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mecha: battle royal

dark lord

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ok the ring is set the fighters are ready and you control thiere destiny jus tell the order of knok outs its a free for all every one for them selves
master gundam
devil gundam
wing zero
gundam 0079 2
zaku I
eva 00
eva 01
angle 06
big zam
optimas prime
optimas primal
death sythehell custom
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Guest Deranged Gerbil
where's eva unit 02? and the rest of the eva units? where's nu gundam? ah hell, I'll just go along with what you have on your list, deathscythe hell undoubtedly goes out first, EVA Unit 01 becomes victorious!
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heres the way i c it optimas primal first then death sythe then wing zero then zaku I then zaku II then gundam 079 then zaku III then gundam 079 then master gundam then eva 00 then angle 06 the eva 01 then long hard battle between devil gundam and optimas prime with prime as the victor
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