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*Their has been many years of peace on planet earth.But that peace is about to be shaddred*

Tero is Flying around when he sees Demonos(A Deo(A Demon like race)fight a sliver haired warror*

Tero:who the hell is fighting Demonos?

*Tero Turn to see Demona(a Female Deo)*

Tero:Your not thinking on jumping in on my friends fight over their, are you?
Demona:Tero Valor!What the hell are you doing here?
Tero:Making sure you don't jump in on my friends fight.
Demona:ooooh,okay.so you want to fight
tero:okay,here or in bed.

*Demona SLAPS Tero*

Tero:I was Joking,so Shall we

*Tero and Demona are about to fight when They here Demonos yell Demona.They fly over to see Demonos hallen at the hand of the sliver haired saiyan*

Demonos:Help me will ya?
Demona:Not you dug your own grave to lay in.
Demonos:Why you trader!!!I'm your brother and you dare defie me!!!Now die!!!

*Demonos is a bout to shoot a beam at Demona when Tero kicks him in the face*

Tero:why don't you Try fight a boy instaed of hitting girls!!!
Demonos:ah,Tero Valor this will be interasting...you'll die like my

Out of charater(or OOC):Please Cantinue the story Please

Tero Valor:)
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