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  1. Matto hit all the points I was going to make--and I never made it past the first disk. Why? Because I quit. [i]Because the game was boring.[/i] I've never quit on any game before--except FFViii. Matto is correct in saying that games aren't made to be too realistic. For me, that sorta defeats the purpose. If I'm going to sit around waiting for payday, I might as well do it in the real world vs. the imaginary one. I might go back and play it some day, though personally, I have many more games I'd rather play. I've already read everything about FFViii and I know just about
  2. Auron cleared his throat, for once, looking...well...perplexed and without words. His mouth hung open ever so slightly, working to form words that just didn't come out. Cid plopped the microphone in front of the Crimson Warrior again, and he stepped back as it shrieked with high pitched feedback. Instead of his usual glare, Auron just watched Cid step back, then cleared his throat. He looked up over his shades toward his audience, giving the appearance that he was watching everyone through the screens in every world. [color=crimson]"I am...well, I am...honored. Something I haven
  3. My personal thoughts? OK, if I were doing this *gets things thrown at her*--eep! Yeah, if I were doing this, I would have kept the first image. The second one's showing some white edges. It was a good idea to use red instead of blue; however, if you can, try to use the color selection tool to pick the color off of the dark deep red around the train's lights. In PhotoShop, the tool I'm talking about is an eyedropper. As for the text itself, maybe smaller, more tucked into the corner. But that's how [i]I'd[/i] do it. That's not how I'd tell [i]you[/i] to do it, Shau
  4. Ah, the famous Zero pic! (And another one, too!) Again, your match-color coloring and your shading skills are very nice. I guess my only problem (since I suffer from this too) is that there are small areas in each of your pictures where the proportion is off ever so slightly, and it makes that area look unnatural. Zero's chest armor is one such example for me. And I think Hikaru's rigth eye is slightly larger than her left, unbalancing her face a little. Like I said, it's a prob I suffer from too. ^_^ Just takes time and practice. Keep up the excellent work!
  5. Second banner, then. "Squishy Goodness" Eeps, misnomer! Looks to me as if there is a grandly majestic phoenix in there, in which case it looks spiffy grand! The texture effect is good, but it gets broken up in the darkest area, toward the mid-right. 9/1o. I like it a lot.
  6. Although the images are ok and the transitions are nice (especially the second and the last), they are seem rather...not as good...as they could be. Why? Well, they are going, IMO, too slow. And this allows for us, the viewers, to pick out the bitmappy edges. That rather dampens the effectiveness of the animation. Speed 'em up, reload them, and let's take another look. Rating pending.
  7. Taking wild stab. *pulls out Black Mage stabbity-stab-stab animated gif* Way 1: When visiting Crazy Tracy at full heart compacity, she will sell the medicine to you for, I think....4o Rupees? Way 2: When visiting Crazy Tracy at partial (injured) heart compacity, she'll sell you the medicine for only 1o Rupees! Is that right? If it is, I'll edit this with a question.
  8. Well, then, how can we prove it for sure, if it's so easy to manipulate said image? Don't get me wrong--I think it's wonderful if theOtaku.com has reached this far. But again, I never thought of us being that far up the ladder (if you know what I mean) before until this came up. Ah well, show me proof, then I shall be happy. ^_^
  9. *quietly waits for the entire tangible ecomonic representation to be made-over*
  10. Cid was sleeping, snoring even. He was resting his head against his arm, which was propped up. Auron nodded to Cecil, then nodded to the arm. Cecil stared, mouth wide open. [color=teal]"You wouldn't [i]dare...[/i]"[/color] [color=crimson]"What are you talking about? I was just going to ask if you had a pillow or knew of some way to wake Cid back up."[/color] [color=teal]"Suuuuure you were."[/color] Auron blinked once, then stood up, his eyebrows furling together. [color=crimson]"Look, I don't know what's going through your blue haired head--"[/color] Cecil also stood up, hand in
  11. Even though I don't have cable, I still am having trouble believing this. I have no access to proof and I have yet to [i]see[/i] any proof. We do know for sure it was about us? I need proof. Gimme.
  12. And that's it. Nothing more. That's too bad--I really enjoyed the extra scenes in the PSX version of ChronoTrigger. I don't recall if FF4 had extra scenes, but I wish they had squeezed a few more in. Then again, CGIs take longer and....ah well. I have yet to see the opera scene. I am looking forward to that part. :)
  13. "This is Ginny taking a look at her most recent Auron drawing. What she doesn't know is that we replaced Auron's head with Desbreko's--let's see if she can tell the difference." Gin: Awww, how's my favorite love cuddles, *kiss kiss ki--* *pauses, blinks* I...I...I..O_O; [quote] [b][color=blue]Desbreko145:[/color][/b] *uploads* [b][color=red]draKehho:[/color][/b] GAWHHH!!!! [b][color=blue]Desbreko145:[/color][/b] *maniacal laugh* [b][color=red]draKehho:[/color][/b] *dies a million deaths* OMG OMG OMG!!! POOR AURON! [b][color=red]draKehho:[/color][/b] oh my oh my oh my
  14. Seriously awesome. Almost a perfect 1o, because you used the filters so well. There's just something that bothers me about some of the character edges getting filtered, too--I can't decide if that goes with the background or if it looks out of place. Hmmm... Regardless, love it, hope to see more.
  15. I cannot see the first image. Lined paper is evil. That being said, I feel that your shading and matched-color skills are wonderful. Keep up the good work and hope to see some original work of yours soon--I know you can! :)
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