coated my feet and ankles. By the time I caught up with the man, he was in a building with other people. One, a girl, left already. I watched her go. But he remained inside with another girl and a man. [COLOR="Red"]Do you want to join a guild, Evaline?[/COLOR] "Yes..." [COLOR="Red"]What about the Assassin's Guild?[/COLOR] "Do I get one of those?" [COLOR="Red"]Possibly.[/COLOR] "Then yes." Biting my lip, I walked into the building. Everyone turned to stare at me, and, as they did so, my teeth bit down harder and my lip began to bleed. Oops. "Umm... is this were I can get one of those?" I asked, pointing at the ever-mesmerizing gun that the man was still carrying.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. Che

    Sign Up Assassin's Guild

    [FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"]Name: Evaline Age: 15 Gender: Female Appearance: [URL="http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/4664/p2wm0.jpg"]Evaline[/URL] Sample: I hummed cheerfully as I sat on the bench, swinging my legs back and forth. Truth be told, I couldn't really remember what I was doing here, but the people in the other room told me to wait here while they "decided," so I did. Actually, now that I thought about it, I wasn't quite sure where "here" was. Squinting, I saw a faded sign outside. "Assassin..." I murmured as I read. Ssassin's Guild? Well, that wasn't like me. [I][COLOR="Red"]Eating meat isn't for you! This is for me![/COLOR][/I] Someone shouted in my head. I nodded. Well, that was okay then. As long as I didn't have to kill anyone. [I][COLOR="Blue"]She isn't the brightest one here. Maybe we should have picked the Mage's Guild?[/COLOR][/I] That was a different voice. "No, no. I don't like alchemy," I argued with it. [I][COLOR="blue"]I suppose you have a point.[/COLOR][/I] [I][COLOR="Red"]You baby her. She needs to start doing things she doesn't want, if she wants to grow up sometime soon.[/I][/COLOR] "Grow up? But I'm hardly fifteen," I protested, furrowing my brow. There were two of them. They always argued about me, and in the end, I never really knew what was decided until it was too late. In any case, the two men from the other room came out. One of them handed me a gun and a dagger. "Welcome to the Assassin's Guild," he said simply as I took them.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. Che

    Sign Up Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    Of course, of course! I don't mind at all. :)
  7. Che

    RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Ayame snorted indignantly. [COLOR="Navy"]"Takuo... I had a run-in with the jerk once a couple weeks ago. From what I can tell, he's just an arrogant punk who thinks he's the hottest stuff on a bike. He's got a weak jaw, though. He was buggin' me, trying to get me to go with him, and -whack- I kicked him in the jaw after he tried grabbin' me. Jerk. Anyway, most biker delinquents rely on their friends a lot, so we're probably going to take the whole gang in, you know?"[/COLOR] Surprisingly enough, she was grinning. [COLOR="Navy"]"Yeah, this is great. Our first assignment, and we're already taking out the trash of the streets."[/COLOR] Suddenly, Ayame blinked and looked at Chas before grinning sheepishly.[COLOR="Navy"] "Sorry. I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Ever since I was little, I've always dreamed of taking out the bad guys, and getting as famous as L, maybe even meeting him one day. I guess... I'm still just a little kid."[/COLOR] Laughing at herself, Ayame blushed and thumbed her nose.[COLOR="Navy"] "Oi, M. How's it going over there? And everyone else, why're ya just sittin' there? Start working! I'll call the station and start on that equipment."[/COLOR] Taking out her cell phone, she proceeded to do just that.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. Che

    RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Something strange was going on... Ayame knew this. She didn't know [i]what[/i] was strange, but it was odd. Seconds away from stating her observation, a loud, high-pitched tune sang, causing the room to look her way. Ayame blushed and picked up her phone. [COLOR="Navy"]"Oh!"[/COLOR] was all she could gasp before fumbling with it until she turned it on and spoke. It was one of the police from the NPA. He was her superior for now, since Chief Yagami was busy.[COLOR="Navy"] "Ne, ne, Matsuda-san. What are you doing, calling me now? I'm bonding with my future detectives!"[/COLOR] There was a chuckle from the other end of the phone, and it was completely audible, even to the rest of the room. Light raised an eyebrow, easily recognizing the man. Ayame blushed again and turned her phone off speaker. [COLOR="Navy"]"The Chief asked me to see how many people turned out, and if his son came. Light-kun did show up, right?"[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]"Of course he did. He was a little late, but he showed. And we've got six, including me, and I know that's not a lot, but what we lack in numbers, we make up with talent! Let me tell you, we may even put you out of a job!"[/COLOR] Ayame bragged, grinning at her fellow detectives-in-training. [COLOR="Navy"]"Good, good. Six people should be enough. We've got an assignment for you guys. His name is Takuo Shibuimaru, and goes by Shibutaku. He's the leader of a bike gang that's notorious for harassing citizens, even going so far as assault. Not a bad first assignment, ne?"[/COLOR] Oh... just a street punk. Resisting the urge to sigh - Mastuda seemed so pleased with himself for this - Ayame nodded, though he couldn't see it. [COLOR="Navy"]"Gotcha. Shibutaku. We'll get 'im, no problem. Talk to you later, Mastuda-san."[/COLOR] Snapping her phone shut, Ayame bit down on the piece of pocky that was still in her mouth. She grinned. [COLOR="Navy"]"Thankfully, none of you left. It seems we have work to do."[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
  9. Che

    RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]"Ideas?"[/COLOR] Ayame repeated before climbing into a chair next to Light, sitting in it Indian-style. [COLOR="Navy"]"Well, there's a lot of theories I've got about that. It could have been the stress of the situation - after all, there was no known motive; perhaps we don't know the entire story? The news may have been tampered with; there's no footage of him actually dying, and the police could have actually shot him, or one of the nursery school teachers may have fought him off. Then again, it may have just plain been divine justice? Okay, probably not, but still, it's a theory."[/COLOR] Ayame scratched the back of her head. [COLOR="Navy"]"Sorry. You asked for my opinion, and such a random heart attack just doesn't seem natural to me... Maybe I'm just over thinking things, or I'm overlooking something, but..."[/COLOR] Taking out her bag, the girl retrieved a box of strawberry pocky and put a stick in her mouth, nibbling it carefully. [COLOR="Navy"]"Anyways, all I'm saying is that it's suspicious, but if the police had anything to do with it, the news wouldn't talk about it as much as they are."[/COLOR] She sighed.[COLOR="Navy"] "I think I just confused myself...[/COLOR]"[/SIZE][/FONT]
  10. Che

    RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Ayame looked around. [I]What a great turnout,[/I] she thought, grinning, before holding up her hands to ask for some silence. They obliged, and the girl felt as though the authority was going to go to her head. [COLOR=navy]"Alright, so, now that we're all ready, my name's Takanaka Ayame, but you can call me anything from Taka-kun to Aaya!"[/COLOR] She explained. [COLOR=navy]"This is the Junior Detective Club, as I'm sure you all know, and here, we're like rookie cops, pretty much. We go around, completing assignments handed down from the police force, and we have the normal equipment and authorities of regular police officers. The only problem is, if we step one foot out of line, we lose these priveleges, okay? So stay sharp."[/COLOR] Ayame was getting serious now, for some reason. Her grin had disappeared, and had been replaced by a scowl. [COLOR=navy]"We handle things ranging from traffic violations and shoplifting to domestic disturbances. We are [I]not[/I] heroes, and we do not rush in, guns in hands, kicking doors down. We are rookies, without guns, mind you, and we are basically in field training, for those of us who want to be a police oficer after school. We will [I]not[/I] be handling criminals like these."[/COLOR] Picking up a remote, the raven haired girl turned on a TV, which had the news already on. [COLOR=navy]"Earlier today, Kurou Otoharada, the 42-year-old who was holding eight hostages in a nursery school, died suddenly of heart failure right before the riot police stormed the building."[/COLOR] Promptly, Ayame turned off the TV, and her stony eyes didn't miss the look on Yagami Light's face... he seemed... conflicted about something... [COLOR=navy]"These criminals, these [I]monsters[/I], we leave up to the real police officers. The people who have more training, more knowledge, more experience. Anyone who wants to argue, get the hell out now."[/COLOR] Surprisingly enough, a few people, mainly punks, stood up and walked out, calling the club [COLOR=navy]"lame" [/COLOR]and [COLOR=navy]"useless"[/COLOR]. Ayame had to keep herself from snarling and throwing the remote at them. There was one, though, who stayed. She eyed him carefully before continuing. [COLOR=navy]"Well, for those of you who stayed, thank you very much. Please write your name, age, class, and phone number on the sheet of paper hanging on the door on your way out. I'm keeping this short today, because I know a lot of us have work or prep school soon, but don't worry, in future meetings, it'll be nice and long, and we'll have plenty to do. I'll get everyone's equiptment soon, before the next meeting, which will be next week, eh, let's say, Friday."[/COLOR] Her grin was back on her face, and she waved. [COLOR=navy]"Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to see you all soon."[/COLOR] She didn't leave, though, she simply stood there, gazing into space. Typical for her, an odd sight for others.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  11. Che

    RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]OOC: Agreed. Only... I'd rather not wait longer than I'd have to. We're already dangerously close to fade out, I believe... - - - - - [COLOR="Navy"]Later, much later, an excruciating amount of time later, Ayame was free to run straight to the computer lab. They were going to come, no doubt about it! After all the spirited advertising she'd been throwing around all day, how could they resist?! Practically slamming the door open, she found that she actually was not the first one to arrive. A few people, a few she recognized, were waiting. Her grin returned to her face.[/COLOR] "Good afternoon, everyone!" [COLOR="Navy"]She exclaimed, running towards the front of the room, where the teacher would normally stand.[/COLOR] "And thank you for your interest in the JR Detective Club!" [COLOR="Navy"] A murmur of polite responses, and Ayame's face fell.[/COLOR] "You guys don't seem very excited..." [COLOR="Navy"]She sighed.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. Che

    RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    Ayame grimaced, and pulled on her collar a little. "Uh, well," she stalled. The teacher had been giving questions to students out loud all hour. What did that say? She could hardly read it. Was that "X" or pi? Deciding to go with pi, she began counting on her fingers for a moment. "Takanaka-san, this is [I]not[/I] grade school!" The teacher snapped. Feeling her face flush, she let her hands fall, but continued counting on them. "Is it..." She started, before answering more confidently, "The answer is the... the square root of pi!" With a quick side glance, she saw two of the smartest boys in the class shake their heads, and mouth something to themselves. Reading their lips, Ayame added, "times X." The teacher nodded. "That's right," he sighed, "maybe next time you can get the whole answer without the help of Yagami-san and Odin-san." The two boys gave her an odd look, and she blushed before grinning sheepishly. "Thank you," she mouthed, though she knew they had no idea what was going on.
  13. [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]OOC: Remember, everyone, sign-ups are still open! Go [URL="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=791984#post791984"]here[/URL] to sign-up! : D - - - - - - Ah, the first day of school. The day of new traditions and continuing old ones. Catching up with friends, seeing what's new, and what kind of things they were going to do this year. Ayame grinned as she watched the school yard fill with people. So many candidates, so many possibilities! Finally, one dark blonde head caught her eye and she bounded towards him, nearly tackling the boy to the ground. She held a flyer in his face. [COLOR="Navy"]"Ne, ne, Yagami-kun!"[/COLOR] she began excitedly. [COLOR="Navy"]"You're joining, aren't you? I told your dad you were interested, and that's one of the reasons he supports it. The Junior Detective Club's first meeting is after school, okay, so don't be late, Yagami-kun!"[/COLOR] She ran off before he had a chance to answer. It was the pure excitement and adrenaline that was allowing her to get through her sentences so flawlessly today. She ran through the halls, shouting advertisements and propaganda to anyone who would listen, until she had to go to class. Even then, the dark haired girl managed to arrive before the teacher, and wrote at the top of the board: [COLOR="Navy"]"Remember, everyone! Junior Detective Club after school! Don't be late!"[/COLOR] Her handwriting, though, was horrible, and the message turned out to be less of message and more of a scribble. The teacher erased it as he walked in, causing Ayame's face to fall, and warned the students that drawing pictures on the board was inappropriate. The students around Ayame chuckled and comforted her in whispers, saying it wasn't her fault she wrote like chicken scratch.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  14. Che

    Sign Up Death Note: Junior Detective Club!

