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  1. [quote name='sakurasuka'][FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"] The picture of Wizardmon is certainly my favorite. I love the shading. A few pointers, the ones where you drew and colored the text (such as the fanfic poster) cause the font to look a bit muddy. Maybe you could use something like Adobe Illustrator to manually edit your hand-drawn fonts (LiveTrace and edit them as vectors, you can still apply gradients and textures). Or use downloaded fonts. Just for clarity's sake. Did you color any of these using a computer program, or did you just scan them in? (Other than the MS Paint one, of
  2. One is a picture of Lilithmon that I drew from another picture: [url=http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd191/Nadou_Teller/Lilith2.jpg][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Lilithmon[/COLOR][/url] The other is a re-painted card of Renamon, but I call her Yorumon (from now on): [url=http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd191/Nadou_Teller/yoremon2.jpg][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Yorumon[/COLOR][/url] I have others on photobucket, but they are not drawn very well...since they are pictures from like four to five years ago... Here are my oldy goldies (from when I was still learning to draw.) [url=http
  3. I miss the old days to sum it all up. I joined back when digimon was just getting out there. I think that it was about at the point where Adventure had ended, 02 was in the process of running, and then Tamers came later as time went on along with Frontier. After that, the digimon specific forums disappeared because the times changed. It seemed like after the digimon forums went I went with them...for the most part. Most of my old buddies on my buddy list seem to be gone or largely inactive also. It's like I've lost a few dear comrades, like Ginny for instance. Sara is on my buddy list too
  4. Pretty cool... Is it meant to be a little scary? I like how vivid the story feels. Are they all linked or not? I'm not sure... You have given me an idea for my website...
  5. This story has been removed. I am rewriting it. If a mod could delete this...I would appreciate it.
  6. I have this movie in the Japanese version on my jump drive, and I can't watch it because I don't have the codec... I can listen to it, but it's in Japanese. I don't speak a lot of Japanese right now.
  7. Well, a kid at school made up the word discabobalated (dis-ca-bob-oh-lated). I love this word, and I love saying abruised instead abused. Lastly, I love to put 'er or 'ing after everythinger....
  8. Thanks! I loved how the picture came out, and the shading is kinda hard to see in the darker areas, but it's better than nothing. I'm going to do one of the fic heartless I made after KZ, and she's called Kit Zina. I've fininshed drawing everything except for her feet. Keep the remarks coming, that is if anyone else has something to say....
  9. This is a picture I drew by hand, scanned, colored with MS Paint, and edited with Photo Shop of Kurt Zisa. He's my favorite Heartless boss. How'd I do?
  10. That's a cool fic. Keep writing! Keep writing!.......
  11. My personal goal in life is to become another Walt Disney....I want my characters to be a rememberable as his is what I mean....When I get older, I'm going to work for Disney animation studios. I'm not being overconfident about the idea, I'm just not being to unsure either. If I'm worthy, then I'll get the job... If I'm lucky, I could start my own cartoon series, and they will be just as good as any old cartoon. I hope they would be at least.......
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by wrist cutter [/i] [B]The whole thing, it's like 1 and a half screens long... and I'm on 1024x768, with no miscellaneous toolbars or anything cluttering up the screen. [/B][/QUOTE] Oh, well I'm not sure what you mean. It looks fine to me. Maybe there's a glitch or something. I don't know..... I also get angry when people don't listen closely to what I say before they make a decision. Now I really get p'ed off about that.:flaming: I cry when I get extremely angry, don't laugh...
  13. What? It's just a poem. What part are you talking about?...
  14. I've know the internet since fourth grade, but I never really stayed on it as much then as I do now. Now, I have a cool home on the internet. Right here at the OB...I discovered this place when I was looking for a cool digimon site. I use to be Jana' Len Tolliver, but I've grown since then...
  15. I'm in love with my PS2....... Ahem, but uh say there's a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Would they hang out like regular people, or intertain each other with kissy kissy remarks? If that's the case, no wonder so many girls have so many breakups in one school year. I'm pretty sure in High School, it's going to be worse.....Could someone help? I'm thinking of putting certain love hints into my story...
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