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  1. Blindchild02

    Art Subaru banner

    its ok. i dont like the background tho....
  2. hm... its alrite, not my cup of tea. but its ok....
  3. Blindchild02

    Art Sephiroth banner

    hm, looks alrite i like the pic in the middle the best...
  4. Blindchild02

    Art Hoorah for Boredom

    yum! i love it, very very good :D
  5. Blindchild02

    Art Hey Kum Rait My Layout

    hm.... looks alrite cept i dont think u should make the link rollover black.... make it a light red color...
  6. Blindchild02

    Art Zero's banners/avatars

    too pixely, awful font :|
  7. Blindchild02

    Art Mermaid Banner

    looks alrite, nice colors
  8. Blindchild02

    Art Whatchu think o' this?

    i dont like grid's :|
  9. Blindchild02


    i actually dont read the announcements :p
  10. Blindchild02


    I suggest making some more styles... like better ones, the one u have is nice, but i think you should make some better ones :X
  11. Blindchild02

    Art Xamira - A Graphics Community

    Anymore suggesttions/comments?
  12. Blindchild02

    Art anime self portrait o0o

    wow that shits awesome!
  13. Blindchild02

    Art Fate's sick little joke... (new banner)

    that cat scares me :-x
  14. Blindchild02

    Art blatant mystikal rip-off

    Looks awesome! [COLOR=orangered][size=1]Please put more effort into your posts. -Sara[/size][/COLOR]
  15. Blindchild02

    Art Xamira - A Graphics Community

    huh? the text has a little _ that blinks on and off yes, but other than that nothing else should blink...