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  1. Goven Man

    RPG Cybonia: 2099

    Well Harlequin if you read the rpg you would know that the main group's name is the "Freedom Wariors", so that attachment was not unrelated. Not to be of any offence to you or the ob system. ....anyway... __________________ Goven looks at Shrai'i then to Lina. Goven: Shrai'i is to be sold. Lina: What! Shrai'i: It's true. Goven woundn't lie to me. Lina: No you can't. You can't go. Shrai'i: I have no intention to. Lina: Wha do you mean? Shrai: Well, Goven has a [SIZE=3][B][I]Freedom Wariors[/I][/B][/SIZE] meeting coming up soon. So I will get out of h
  2. Goven Man

    RPG Cybonia: 2099

    The attachment is a pic I had and edited a little. It doesn't look very good but I like it. ______________________________ Goven takes Shrai'i into the hall. Shrai'i: Yes? Goven: I heard the Val' Shabiona talking to the slave director. He doesn't like you. He is getting rid of you. Shrai'i: ... Goven: Just a heads up. [ont=goic][color=iigo]If you want to pst an unrelated attament like tha, do it else wher. - e Harlquin.[
  3. Here is some from my school. "Holy Cow, Who did they write this for the Class Men?" "It was worth the tool shed!" "O sh!t my wallet is still in my pocket." that one was funny when he saidit because he had just jumped into the pool.
  4. which one? the bnner or the av
  5. Goven Man

    RPG Cybonia: 2099

    sure. I will post as soon as I come home tomarrow.
  6. well i meant to say i am not great but i can learn al the parts. and yes i did mean the classmen
  7. well thanksbut like I said I m not that good.Holy Cow..Who was this written for the Glassmen?
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Charlie Levoy [/i] [B]You letter in band if have been in the for a year. After wards for every year your in band you get a bar that goes on your letter to show how many years you've completed. The fact that your a freshman and plays the quads is very intresting. I don't say this because I don't think you can do it. I say this because freshman aren't usually put on quads because of the fact that they are hard to play and the freshman are new to this type of thing. You must be very good. :cool: [/B][/QUOTE] Since I am a freshman, can I letter? I don't thi
  9. Goven Man

    RPG Cybonia: 2099

    Shambotada stared at Shrai'i lying on the bed. He ordered the guards to leave and then walked slowly around to the bed until he was looking straight up her body. He walked over to her and tore her clothes off. He got on top of her and started to fu(k her. He went harder and harder until he was satisified. He gt off her and threw her ot of his room.
  10. Dude I just watched them all for the first time. I couldn't stop laughing
  11. I would classify a cave as any undergrund passageway. But thats just me.
  12. Is that even real? I thought that was just a story.
  13. Yeh me to. Did you ever find a litle cubby in a cave and turn all your lights off and sit or lay in it with nothing but slence? I love doing that.
  14. I had a dream last night that a chipmonk was on my microwave and I killed it with a house pest killer. It was to wierd to explain because of the noises it made. Creepy.
  15. Were the crystals valuable? Cool.
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