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    I enjoy simple things in life, maybe because I'm simple...
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  1. Alexa

    Anime Anime In Britain

    in london right now with sky, there is quite a lot of anime shaman king sonic x dragonball/z/gt outlaw star pokemon digimon beyblade outlaw star duel masters yugioh (on several different channels) there used to be cowboy bepop, sailor moon, card captors, escaflowne, and some others, but they were cut off due to lack of interest (heck, i lvoed them) and as for lack of anime stuff, theres a comic shop near me in london that sells manga, but theyre soooo old and crap, there was this 'rave masters' thing and it looked terrible :D there is supposed to be a duel masters tournament in london *_* i may enter, im quite good at the game and own the shobu deck, kokujo deck and many boosters theres supposed to be a duel
  2. Alexa

    Art Angel

    I tried to apply the soft look by using gray outlines instead of black or pixel, and it sort of worked. She's supposed to be an angel, and those things on her back are wings, though they dont look like them ^_^;
  3. Its messy, and hasnt got any shading. If you fill in the empty parts it improves the quality of the pic, along with the shading. 5/10
  4. ...back with another oekaki. This is a pastelish one, and yeah...thats meant to be rain.
  5. Alexa

    Art GinnyLyn's back with her next project

    O___O *saves and steals* That is amazing! I love the shading. Somehow though, the hiar looks like the tuft of white hair on his clothes.same texture or whaatever. It doesnt look hair-like. ^_^ what did you use, mouse or tablet?
  6. [SIZE=1]I hope this thread isnt offensive or anything, if it is, feel free to delete it. Shounen ai is boyxboy love in cartoons and shoujo is girlxgirl (anime, so its not real, mmkay?) So, what are yours? Mine are Daisuke and Satoshi from DN Angel and Dark ChiixChii from Chobits. [/SIZE]
  7. Alexa

    School Colors

    [size=1]No mascot, and dark blue and white colors. [/size]
  8. [size=1]You people need reading lessons O_O you can nominate 1 person, excluding yourself. *pokes self-centered peeps who beleive they are the most fun person to hang out with* Meh.I dont know anyone well enough here to think*points to title*[/size]
  9. [size=1]My mom beleives I'm a poor excuse for a 14 year old, my mom thinks anime is for under 10s, but she ish wrooong. My dad doesnt care, he doesnt live with me anyway.[/size]
  10. Alexa

    Art Adam's Angels!

    [size=1]The proportions are good. Rating: 8/10, not 10/10 because the skirts and the hands look a bit weird...bleh, better than I can do. ^^[/size]
  11. Alexa

    Art Total randomness O.o

    [SIZE=1]I decided that because my drawings are not frequently posted, I'll make seperate threads. ^_^ This is total randomness, I I think it looks weird O______O. I messed up the bg and the little pink bubblegum guy.[/SIZE]
  12. Alexa

    Art GinnyLyn's back with her next project

    [size=1]I like that..he doesnt look in pain to me for some reason, just depressed O_O. Heh, my scanner picks up half the colors on my colored pics, its sooooo annoying. All in all, good job.
  13. Alexa

    Art Alexa's Art (oekaki, banners etc)

    [size=1]Thank you ^_^ I drew a mouth and it looked funny and out of place for some reason, and I was aiming for a blank expression so I cancelled out the mouth. [/size]
  14. [SIZE=1]I deleted my first oekaki thread, that was one of my worst peices of work EVER. I drew a new peice today, as a sumbmission to an elite oekaki board, and got...accepted ^_^ [/SIZE] edit - - I think it'd be better if I post my work in seperate threads as it wont be frequently posted. ^^ [IMG]http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/peko/oekaki.png[/IMG]
  15. Alexa

    Art The Adventures of Daily Comic

    [size=1]Those actually made me laugh. It takes a lot to make me laugh, so Daily Comics must bo good. Heh, I liked the Ricky Martin one and the last one. Good job.[/size]