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  1. [color=navy][color=red]This is not a poem, it's a ghost story that I wrote. I still working on it.[/color] [color=black]It is late at night and K is reading newspaper in his room. Suddenly, the light begins to go off and on. K puts the newspaper on his bed and he checks the plug next to the bed to see if there is something wrong with it. [/color] [color=black][b]K[/b] - [i]The plug is fine.[/i][/color] [color=black]K begins to check the light bulb hanging on the ceiling.[/color] [color=black][b]K[/b] - [i]The bulb is ok too.[/i][/color] [color=black]Suddenly, the light is back to normal. K lays back on the bed and continues to read newspaper. K begins to hear a lady's voice calling him solftly, "K....K...." K looks around, the door is and the window is closed.[/color] [color=black][b]K[/b] - [i]I must be hallucinating.[/i][/color] [color=black]K continues to read the newspaper, then he begins to feel a soft chilling wind blowing by him. K looks at the window, the window is not open and there is no fan or air conditioner in the room. K slaps himself.[/color] [color=black][b]K[/b] - [i]Ouch![/i][/color] [color=black]K slaps himself back and forth couple times again to see if he is dreaming or not.[/color] [color=black][b]K[/b] - [i]Ouch! [/i][/color] [color=black]Now, K doesn't hear or feel anything. K continues to read the newspaper, then he feels some one is scratching his right hand with their fingernails. K puts the newspaper on the bed and looks at his right hand. He see no scars, or scratches, or any sign that his right hand is being scratched. K begins to feel scare now. His heart is beating very fast, his forehead is sweating, and he is breathing very hard. He begins to looks up at the ceiling.[/color] [color=black][b]K[/b]- (screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!![/color] [color=black]K sees a blood painted face on the ceiling. K screams and scream. He closes his eyes then opens his eyes again.[/color] [color=black][b]K[/b] - [i]Where...where's that face...I...I...I...just saw it...[/i][/color] [color=black]K whipes the sweat on his forehead with his right arm. He looks around the empty room, he sees nothing and feels nothing. He looks outside the window, all he sees is the dark night. K heart's beat begin to slow down and he begins to breath in and out slowly.[/color] [color=navy]Let this be the last time we talk No more sweet words from your lips No more promises that you cannot keep Let the past be buried deep inside No, I have lied, I lied to you I don?t want those words be your last I don?t want to forget about the past Speak my dear, make promises my dear Meaningless words, phony promises They?ve eaten all my heart and soul Gave me happiness, gave me woes So speak my dear, make promises my dear Those gentle words are whispering in my ears Just illusion, I know, I know I rather be fooled then let you go Keep on whispering, my dear, my dear Beautiful promises are still in my head Just deception, I know, I know I am willing to be a fool then letting you go Keep on promising, my dear, my dear (sigh) Doesn?t matter how hard I try You?re still gone; away from my world Leaving behind many promises and words And a broken heart that?s once loved you [/color] [/color][color=navy][/color] [color=#000080][/color] [color=#000080][/color] [color=navy]If only, I could be a star Sparkling on the sky above When the night falls You will look upon the sky See me dazzling before your eyes ************************************ Have you ever look at the full moon And thinking some place far away There?s a little girl alone in the night Watching the moon through a window And thinking of you [/color][font=Verdana][size=1][color=red]Edited to combine the double posts. Please see my post. -- Lady Asphyxia.[/color][/size][/font]
  2. If this question already answered before, then I appologize for asking this same question again. How come on the left side fo te page, there's an estra window or lnk for geneal, asking question...etc, I want to know how can I get rid of it so I can see just the forums.
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Neoclone-7 [/i] [B]I've been wondering if anybody besides me believes in"psychic" abilities. Like seeing the future in dreams, talking with people who have died (like that guy on the TV show, I don't remember his name). I personally believe in it. And have had many firsthand experiences with this kind of stuff. What does everyone else think? [/B][/QUOTE] I'm not sure about talking to the dead. However, some of my dreams do come true though. :D :D
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Justin [/i] [B]Reputations don't matter. If someone won't date you because of who you hang out with, you don't need them anyway. Smile at those who spite you, and give them a kind word, or a blessing. They may continue to talk about you, but they will never be able to give a good reason for it. -Justin [/B][/QUOTE] It is hard to ignore what others say about you.
  5. It would be very lonely and quiet. Just depend how you deal with it. I don't have friend until I'm in college. :)
  6. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. I think your love one is the most beautiful of all. Both appearance and personality are important 5-5 score.