    Alright! Everyone's sign-ups are great, and the characters are interesting! You guys made me excited to start this thing, so I'm gonna go ahead and start, but I'll leave the sign-ups open. Okay! Let's get this show on the road! : D
  15. [FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]It took her the whole summer to organize. Between gaining support within the Administrative Offices, the student body, the police, and the parents, Takanaka Ayame hardly had any time to decide where and when meetings would be held. Instead of deciding it on her own, she decided to put up dozens of handmade posters all over the school before the semester even started. Of course, there were people there. The geniuses who took summer courses to get ahead of everyone else, getting good comments for their resumes for University. The slackers who couldn't get the credits they needed last year and were trying to make up for lost time. No matter who it was, they would bring something to the table, Ayame knew it. The upperclassman girl bounded through the empty halls, sticking the enthusiastic posters wherever she could. Her hopes were high for this; she'd been planning it since Junior High, when she had learned that it had not yet been established. She was appalled. [COLOR="Navy"]"What kind of high school doesn't have a Junior Detective Club?!"[/COLOR] Ayame exclaimed when she learned. Ever since then, every moment of her free - free time at school, anyway - time was devoted to planning making one herself. And she had finally done it! Careful not to cheer aloud, Ayame finished putting up the advertisements, and went home, grinning all the way. Who knew? Perhaps that genius of a boy Yagami Light would join? And maybe they'd gain enough fame that L would take them serious! [COLOR="Navy"]"Yeah, right,"[/COLOR] she scoffed, exiting the building. How was she supposed to know that she was going to be right in one of those accounts? How was she supposed to know that her club was going to be thrust into such an important case so soon after starting? Who could tell her how loyal her friends would be? And who she would meet? How was Ayame supposed to know about the Kira case? She was far too concerned about if she was going to eat ramen or cookies when she returned home. Perhaps she should bring something for her friends at the station?[/SIZE][/FONT] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v221/Mai_Minase/JDC.png[/IMG] [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"]Okay! So, that's the supposed back story! Basically, it starts exactly the same time as Death Note starts, when Light's in high school, and it begins as a few students join together to make a "Junior Detective Club". They're aspiring police officers and detectives, who, supported by the school and police force, are given very rookie jobs and a bit more authority than normal citizens. The Junior Detective Club is led by Takanaka Ayame. Eventually, they're make their own "Kira Division" and soon the whole club focuses on Kira, much to Light's dismay, as it's his school. Even after they graduate, they keep up their meetings, soon turning into a vigilante detective group, though they keep their name "Junior Detective Club" for the sake of less confusion. After graduation, they eventually get sucked in to the real Kira case, learning things about Kira, L, and each other. Of course, that's all eventually. For now, let's talk about sign-ups. I'm thinking about 6 to 10 sign-ups. Anyone willing to play canon characters (including Light and L) is welcomed. Here's the sign-up: [B]Name:[/B] Obvious. [B]Age:[/B] Preferably between 15-18 for students. [B]Class:[/B] What class are they in school. Classic Japanese style, being three years in High School. So it will be 1-A/B/C, 2-A/B/C/, 3-A/B/C [B]Occupation:[/B] If your character has a job after school (or if your character is out of school) [B]Appearance:[/B] Pictures or written. If written, please, please, please be detailed. [B]Personality:[/B] What do they act like? [B]Bio:[/B] Their life story in a few paragraphs. [B]Additional Info:[/B] Whatever you wanted to fit in, but didn't have a place. And... here's mine! [B]Name:[/B] Takanaka Ayame [B]Age:[/B] 17 [B]Class:[/B] 3-A [B]Occupation:[/B] She works part-time at her parent's grocery store when she's not busy. [B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=222732"]Click[/URL] [B]Personality:[/B] Cheerful most of the time, and sometimes a bit of an odd ball. She has a nasty habit of spacing out and thinking about what's going to happen five minutes from now, and often drifts into her own world while she's in the middle of saying something. [B]Bio:[/B] Takanaka Ayame comes from a distant and hard to connect line of police officers and detectives. Naturally, she wanted to become one, and especially when she learned of L from her father. Impressed and astounded by his record, and enthralled by his mystery, she wanted to grow up to be just like him. Years later, she remains similar. Ayame studies hard and visits the police station often, even before she had the idea of the Junior Detective Club. Since she was so young, most people ignored her, but there were a few who didn't mind her presence, and even asked her opinion on things. Ayame is admittedly very bad at reading and writing, and prefers to keep away from math, though she is very good at it. Her pastime is drawing and 70s American detective movies and the like. [B]Additional Info:[/B] Ayame is easily snuck up on, and sometimes very spastic. Hates pigtails and loves fuzzy socks. Her favorite celebrity is Amane Misa.[/SIZE][/FONT]