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    Back in the states Kurama kicked one of the last invading half-demons in the chest, sending him off to Kurama's side. He took a glance to Anue. "How you holding up back there, cutie?" he asked with a smirk. Anue was simply watching Kurama clean up his bit of a mess. "Really banged the old place up a little more than I'd hoped. Hopefully they can get the club fixed up at least," Kurama sighed, scratching the back of his head. He walked over to the human girl, wiping the blood from his regenerating wounds. He lifted his head to hear the music was still playing, causing him to smile. "Well, at least I kept them out of the important parts."   "Kurama...?" Anue said, looking to the man who looked back to her with the same smile he always wore. "Do you think I'll see Heru again? He...he said he's going to k-"   "Yeah, I know. Trust me, he likes the idea as much as I do. He's just got more to protect now. If anything, he'll go after Hunters and Exorcists and the like. He won't just attack innocent people, kiddo," Kurama chuckled.   "I'm not a kid. I had this conversation with Heru already, and don't you dare say 'You're a kid to me' like he did, got it?" Anue said, pointing a warning finger at the half-demon. "And what do you mean? How is that protecting me?"   Kurama shook his head with a smile. "Heru's got this 'pack mentality' as I like to call it. As long as you're a part of his 'pack' he'll do just about anything for ya within reason. He considers most of the members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. the pack he belongs to, but there are definitely some exceptions..."   "But what about you? Won't you find trouble going against them by guarding me and not attacking humans?" Anue asked with a bit of worry.   "What? I just did attack humans. All of those half-demons were half-human too. And Xavier knows I'll tell him just that. Whether or not he actually punishes me will be up to him. Especially since I don't need an amulet to teleport. I can destroy the thing at any time," Kurama shrugged. "And I don't have any family out there. My older brother killed my old man and my ma," he added, heading out of the club. "Thinking that's the last of 'em for now. You comin', pretty lady?" he asked with a smirk.   Anue followed him out the door, seemingly oblivious to his last comment. "Your brother killed his own parents?" she asked, looking up to him.   "Yeah, killed my ma for 'stealing his father away' from him and his mother and killed my dad because my dad would have killed him if he didn't. What can ya do though?" Kurama said with a sigh, shrugging.   "How come you always act so happy?" Anue asked curiously. "Is your brother still alive then? How long have you known Heru? Wh-"   "Easy on the questions, Anue. Geeeze... Anyway, what's the point of being upset if it won't change anything? Besides, wearing a smile draws more of the ladies, so smiling is just what I do. Yeah, my big bro's still alive unfortunately. I've got no intention of hunting him down unless he causes trouble though. As for Heru...I think I've lost track of how long we've known each other. Long enough for me to think of him as my younger brother, though."   "Younger? The way you two acted together, it was hard to tell who would be the younger of the two of you..." Anue thought aloud.   "H-hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Kurama said with a pout.     Britain "You sure you want to go here of all places? They're doing a lot of moving out right now and I'm not sure if you're up for dealing with these Guards," Etna said, looking at Heru skeptically.   "Yeah. Positive. Especially since they're foolish enough to go into Hell. Better to kill them off now before they find themselves suffering in the inferno," Heru said, staring down at the front of the building where many Iron Guards were flooding out of. Heru immediately drew out his carbine, aiming directly behind them all of a sudden. He stared as a figure was standing behind them, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, it's you, reaper... What brings you here, Scythe? Malik or Xavier ask you to come put me down like a sick dog?"   "No such thing, Heru. It looks like you two might need some help here," Scythe said, watching Heru stow his rifle. "Why would I after all?"   "Oh, I don't know. You did help organize the Valkyries back in the day from what I understand. Figured you'd be coming to put a stop to my 'resistance' or some bullshit like that," Heru replied, not pulling his eyes away from the half-reaper. "Whether you intend to help or not, I'm going to comply. I'm going to protect my family, even if it goes against what I believe in," Heru said, clenching his fist. "I wasn't given the freedom to help half-demons and those like me just to be ordered to kill humans who haven't done anything. But I have no problem striking at the ones who caused all of this to begin with," he said, pulling his carbine back off of his back. He emptied the gun of its ammunition, reloading it with a strange set of bullets. They were each etched with demonic writing, none of them the same. "Now either stand with me or stay out of my way. It's up to you," Heru said then looked to Etna. "Looks like they're sending out the end of this batch. The guards won't all be piloted already. Take out the pilots, then deal with any piloted Guards," Heru stowed his rifle again after he finished loading it.   "Alright, Heru. Don't mind me if I deviate a little bit though," Etna said with a smirk. "Guess since you didn't change clothes, you don't intend to stay in this form for long huh?" Heru just looked back at her with a nod, before descending from his high ground in his lupine form. He moved without making much of a sound. Etna glanced back to Scythe. "Coming, then?" she asked before following Herutama's lead.     OOC: I'd post more but my wrist is killing me. Just wanted to post what I had in mind while it was still in mind.
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