  7. I like being alone. It's better, I can concentrate more. I never like the crowd anyway, it's a bit annoying to me.
  8. Too much or too little of any thing is not good.
  9. I wrote some poems in the P/F/L forum. It's very easy for me to write, the strange thing is, all of my writing based on other's feeling, not mine. Someone told me their story, and I put it a poem. It is very hard for me to open my mouth and speak. :(
  10. [SIZE=1]I have this trouble quite awhile already. My problem is that I have difficulty with expressing my feeling and telling the truth. (nothing harm though, it's not that I want to lie, I just don't want to hurt others feeling) How do I overcome my fear/struggle to be more open and speak of my mind. I always keep everything to myself, believe me, it's not a good feeling. Each time I lied, I feel really bad and guilty. My guilt and conscience is killing me. Can someone tell me how I can express my feeling and stop feelling guilty?[/SIZE]
  11. [color=yellow][size=1]Why is summer sun so hot and autumn rain so cold? Why is the world filled with people I can see only you? [size=1][color=green][b]Little Sister[/b] Nothing is worser Than my little sister Take over my food Bring me into bad-mood If I speak too loud Mother thought I shout At her poor little baby So kind and lovely Sister, sister, sister Wouldn?t it be better If you weren?t around Or the earth wasn?t so round And we never met I wouldn?t be upset Little sister, you?re horrible Like to make me feel terrible Your appear in my nightmare Pulling off my hair You like to make me scare Chasing me up the stair When we?re playing a messy-game You let me take the blame Mother angers and yell You left me alone in hell Little sister, what can I do Except accepting the truth You?re my little sister And irreplaceable Even you?re terrible Like to cause trouble You?re my little sister Also bring me joy and laughter Whenever I?m in fear You?re always there or here Little sister, you?re so dear Conquer my fear, help me cheer Little sister, you?re the best Did everything I request You clean up all my mess Kind enough to let me rest You never complain About the hard work, or the pains You?re always remain Scrubs the dirt, clean the stain Off the table Without sorrow Little sister, no matter where you are Whether you?re near or far No matter how long the distance we?re apart You?re still very close to my heart Nothing is better Than my little sister [b]One Summer Evening[/b] One Summer Evening in 2000, A dark green Honda Accord driving through Fairview Road in Berlin Connecticut. Eleven year old Dillan riding on his bike Without a helmet sai, ?Hello An.? An rolled down the window And replied, ?Hi Dillan.? On the same summer evening of 2000, That same eleven year old boy was hit By a truck on Berlin Turnpike, To be heard no more. [/color][/size] [size=1][b][color=black]Wake Up in the Middle of the Night[/color][/b] [color=black]Wake up in the middle of the night[/color] [color=black]Look through the window, see the moon[/color] [color=black]See the white shadow flowing in the air[/color] [color=black]Very creepy, very scary[/color] [color=black]The white shadow has white hair[/color] [color=black]Moving closer toward the window[/color] [color=black]Is it a ghost or an illusion?[/color] [color=black]Close the blind, hide under the blanket[/color] [color=black]Persuading myself that it?s only an illusion[/color] [color=black]Screech fingernails on the glass[/color] [color=black]Very creepy, very scary[/color] [color=black]Under the blanket, skin shivers[/color] [color=black]Body sweating from the fear[/color] [color=black]Is it a ghost or an illusion?[/color] [color=black]Light beams shine through the window[/color] [color=black]Throw off the blanket, observe around[/color] [color=black]It?s morning, no more night[/color] [color=black]Very shiny, very bright[/color] [color=black]Pulling up the blinds, see words written on the glass[/color] [color=black]?I?ll be back tonight?[/color] [color=black]Very creepy, very scary[/color] [b][color=black]The Dark Night[/color][/b] [color=black]Once upon a midnight dreamer[/color] [color=black]There is no light or star to shimmer[/color] [color=black]In the dark, the cold winds blow[/color] [color=black]Back and forth, high and low[/color] [color=black]On the branch, the owl hoos[/color] [color=black]Far away, the cow moo moos[/color] [color=black]On the ground, the foot steps step[/color] [color=black]On the turn to right or left[/color] [color=black]Underground the tree-roots lift[/color] [color=black]Up the soil, makes me trip[/color] [color=black]Beneath the rock, the rat squeaks squeak[/color] [color=black]Above the ground, I begin to sneak[/color] [color=black]In the sky, the crow caws caw[/color] [color=black]Landing on the branch with its claw[/color] [color=black]Willow?s branches touch the shoulder[/color] [color=black]Like witches? nails scratching from under[/color] [color=black]Eyes roll around, observes the scene[/color] [color=black]Feeling goose-bump on the skin[/color] [color=black]Body shivers, eyes glitter[/color] [color=black]Tongue tastes so bitter[/color] [color=black]Throat gulping, heart hard beating[/color] [color=black]Hands sweating, body trembling[/color] [color=black]Sound of clapping from behind[/color] [color=black]Travels straight in the line[/color] [color=black]Moving closer to the back[/color] [color=black]Turn around I see everything black[/color] [color=black]Once upon a midnight dreamer[/color] [color=black]There is no light or star to shimmer[/color][/size] [/size] [size=1][color=blue]Oh goodnesses, must you be so strong Weakening the heart, softening the mind Killing the hates, brightening the blind Such power, I am craving for so long Do such goodness power really exist Within my dark heart and my blindly eyes The one who never believe in your kind Your existance is nothing but a mist Oh goodnesses, do you exist in me So I can taste the true power of yours Such power that I have been searching for Within my black heart