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  1. Dark_Storm

    Art D_S's work

    O.K This is the post were I start to show off all of my art skills, and so on and so4th. Well here is one of my earlyer banners that I made for a mate of mine that he needed for a web page that he is making, and hes nick name is TMP, Well that what he's webpage says anyhow. Tell me what your think of it
  2. Dark_Storm

    Art New Kai banner

    thanks but it is not as cool as your banner!
  3. Dark_Storm

    Art Webmaster Logo

    i used pp7 and it is from beyblade, it is kai!
  4. Dark_Storm

    Art New Kai banner

    Here is a banner that i have just made. The saying on their is what my mum's dad all ways said. His name was Tim Mark Prince, so I get TMP. So this is a banner for my dead grandfather. Tell me what you think of it. EDIT *Sorry it not mean to put here so could you put this post in art/design*
  5. Dark_Storm

    Art Webmaster Logo

    Here is my lastest GFX that I have done Tell me what you think of it. It is for my Webmaster logo or for my sister on her page. If somebody made it smaller they can have it for an avi
  6. Dark_Storm

    Art Vash banner

    Looky looky at what I made. I made a cool Vash banner out of one of my drawings of vash that I have scaned up. So tell me what you think of it?
  7. Dark_Storm

    Art Wing Zero Wallpaper

    I will try to make a deathscythe and duo one, what size do you want it?
  8. Dark_Storm

    What is your fav punk band?

    Just answer the poll and tell me what you fav punk band is
  9. Dark_Storm

    Art Wing Zero Wallpaper

    cool thanks for the advice
  10. Dark_Storm

    Art Wing Zero Wallpaper

    This is a wall paper I have made a I have also used it on my computer at home and it is very cool. I hope somebody out there uses it for there computer. Also tell me what you think of it.
  11. Dark_Storm

    Anime Ginyu

    you guys are so heavy thinkers but if ginyu could be really old and he knows about the super sayain legend could of been around then a he could of done body swap with one of the freist super sayians then, think about that?
  12. Dark_Storm

    Art Tails banner

    the image is not stretched it is the way the ring around it that makes it look like it!!
  13. Dark_Storm

    Art GinnyLyn's back with her next project

    That is so cool. Man I could never do something like that ever!!
  14. Dark_Storm

    Art Tails banner

    Here is a new banner I have made for a mate of mine for another board but if somebody here has that user name that can have it. I can also do a shadow and sonic banner too. Tell me what you think
  15. Dark_Storm

    Art And the powerpuff... umm... Gundam?

    Somebody must get really board to do that kind of art work. I know let's call this line of art work "Puff Art"