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  1. Nate

    Gaming MySpace

    [url=www.myspace.com/nateskatesgreat]Yep. I have one.[/url] I love being on it-everybody i know has one. The main problem is talking to random strangers. I solve that by only having people I know from school on my friend list, and of course bands and companies. Myspace introduced me to my second favorite band ever, The Pink Spiders. For that i owe MySpace alot, because they are awesome. I also use it to keep up with my g/f when we are away-even if we miss each other on AIM we can still talk through MySpace messages. My favorite thing about MySpace is the bullitens. I am one of a few that actually read almost every bulliten that gets posted, and i repost most chain ones just for fun, even though i dont' believe them. My most hated thing? I have to actually remember my old HTML skills. boo..>_> Nate
  2. wait, do you mean as in you died and were brought back to life?
  3. Spawn: Whahahahah you will never win. Raphael: Does this make my butt look big?
  4. I fill my empty time that stretches from the hellhole called schol to bed time with this: Skating OB/Skateboard-city My own messageboard, Skateboard Kingdom Skating Videogames Skating Skating See?
  5. I've had three differnet names on OB: [b]The Trainer:[/b] I had just joined, so that I could do a couple of Pokémon rpgs. I didn't know that you couldn't just up and change it like on the dbz forums i had been on at the time, and was stuck with it for a while, until... [b]Nate1976:[/b] My nickname is nate, and one day I had to add something to an name i was getting on something else, and i picked 1976. So, when i hcanged my name on this site, i put the 1976 on the end of it. No, I wasn't born in 1976. I weas born in 1991. [b]Nate:[/b] the 1976 got annoying. I'm just Nate now, my nickname. The 1976 is still on my AIm name and my yahoo account, though.
  6. No prob with me. As long as you don't type bad. Heck, even if you do, I don't care. It's Katan's RPG.
  7. Hey, scions are sweet. My funniest experience happened yesturday. I was out skating with a few of my friends at this guy named's Alan's house, on him round rail. My buddy Joe says that he is now the official king of boardslides in our group. He promptly rides up, gets into it, then flips and and lands on his butt. I, being the clown I am, yelled out "SMOOTH MOVE X-LAX" to the heavens. I think the people in the next city heard. I gues it would only be funny if you was a skater.
  8. I don't particually like pokemon, but It's some one of the easiest and most moldable rpgs to do. Read any of my old ones, and you will see. Or, just ask Frankie.
  9. I'm not sure about the pm thing with the catching, but hey. I'm game. I'm known as the pokemon rpger...I think. Whatever. I've started....2.3.4..5 or so rpgs on pokemon, so through me in.
  10. [QUOTE=Momiji Love][size=1] Skaters:Mostly guys,except for a few girls.What else can I say?They always wear skate shoes and skate brand shirts etc.The girls are mostly going out with them and wear their shoes.[/size][/QUOTE]As a skater, i will point out a HUGE flaw in this. Skaters skate. The "type" you described are posers(unless they do skate). Skaters don't always wear that, especially the clothes. I would agree on the shoes, though. With a few exceptions(me about 2 years ago). Oh, and must girls wouldn't go out with skaters... ON topic, I'm a skater. a punk, skater, and a rockhead huge combo. At my school, there are a few skaters, a bunch of skater-posers(a BUNCH), jocks, preppy chicks,and goths. A few goths. Oh, and punks, and wiggers/gangstas I'm a punk in the way I dress...and the way I act. I skate, for about 3 years now, and I listen to rock. Rap can go kill itself, in my oppinion. EDIT: oh, and the emos. The goth wannabes with a bad hairdo.
  11. [quote name='elfpirate][b']Does about a foot or two o' rolling even qualify as movement? Cuz I'd rather say that it's standing still...[/b][/quote] To me, it's a fakie/nollie if your moving backwards when you ollie and when you land. How fast/how much, i dont' care. _-Nate-_
  12. [QUOTE=elfpirate] [b]I basically watched video after video, and slowed down every darkslide I saw and then tried to imitate as best I could. Eventually, I landed it. I still have a hard time landing them, though, and will be workin' on 'em this summer[/b].[/QUOTE] Heh, check out Rodney's part in Round 2/3. He does a few. Also, watch his vids in THUG and THPS3/4 He does a few. Basically heelflip/Kickflip, and catch way early. For the fakie flips part, I dont' think it would be a fakie flip if your standing still, the esance on a fakie/nollie flip is the moving backwards, or it's just a normal/switch ollie. My 2 cents... _-Nate-_
  13. [QUOTE=ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkorchid] Is it normal to hear that song and then think of Carl from Jimmy Nuetron? I hope so, because that's what I thouight of when I heard the song. I will now copy and paste the link and send it to my mom, who I love and wish to annoy! [/color][/QUOTE] If it's whatI think it's about it is... Now we need to find one for the Sheen-ster. I get random songs stuck in my head, from like a comercial. "Everybody was kong-fu fighting... High-YA! Thos cat's were fast as.. light.. ning?" -Gieco Gecko _-Nate-_
  14. I landed my first fakie flip today. And, I almost landed a 360 shuv yestruday. Kickflips are my best friend. about a month ago i sucked at them, then I got my new dominion and I just started landin them almost every time. _-Nate-_
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