that I cannot see Even goodnesses can open my eyes Perhaps the future, now, I am blind[/color] -------------------------------------------------- [color=purple]Power of love, must you be so strong Weakening the heart, softening the mind Killing the hates, brightening the blinds Such powers, I am craving for so long Do such strange powers really exist With in the deep,dark, and cold heart of mine The one who never believed in your kind Your existance is nothing but a mist Power of love, do you exist in me So I can taste the true power of yours Such powers that I have been searching for To lighten up my eyes that cannot see Even such powers can open my eyes Perhaps the future, now, I am blind [/color] [color=purple][size=1][b]A story of the past [/b] There was a story that was long ago Once upon a time, there were you and I Happily together side by side Telling each others that our love is stronger than gold Who could expect the twisted fate Brought us together, gave us hopes and joys Then one day, all our of those were being destroyed In the hands, that claimed to be fate What could I do if we were'nt meant to be together Came that day, I had to left you behind For a reason, which I couldn't tell until I died I only hope that we're always faithful to each others Though my body was in foreign land But my heart always yearned for the one I loved Then one day I received a red envelope With written words from your own hand Could it be, could it be the end I opened but dared not to read I knew, what it's suppose to be My body suddenly ran out of strength I tried and tried not to look or tell But my curiousity had taken over me I glanced at the invition to see what could it be The one I love with someone in front of the wedding bells As that movement my heart began to grieved I dropped the letter and cheeks wet with tears For all those years that always feared For this day that ended our beautiful relationship I thought that my heart had turned into steel Once again, I'd found another love of my life To replaced the one that stabbed me with a knife To healed my heart so I could be renewed As the times passed I thought I would forgot The one that I used to loved so dear The one that used to made me cheer With the one right now that I love a lot Who could expect the twisted fate Fooling around with the vunerable heart of mine Let me reunited with the one I thought had died Once again, alive in the name of fate My world spliltted between present and past I must choose among the two Destiny, why must you be so cruel Gave me happiness but didn't let it last I am stuck between the roads With a decision that I was unsure I choose the present, the one that endured Through my hardship when I needed help the most I thought that decision would be my last I was wrong, I only fooling my heart I should had be true from the start That I could not forgot the image of the past Decision was made, could not be undo I must lived for the choice I had made Even though, it was just a fake It's my life, that I must go through Now I am hugging the one that I selected Thinking of the one that I used to know Remembering a story which was long ago A sad story of you and I used to be so connected [/size][/color] [color=darkblue][size=1][b]Fears[/b] [i]"Dear father, please don't yell![/i] [i]I feared those words, those loud sounds[/i] [i]The hitting stick, the spanking hand[/i] [i]I feared of those, and fear of you"[/i] [i]"Dear mother, please don't cry?[/i] [i]I feared those droplets in your eyes[/i] [i]Those sorrows and those griefs[/i] [i]Within my heart; that I used to keep"[/i] [i]"Dear father, please odn't yell![/i] [i]Those voices echo like a dinging bell[/i] [i]Those fears I have; the wounds of the mind[/i] [i]Which never heal, until the day I die"[/i] [i]"Dear mother, please don't cry[/i] [i]Or show those emotions that you want to hide[/i] [i]I feared those feelings of the heart[/i] [i]I am happier, when I am apart"[/i] [/size][/color] [/size] [size=1][color=navy]Whenever there is a will,[/color] [color=navy]there is a way[/color] [color=navy]Where ever there is light;[/color] [color=navy]there you can find hopes[/color] [color=navy]What do I do[/color] [color=navy]When I have no will to live,[/color] [color=navy]to love, to desire[/color] [color=navy]Tell me,[/color] [color=navy]Will there still be a way[/color] [color=navy]And I still can find hope[/color] [color=navy]Within the darkness[/color] [color=navy]And a body without soul[/color] [/size] [size=1][color=black]Anger,[/color][/size] [size=1][color=black]sorrow,[/color][/size] [size=1][color=black]nothing [/color][/size] [size=1][color=black]but quarrel[/color][/size] [size=1][color=black]I see[/color][/size] [size=1][color=black]no morrow[/color][/size] [size=1][color=indigo]Where are the smiles that I used to have? A twinkle happy little face, pinky on the cheeks Where are those smiles that give people joy All are left now is despair and madness[/color][/size] [/color][font=Verdana][size=1][color=red]Edited to combine all the double posts. -- Lady Asphyxia[/color][/size][/font]
  12. I think so, but I don't think they have supernature powers though. I heard of black magics, spell, curse...supernature powers stuff before, and I actually see people perform it too.
  13. [b]The Angel:[/b] I'm very trustworthy in the family. [b]The Demon:[/b] Well, that's the other side of me that many don't know. I'm good at hiding bad stuffs, and a great liar. [b]The Rebel:[/b] I don't use verbal, but I use my action. If I don't like it, I don't do it. [b]The Bookworm:[/b] I love books. [b]The Comedian:[/b] Sometimes only. [b]The Musician:[/b] I play piano, flute, and clarinet. [b]The Brains:[/b] This goes with the devil side of me. I always came up with bad idea. [b]The Artist:[/b] I write poem and stories. [b]The Emotional One:[/b] For most of the time. [b]The Silent One:[/b] I'm extremely quiet.
  14. I'm totally opposite. I'm more open online than outside. I have problem with facing people.
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