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  1. Art

    oh...i thought there was another way to do it :rolleyes: (*feels stupid*) sorry for bothering anyones time... That's Right, Nate The Great
  2. Art

    Help! :flaming: I can't get any cool borders around my photoshop (7.1) creations. Its annoying and i don't really know how to do it. Can someone please help me? THanks Thats right, nate the great
  3. Art

    Hey peeps i'm back! With a new nick name and Squishy! Hey so how do u guys like this banner and av? I think i need to use a variety of colors on the av... and which banner looks better>? what do u guyz think? Thanzx Squishy Av: [IMG][/IMG] Squishy Goodness Banner: [IMG][/IMG] Icey Squishy Goodness Banner: [IMG][/IMG] - Nate The Great
  4. Art

    Dude! i LOVE IT!!! I'm not sure why, but I find it amusing! I like it because my aunt and I used to go the the beach in california and sing a song about fishes going bloop bloop bloop, but this ones blub, but theres not much of a difference. Wow! A....... 10/10~~~!!! Monkeys, Nate
  5. Art

    Heres my boring, and, well, mostly boring desktop. It has a thingy on the right side of the screen, it was just a javascript thing that I made and I put it on my desktop. It talks to you, only if you talk to it. But it's not smart, it doesn't understand words, it's just a random shuffle script.
  6. Art

    Hey ppls! I just got all of the Macromedia software and it ROCKS!!! I'm really into these types of softwares. I'm really intrested in Flash MX. I made alot of stuff with it. And this is one I wanted to show u people! So click the link below to see the flash or .gif animation: Flash: [URL=]heres the flash one.[/URL] .GIF: [URL=]and heres the one I converted to .gif[/URL] Well, tell me what yas peoples think! Thanks, Nate (yes, theres another nate on the boards)
  7. Writing

    Wow guys, ^^" thanks. I didn't know i would get alot of comments! Thank you very much. I just thought of it when I was looking out my window at night staring up at the sky and I wasn't thinking about anything exept the sky. Thanks guys ^^"
  8. Writing

    Hey ppls. I just made this poem called "Wondering Not". It's my first poem I've ever written in my life. Serious one, that is. Tell me what you guys think of it! Thankies!!! Wondering Not Staring up at the moonlit sky, wondering not what might go by. Laying down on nights ground, wondering not what might be found. Reaching up to touch the moon, wondering not of anyones gloom. Looking up as light as air, wondering not of star light flare. Sitting down in the night, wondering not of any fright. Walking home to go to sleep, not making a single peep. Staring once more, at the moonlit sky, wondering not what might go by.
  9. I didn't call the police!!!!!! IT was a taunt. Sorry.....i made myself look good. I can change the story a bit, then you might change your mind about that comment...should I? It's kind of embarasing, don't teas me. EDIT: I guess I'm a bad illustrator. I'm not looking for a fight. Me and him were going to ride our bikes. A friendly bike ride. And my mom said IF he pushes me I can use self defense. I'm the real pansy here...:bawl:
  10. Well, what do you mean , "winner"? He won the fight yeah. I'm usualy NOT the rought type. He ALWAYS is rough and everybody hates him now.
  11. Hey ppls. I got into a fight. [B]HOW IT HAPPENED:[/B] A kid that I new caught a football, then dropped it. I laughed. And he said "Oh, you think that's funny b****?!" He chased me (I ran to the grass) tackled me, grabbed me and started punching my head. I tried to punch him in the balls but I couldn't get ahold of him. My friend pulled us apart (thank god). Parents were around and thought we were playing around so I didn't fight back. Then I said "YOu think you can hurt me wimp?", so he slapped me (he's a pansy). Then i said "I'm calling the cops you stupid f***ing b****". THen I left. I looked back, and he was already on his bike peddling home for his life. It was funny. He was about to cry. So now me and him want revenge. So tomorrow me and my friend are gonna ride around the neiborhood and if he does anything to me, i'm legible to beat the living crap out of him.:D :demon: :naughty: :toothy: :excited:
  12. RPG

