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Slayers Fanfiction


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This is one of my latest Fan-fictions. Unlike all others, I'm in it, but I'm trying not to suddenly appear as the great and all mighty warrior. I'll gain power, but not in the normal way. Now, on with Part 1 of the story!


It was a long, boring day.

I sat near the back of the classroom in English, desperately trying to make sence of what the teacher was saying.

"Sentence pattern number 23 goes as follows...."

Ugh. I hate sentence patterns. Usefull, but dang boring, in any event. And hey, it's a great time for me to practice my drawing skills. By the end of class, I had a sheet of paper full of Xellos, Hijido, Ranma, and the funny guy from Fushigi Yugi who always has his eyes closed.

After an excrutiatingly long 45 minutes, I burst out of English class, desperate for a breath of air not polluted with commas and exclamation points. Taking a few seconds to look over my scedule, I began to walk down the hall to my next class. Computer programing. Probably my favorite class, because it involves something I like to do.

Then again, I love to draw, and boy do I ever hate Art class. BOOOORRRIINNGG.

I arrived at the Computer Lab ahead of time, as usual for me. I opened to door to find myself in the middle of a disaster zone. "WHAT THE?!"

The lab was in ruins! Computers strewn about, scorch marks everywhere, pieces of plastic and metal clashing with the dark floor.

As I looked about, trying to make sence of all the mess, I realized there were voices coming from the other room, acompanied with the sounds of a fight. Now, usually I stay away from trouble makers, but concidering how they were in the middle of a fight, I supposed they would not have time to notice me. Squashing the sensible part of me and moving forward, I headed towards the back room. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight I saw.

"What the heck?! XELLOS?! ZELGADIS?!"

It was true. Two of my favorite anime characters, right in front of my eyes. I almost laughed when I realized how predictable the fight was. Xellos probably annoyed Zelgadis again, and so another fight broke out. Typical. Concidering they were in MY world, this was no typical fight.

"It's just a Clair Bible, Zel. It's not like the cure was in it, you know."


"RA-TILT?!! OH, NO!"

I ducked under a table just in time to dodge the wake of the blast. Even so, the force of the explosion blew the tabe against the wall, pinning me against the wall. This was getting out of hand. At this rate, the room'd be trashed in seconds, and I really didn't want to explain why the computer lab was trashed. I breathed a sigh of relief as they stopped. Glaring at each other. Well, Zelgadis was glaring, who knows if Xellos was or not.

Pushing myself free from the wall, I walked up to the two and decided to scare the hell out of them.

"Zelgadis. Xellos. What are you doing here."

"None of your business! Xellos deserves whatever he.... Hey! How did you know my name?!"

"Another person who can recognize me on sight? I feel so famous! Do you want my autograph?"

"Not on your life, Mazoku. I know quite a bit about you. And Zel here as well."

"So you know our names. So what." Zelgadis muttered.

"Let's see how much I can remember. Zelgadis, Grandson of Rezo the red priest, a Chimera, Part Blue Demon, Part Golem. A Shamanist, knows and uses the Ra-tilt, strongest of Shamanistic attack spells. Searching for the cure to his curse. First used the Ra-tilt in Lina's presence against Shabraningdo. Died once. Can only be hurt by the sword of light...."

"HOW THE HECK DID YOU KNOW ALL THAT?!" cried Zelgadis, mouth agape.

"Not to be evil or anything but that's a secret." I smiled, wondering Xellos's reaction.

As Zelgadis stood there stunned that he had been quoted "It's a secret." by two people in one day, Xellos laughed heartily.

"Well, well, he seems to know you pretty well. And he even knows my quote! I'm so proud!"

"Xellos, The Trickster Priest, also known as the Eternally Happy Fruitcake. General-Priest of the beastmaster Zelas Metalium. Over 1800 years old. Mazoku, only lesser than the five Mazoku Lords. Once had four gems used to empower his spells, sold to Lina due to her persistence. Likes Burning Clair Bibles..."

It was Xellos's turn to stand there suprised. That kid a lot of information, powerful information. Well, well, it looks like this may have been a profitable trip after all! I must find out how he know all this!

Zelgadis was equally stunned. Did he just call Xellos an eternally happy fruitcake? Zel grinned.

"How do you know all this?" asked Zelgadis with a whisper.

"I'm not telling you that. In any case..."

"Oh, dear, look at the time, time to go home!" cried Xellos as he looked at an imaginary watch. There was a flash of light, and we were no longer in the school!

"What?! Oh, NO! Take me home, right now, Xellos!" Xellos only smiled. "If you insist."

