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  1. As I rushed to my 1st period band class I thought, I can't believe Steph's here. It didn't take her long to get here. I got to Mr.Johnson's class and right when I got there Mr.Johmnson said I had to go back to the office and get a slip before I could get in his class. I rushed down the stairs, "I hate it when I get tardy".
  2. OOC:Sorry for not posting earlier. I'm sorry. IC:Chaston heard Taylor's voice and walked to where Taylor was. "What is it?" Chaston asked. "You remember the new kid you was talking about?" Taylor replied. "Yeah what about it?" Chaston asked a little puzzled. "You know who the new kid is?"Taylor asked. "No, who is it?" Taylor said"It's Stephanie! She just got here from Georgia". "Really?" Chaston asked. Just then the bell rang. "Oh crap! I'm late!"
  3. Zero Control

    RPG T.K.Stone

    As I always do I get up, and get ready to go to school. When I got to school I sat down and talked to my friends until it was about time to be dismissed to classes. As we got dismissed I noticed there was a new student at our school.
  4. As I always do I get up, and get ready to go to school. When I got to school I sat down and talked to my friends until it was about time to be dismissed to classes. As we got dismissed I noticed there was a new student at our school. This RPG is just for Guardian Storm, Ninja_Freak, and me. name: age: gender: appearence: personality: likes: name:Chaston Nealy age:13 (14 tomorrow) gender:male appearance:Brown hair, brown eyes, blue jeans, black shirt with dragon on it. personality:Kind, funny, shy, and carefree likes:music, writing stories or poems, video games, and reading mangas and stuff. Please join soon.
  5. Here's another banner I made. I hope you like it. Please comment on it.
  6. The monster screamed in pain as the attack took it's toll on the monster. The monster started to attack the whole group frantically. "This thing doesn't seem to want to go down" said Goken. Shojiro just smirked "It doesn't matter it can't hold up to another physical attack. Let's attack it all at once" Everyone said"okay!" Goken hit it with his Shadow sword in the back, while Shojiro threw a Shadow ball at it. Then Kaya used her claws of steel while Uriko used the Ice Sword on it. Also Diana shot an energy blast at it and Ramia used her astral projection to attack it's spirit. The monster screamed once more as it slowly dissappated into nothing.
  7. Zero Control

    RPG Dark Starfire

    Kaworu just stayed quiet for a moment then said" So who was controlling them?" "I can't remember exactly what they were but I can guess it has to be connected with the things that are after us now." After Selenay said this Victor came to where they were "It seems you know what happened now, but there's more to it, the ones after us must want to harness are powers for some sort of plan." Kaworu said"What makes you thnk that?" Right when Karoru said that the ground began to shake. "These guys are really persistent" Victor said.
  8. Well this avatar is not as good as some of yours. It's kinda fuzzy, but other than that it looks good. 7/10.
  9. "I see... so the Dark Lords army is coming here first." said Goken. "This is some troubling news, how long should it take for the Dark Lord's army to get here?" asked Shojiro. One of the shamons said"They'll be here in about a day or two." Goken was shocked "That soon! We're gonna have to notify the towns about this!" "Also" Shojiro asked "what are your names?"
  10. That banner looks really good, much better than I can do. The pic looks really good. The quote is good as well. I hope to see more of your good work! Also how many books are in that series? It sounds interesting.
  11. Thanks for reserving a spot for me in your RPG. Name: Goken age:17 bio:He has gone through many years of hard torture from The Dark Lord's army as a prisoner. When he finally escaped he was told his family moved far away from his old home to escape the Dar Lord's clutches. Now Goken is looking for his family and prays every day that they have not been captured yet. personality:calm, agile, shy, and smart Class:Ninja attacks:Shadow sword, Shadow barrior, Shadow veil. description:[img]http://animelegends.net/coronet/kenshin/aoshi/aoshi08.jpg[/img]
  12. Well it looks much better now. Watch out for typos next time. 10/10.
  13. Zero Control

    RPG Dark Starfire

    As Kyo came in he used his pshycho energy attack. The creature just shrugged off the attack and hit Kyo in the back. He quickly got back up and said "this creature is far greater than I imagined". As Tamaki got back up he said "you can't beat it alone we have to work together". Kyo just smirked and said " I don't need your help just stay outta the way!" Kyo tried to use his Earth raiser attack but the creature knocked him to the ground again before he could use it. "Well I guess I may need your help after all." Kyo said.
  14. Thanks for telling me what to fix, here's another banner I made. I hope it's better this time.
  15. Zero Control

    RPG Dark Starfire

    Thanks Steph. Victor finally recovered enough to stand up "Thanks for helping me Selenay." Selenay:"No problem" Selenay then ran over to where Tsuki was. "Are you alright?" "Yeah I should be fine" Tsuki replied, "What's going on here?" "It's a long story" Selenay said. As Selenay was about to tell Tsuki what happened Kyo reappeared.
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