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  1. Why can't I logout?
  2. Internet - I would chose Internet over a guy Money - so obvious, pay the bills Car - to Travel TV/Cable - hehe
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Tigervx [/i] [B] 2.A king want to seperate his kingdom equally between his two sons. What does he put in his will? [/B][/QUOTE] He said that "one of the son will divide the land and the other will chose first"
  4. There's no absolute right or wrong. To me, there're basic goodness in life (depend on your culture and where you lived), right is when do or carry out those goods without hurting or disrespect the other goods. For example, one of the good is life, if you take a life away, that's wrong.
  5. Writing

    Early in the morning The birds sing, the flowers bloom For a new spring day
  6. Writing

    tic tac,tic tic tac The rain is dropping outside I feel sad inside
  7. Writing

    beautiful sunset No matter how beautiful It is still just sunset
  8. Writing

    One smile is enough To keep me alive One tear from your eyes Can broken my heart So don't cry my love Don't break my little heart Do smile my love To keep my alive
  9. I can't wait for snow. I wish there's snow on Xmas eve this year.
  10. English, a little of French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and some of Southeast Asia like Thai and Combodian.
  11. Writing

    The soft water flows Softly, slowly, through its path As the life went by
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Amphion [/i] [B] The question is: "Would you take the mans offer and relive it?" >> [/B][/QUOTE] No. 1. I don't want to repeat history. You'll never jump into the river with the exact water. What is gone then it's gone. Why bother to go back, while you can go on with new experience.
  13. Writing

    Morning, the sun rises The birds sing: chirp chirp chirp For a new spring day
  14. Writing

    Little woodpeckers chuck chuck! How long can they chuck When they have no teeth
  15. [b]Rat [/b] -Quick -Intelligent, sharp mind (well decisive) -Like to have left over -Like to show off when has a chance, and has a lot of loyal friends (weird, can easily make enemy -Outside, can speak nice and gentle, but becareful, the rat is very intelligent -plan everything ahead time -Very nice to friends and family -Curious [b]good with[/b] dragon and monkey [b]bad with [/b] cat(rabbit), chicken, and horse [b]Ox [/b] -good leadership, trustworthy -has principle, do thing by step -serious, not good in communicatio -can be cold blooded, but also very emotional. -Stubborn, always look ahead -don't like to be push around or pick on -hard worker good with -- snake and chicke bad with -- dragon, goat,and dog