And once again, there was the flash of light. I reappeared in a large room, filled with odds and ends. The blood drained from my face as I realized what happened. This was Xellos's house. Xellos had tricked me. I had the feeling this wasn't going to be the last time, either.


Zelgadis was badly shaken. First the Clair bible he had found had been burned away by Xellos. Then Xellos had teleported them to god knows where, found a kid who seemingly knew all thier secrets, and now he was missing.

Growling in anger at Xellos's constant pestering, he rushed back to the city at top blue demon speed. He had to tell Lina and the others about Xellos and the omnipotent kid. He had to.


Lina sat down at one of the inn's tables, and begun to dig into the massive pile of food that had accumulated there. Gourry, Amelia, and Filia were, too munching away at their meals, though not nearly as fast. Suprisingly, it was Lina who spoke first.

"I wuhner whar Ziildagis iis?"

Or something like that.

"Who knows? Ever since he left searching for that Clair Bible, I haven't heard a word." replied Gourry, digging into a bowl of pasta.

"Why did Zel have to go alone? I could have helped him!" whined Amelia as she started on a new slice of pizza.

"You know that Zelgadis wanted to be alone, Amelia. I know we could help him, but sometimes he really doesn't want to be helped." sighed Filia.

"Still! We should have helped! I wish he'd come back!"

"He will. You know he never stays away for long. Hey, what's all the racket out there?" questioned Lina as she stood up and looked out the window. "Zelgadis?!"

It was him, running towards the inn at top speed, a blue and tan blur. It took only a second before Zelgadis was in the door, and panting, exausted next to the table.

"Zelgadis! Are you all right?" cried Lina. As she looked at the panting Chimera, Lina began to feel twinges of worry. Zelgadis never moved that fast unless it was important.

"Zel! What happened?" "Oy, Zel, you don't look all that well. You're turning blue." "He's always blue!" "Oh, that's right."

"Big trouble...Xellos....Clair Bible burnt...weird kid...knows about us...gone.."panted Zel.

"SLOW DOWN AND TELL US!" growled Lina.

"I found the clair bible, Xellos showed up, burned it, teleported the two of us to god knows where, met this really weird kid. He knew my name, that I'm a chimera, that I was part blue demon and golem, that I was a shamanist... he knew too much. And then he started telling Xellos's history, and it was all correct. Xellos teleported us back to where the clair bible was, the kid freaked out, and Xellos teleported off with him."
panted Zelgadis, "We have to find out more about that kid. He knows was too much. He knew I was Rezo's Grandson, for crying out loud!"

There was silence for a minute as the assembled group digested the facts.

"How'd that kid know all of that?"

"I asked him that, but he just said, get this. 'Not to be evil or anything, but that's a secret.'" Zelgadis frowned at the last statement, annoyed.

"Could it be one of Xellos's tricks?" pressed Filia.

"It might be. The 'It's a secret' part kind of points that way."

"We have to rescue him! In the name of justice, we will free the child from the vile Xellos's clutches!" Amelia struck a pose.

*sweatdrop* "Rescue who? I'm afraid I missed that part."


What do you think?
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Here's the next part!


I looked around my new surroundings. The room was large, with huge soft couched and elegant furniture. Lots of purple, too.

"You like the room?" asked Xellos, smiling.

"Why should I care! Take me home, Xellos! I'm useless to you anyway!" I yelled, angry. I had been kidnapped by Xellos! This was completely unbelieveable!

"Useless? Hardly. You're here as my guest for a while. Oh, that's right..." Xellos maintained a thoughtful expression, tapping his finger. "I still don't know your name."

"Arg! It's Alexander! Now, take me home! Oh, I really am not liking you!" I said, blazing with fury.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

I punched him on the nose.

Xellos laughed, after healing his broken nose. Which probably wasn't really broken to begin with.

"Really, you shouldn't go and attack your elders like that! It's not right!"


"Anyway, this is your room, Alexander. You're here as my guest."

Why won't he listen to me, dangit! Wait, a minute. This is Xellos. He does what he want's to. Reasoning won't help. I need to play along.

"Fine, I'll stay here. Better than explaining the loss of the computer lab."

Computers? What are those? "Great! Would you like some tea?"

"Knowing you, no. I'd much rather have a Coke, but you don't have that."

Coke? What is he talking about? "Oh, well. Now, Alex. Tell me about yourself."

"Not happening until you tell me why you want me here."

"Merely to find out how you knew so much when you are so young."

Okay. How can I trick the trickster. A lie? Let's try it.