    Ryu ran to see if anybody else was being attacked. But before he went to look he looked behind him at gene and was about to be struck by a snake demon. Ryu: Look out gene!! Ryu pointed his finger at the snake and the snake was plunged out of the way. Gene: Thanks! Ryu: I'll be back! Ryu ran to see if anybody needed any more help. As he was running he heard faint coughing. Ryu: Is anybody here? Hello?! ???:H--*cough cough*--Help...*cough cough* He ran the direction he heard the coughing. He stopped at the door of a burning house. Ryu: HEllo?! Is anybody in here? Where are you? ???: Hel...p....aaarrg... over As ryu started to walk he herd cracking noises. Then suddenly 3 demons jumped out and attacked. Ryu thinking quickly pulls out his katana and swipes a block of wood which then triggers part of the roof to come down on two demons. Still one left... Ryu says Ryu: Bring it on... The demon lunges at him with extreme speed. Ryu dodges and sticks out is katana slicing the demons head off. Ryu then runs deeper into the burning house. He heard more coughing and ran in that direction. He finally found the person. Just in time too, because the roof was collapsing. Ryu picked up the person and started running. the roof collapsed but ryu jumped through a hole in the ceiling and landed in front of the house. He ran to gene who was just pulling his sword out of the last demon. Ryu: This guy needs help stat! So gene and ryu ran yelling to find somebody who could help.
  13. RPG

    Ryu awoke from his faint and remembered all that had happened. Ryu: Holy cow! I got to get the rest of the people and help that guy out! ???: That won't be needed. Ryu: Huh? Why sir? Guy: All the people have been lead to saftey thanks to you and me. Ryu: Oh...Hey your the guy in the building, fighting demons. *rubs forhead* I have a headache. Guy: Yes I am. And don't worry, you will feel better soon after you eat this. The guy hands a tiny little pill like thing to Ryu. Ryu: Whats this? Guy: A healing pill. Chewable *winks* Ryu eats the little pill, then realizes it tastes horrible and starts spatting after he swallowed it. Ryu: BLEH! What is that?! It tastes horrible! What is it? Guy: I've been making it while you were asleep. I still haven't got the tast down... Ryu: Oh... By the way. Whats your name? Guy: My names Gene. And yours? Ryu: My names Ryu. It's nice to meet you! Gene: You, too. All of a sudden shouts and screams come from in the town. Gene: Whoah! What's going on down there?! Ryu: Demons...snake demons...and demons that turn things....into....oh I can't tell. Gene: How did you know all that? Ryu: Sometimes I can see in my head whats going on somewhere. Gene: Then lets go help! Ryu: Right.
  14. Art

    Bweee! People like me! Well, my banner, anyways. Bweee!
  15. RPG

    Ryu awoke ingulfed in flames. Ryu: AAAAHHH!!! FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Ryu waves his hands around in a circle, and then is soked bye water. Other people around him are badly burned. The roof is coming in. Ryu: Oh man, I gotta get out of here. But first I got to help these people! Ryu then sticks his arm out and sprays water on most of the fire. Ryu: Are you ok sir? Person: *groan* Ryu: Oh man. Can everyone else follow me please! Ryu picks up the person and starts running to the stairs. ???: Don't leave me! Ryu looks behind him and there's a little girl with a badly burn leg. Ryu: Climb on my back! Little Girl: Ok. The little girl climbs on Ryu's back and Ryu runs down the stairs. As he's running a demon jumps through a window. Ryu is suprised by this and trips over a piece of wood. Ryu points at the demon and it is flown back into the wall, and a peice of burning wood falls on it. Ryu: That takes care of that. Ryu picks up the person he was carying. The little girl on his back, and he runs down yet another set of stairs. Ryu sets foot on the next floor where a group of 3 people are being attacked by 5 demons. Ryu sticks his arm out, and bends his elbow so his arm is bent in a vertical L shape. His katana magically floats. Ryu thrusted his arm forward and his katana shoots like an arrow towards one of the demons and struck the demon in the back. It groaned and fell to the floor. Ryu: Take that! The demons move toward Ryu and all the people. Ryu then pulls back his arm and the katana goes thru yet another demon, and it fell to the floor groaning. Ryu spun around his finger and his sword spun around in a circle and choped the other 3 demons in half. He then puts his hand to his side and his katana floats into his holdster Ryu: Everybody follow me! Quickly! He ran down the stairs and there stood somebody else with magical powers fighting the demons. Ryu: Hey you! Get rid of the demons that are following us and I'll take the people! The man nodded as he stuck out his arm and the demons flew through a hole in the wall. Ryu: Everyone in this room, follow me please. Everything will be ok. Ryu then ran down one more flight of stairs where there stood the entrance. He ran through the entrance and dropped of the people. And Ryu fainted to the floor in exhaustion and heat.