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  1. Come back to us! >_>;

  2. [QUOTE=Patronus] You don't have to like gays, but you do have to respect us.[/QUOTE] I don't respect anyone, why should I make a special case for gays?
  3. [QUOTE=kenshinsbabe] To any of you nay-sayers, I say why not? Nothing is impossible. I think alchemy, if someone really worked hard, could turn lead into gold. If it did, just think of the other things we could do to make the world a better place.[/QUOTE] Yes. That's EXACTLY what the world needs. Gold to be so abundant that it might as well grow on trees - and thus be totally useless. Trying to turn pig **** into gold isn't altruistic, it's trying to fumble**** around with stuff so you don't have to actually work at anything and get lucky one day and retire early. It's selfish and la
  4. 1 L'Arc~en~Ciel - New World 321 2 L'Arc~en~Ciel - Killing Me 285 3 L'Arc~en~Ciel - jojoushi 131 4 The Cure - The Figurehead 100 5 L'Arc~en~Ciel - hitomi no juunin 73 6 The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes 69 7 The Cure - Faith 62 8 HYDE - HELLO 59 9 The Police - Every Breath You Take 57 9 TETSU69 - REVERSE 57
  5. I like Japanese music because the Japanese are the coolest race in the world and their music is therefore superior to that from any other country.
  6. Alright. You have the first part like so: [PHP] [/PHP] And you'll have a borderless banner that links somewhere on your site. Remember, this second part can go anywhere in your page. It doesn't have to follow the first part of the script at all.
  7. [quote name='Morpheus']Where does the url go in the borderless code?[/quote] You just put links around the script tags. [PHP] [/PHP] The image will be borderless because of the re-written getbanner() function. The link is still the same old tag.
  8. [quote name='Petie][color=blue]You're going to want to include the link tag [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/..."][/url']in the document.write part of the function though. Otherwise, you won't be able to include different sites ads and they will always link to the same place.[/color][/quote] That's true. However I believe in this case they're all linking to the same place (all the banners are for the same site). But if they do need to go to different places, I could help there too.
  9. Like so: [PHP] [/PHP] That'll show an annoying border on the banners though. Edit the getbanner() function like so: [PHP] function getbanner(){ document.write('') } [/PHP] ...and you'll have a banner that links without a border.
  10. I've got it working now. [PHP] [/PHP] I tested this and it worked. Part of the problem was that you had a space in a variable name (Weekly Links I changed to WeeklyLinks), and part of it was my fault.
  11. [quote name='Morpheus']Can I just C&P the first code and fill in the blanks?[/quote] Yeah, should be OK as long as everything is filled in right. Oh and be sure to delete the space between the arrow and IMG.
  12. If you just want random banners, that's something rather easy to accomplish. [CODE] var pos=Math.floor(Math.random()*(A-1)) var B=new Array(A) B[0] = "C" B[1] = "D" . . . B[A-1] = "E" function getbanner(){ document.write(< IMG SRC=" +B[pos]+">") } [/CODE] A = number of different banners you have. B = name of the array of banners. C...E = the URLs for your banners. Basically this code just picks a random number and creates an array of URLs. When you call the function getbanner() it just writes the code for an image based on the random number it pi
  13. [quote name='Blackjack][color=DarkGreen]So while [i]"chou no kawaii"[/i] is correct Japanese, the [i]"no"[/i'] is optional in an informal, spoken context.[/quote] I don't really think "no" would be used at all in this case because "kawaii" isn't a noun. It doesn't really make sense to include "no" before an adjective. But as you said, "chou" is so informal there's really little reason to even consider it. Basically, if you're in a formal situation, just don't say "chou" at all.
  14. [quote name='Jin][COLOR=Navy][B]You are sort of right, I think there is just saying kawaii is just plain easier to say.[/B'][/COLOR][/quote] ...well yeah it's easier, that's not the point. Saying "kawaii" is not the same as saying "chou kawaii". It's a different meaning. Whether or not one is shorter is irrelevant.
  15. [QUOTE=Momiji Love]Alright...I don't even know where I found it,but wherever it was it said "chou kawaii" means 'super cute'. I was talking to my friend Ayla and she said it was "chou no kawaii".I didn't think that was right,but I neither her are huge Japanese language buffs. So who is right? If either of us?[/QUOTE] "chou" can be used as a prefix, so there's no need to say "chou no kawaii"... just say "chou kawaii". It's so informal anyway, even if it did need a "no" no one would say it.
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