"My world has many records of incidents that happened on other worlds."

"Ah, ah, ah! No lying!"

Dang. That won't work. Death to Mazoku!

"I cannot explain it! The technology in this world is too primitive to show you!"


"Yes! You're still using swords and staves as weapons."

"And so what do you use?" smirked Xellos, raising an eyebrow.

"Guns! Bombs! We've made bombs that could level all of atlas city at once!"

"So? Dragon Slave could do that. Giga Slave can destroy the WORLD."

"Our world doesn't have magic! No one knows how to use it! We don't need it!"

Xellos stood silently, looking thoughtfully at me while I continued to rant on about the differences between our worlds. By the end, even I could tell that Xellos was excited; the Mazoku equivalent of finding the cure for cancer, or so it seemed.

Dismissing himself, Xellos left the room, leaving me to my thoughts. Who knows what was going to happen now?
"Yes, Zelas, you heard me right."

"Xellos, that sounds utterly preposterous. Us Mazoku have lived for thousands of years and we haven't even dreamt of such things. For humans to think of such things...."

"I realize it sounds far-fetched, but I think he's telling the truth. Let's look over the facts. One. There are no mazoku on their world. Their only competition came from other humans. Two. With no magic, they needed to expand technology far greater than normal. Three. It sounds ridiculus to us because we have magic, which is far easier to use. To humans without magic, it makes sence. Four. According to the boy, humans hold magic in the same regard as we do with their technology. Five...."

"All right, Xellos, the point has been made. Why do you tell me this?"

"This is where it gets interesting. The general mind-set of his world favors brains over brawn. School is reqired, and the highest levels of power are held by those who can sway others to do their bidding through words. The average adult, by the time they leave school, possesses far more knowledge than even people like Lina do."

"Xellos, this is all very interesting, but get to the point."

"I'm coming to that. You have heard of wizardry?"

"Yes, I have. I think it was a method of spell casting that allowed the caster to use amounts of magic equivalent to their intelligence. It died out because the people with inborn magic didn't want people without it to have that power. Ah! I see now..."

"Exactly. The humans from that world have great potential for wizardy, because of their intelligence. If they were to combine thier already incredible amounts of technology with wizardry..."

"They would become the supreme race. Far greater than the Mazoku or the Ryuusoku."

"Yes. Not only that, but they have many natural advantages. Thier location means that they are impossible to reach without magic, preventing invasions. This also means that they can conduct research with few problems."

"We cannot allow that to happen. Their world must be destroyed!"

"Yes, I agree, but I suggest we wait. It will take time for the magic to become widespread. That, and the number of magic users that actually are there are likely to be incredibly small. In the mean time, I have a proposal."

"Let's hear it."

"I suggest we make a copy of the boy. A very special copy."

Xellos smiled, and opened his eyes.

"We will make him one of us."
"Forgive my absence, young one. I had to go talk to my superior." Xellos had returned, walking in smiling.

"Zelas Metalium, the Beastmaster."

There he goes again, knowing everything. Just wait, young one, and you'll realize just how much you're missing! Xellos grinned even more.

"Correct again, young one. I have come to tell you that Zelas is very interested in you, and wants to make a deal."

My jaw dropped. Can life get any wierder? "A deal? With a Mazoku? Right..."

"If you agree to join us, you will be given a position just below me in the Mazoku hierarchy, as well as be taught how to use magic."

HOLY! I struggled to maintain my composure as I replied. "The c-catch? Knowing you there m-must be one."

"It's rather simple. You will be copied as a Mazoku. I trust you know what that means?"

"NO WAY! I will never become a Mazoku!"

"Now, now, no need to jump to conclusions. You can take all the time you need to decide." With that, Xellos turned and walked out of the room, leaving a confused Alex behind.

I collapsed on the nearby bed, drained. Become a mazoku and gain immense power, while serving Zelas, or.... what? Be killed? A possibility.



My gaze drifted to near the door. A large tome lay there, abandoned.

"Xellos forgot a book... I wonder what it is?"

Leaping off the bed, I snatched the book and opened it up. Belatedly, I remembered that many books could be magicaly trapped. After waiting a few minutes, and noting I was still in one piece, I began reading the book.

"What the heck? 'ªjgi_bÓ'? Great, I can't even understand it!"

Setting the book aside, I stared at the cover in annoyance. So much aggravation in one day...
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Ooookay, let's rephrase that. I would greatly appreciate it if you were to comment on my story; constructive criticism. That's the reason the story is here! If no one speaks up, I cannot improve, because I don't know if my writing is good or not. Thank you.
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