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  1. On Final Fantasy VII. [spoiler]I can understand the sadness portrayed in that one scene. However, did no one go back to the church on a later disc and find that one particular moment heart breaking?[/spoiler] Also, I own Crisis Core but got a tad bored with the constant and random battle system. Is it worth playing to the end just to see that ending sequence?
  2. It's a good game with a fair amount of depth to it as well. I think I got about 14 hours into it but university-life overtook so I couldn't quite involve myself with it as much as I would've liked. One thing I appreciated the most about the game is that there are a few major side-quests that you can involve yourself in and they're actually fun. Usually in an RPG I'll play a side-quest just for the sake of doing so in the name of completion but they're well written into the storyline. You made a good purchase so I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Though you'd never be able to tell, I'm a huge lover of meaningful Hip Hop. I love many types of music, but there's nothing better than a good dose of [B][PLUG]Sweatshop Union[/End PLUG][/B] when you just want to chill. (By the way, do check them out. They're Canadian guys who really deserve all the success they can get. Plus one of them's a long distance friend.) Anyway, though lyrics are very important to enjoy the music depending on the moment (or not so important, in the case of Soulja Boy) I feel a beat really carries the song. It really sticks with you. Anyway, I don't really e
  4. [quote name='Keyblade Wielder'][FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Seems like you know a lot about it, lol. :smirk: Anyway, I too, hope it comes soon without any delay or anything. It looks very interesting, much darker and more blood/gore than any FF game has ever given before. Maybe like [B]Drakengard[/B]? Who knows, but I seem to believe that was the only bloody/gory/darker/violent game that Square Enix has ever released? I don't know, anyone can correct me if I'm wrong here.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] Oooh I don't know about that. You've got the Par
  5. Well it appears I've caught my first super rare fish - a [b][color=blue]Blue Marlin.[/color][/b]. I'm not sure if this is a glitch because I checked up in the fish directory and it says that it appears specifically during August, and last time I checked, it was September 21st yesterday. ^_^
  6. I see, thankyou very much. Silpheed Pilot and I were thinking of meeting up via Animal Crossing so any are welcome to join. One last question, I asked SP but I just wanted to confirm as to what the maximum number of residents is? I only ask because it can seem a little sparse in the sense that I'm often wandering without any residents in sight.
  7. Well when I purchase this WiFi USB I will let you know. (For some reason I thought the DS came with a built-in adapter.) Well anyway, my town's called [b]Chillton[/b] and the native fruit are pears. Currently I've got a wolf called Lobo whose a bit of a jerk, a cat called Tangy, an alligator named Alli and a new resident whom is a sheep called Vesta. Though Vesta doesn't want to talk as she's 'unpacking'. Do the challenges the residents make really make a difference? Or are they just dialogue? I ask this because Lobo wants to see who can catch a Catfish first, and I've yet to find o
  8. The only reason that I can think of is perhaps that it is related to your modem. Also, I timed a wrong time to revive this thread as it was the last post on Page 8 so for those who are reading... READ MY POST! As I'd like to play with you.
  9. Well I think I'm about two years late with getting this game, however I only acquired a DS Lite for my birthday last month. So there. Having played a little bit of Final Fantasy III and nearly finishing with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I've turned my sights onto this little marvel which should [i]hopefully[/i] be arriving tomorrow. Anyway, I'm not expecting much of a response, however, I was just wondering if anyone still played it. It seems that WiFi really makes a difference with this game, and though I'd need the USB to use it, it'd be really good to eventually play with some
  10. [quote name='Goodbye, Face'][font=arial][size=1] Setting up my router was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I've seriously never been more frustrated. I still can't get port forwarding to work, despite having a really detailed guide on it for my specific router. It's a piece of crap that I have to unplug it then replug everyday to get it to work. Leave it to my dad to get the cheapest one he could possibly find. [/font][/size][/QUOTE] Ah don't even [i]go[/i] there. I unfortunately use a Netgear router which is a pile of crap in my opinion. Not only is i
  11. [quote name='Sandy']Other than Final Fantasies, I would highly suggest trying out [B]Suikoden V[/B]...[/quote] Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan of Suikoden (though only the originals) for a long while. A while in that I refuse to sell Suikoden II for the big price it could get on eBay. However, am I the only one that really didn't have the patience for Suikoden V? In my opinion it really lacked the charm of the first and second. I'm not a graphic-o-phile however the world just felt bland. Perhaps I wasn't far enough in, but the monster designs were so unoriginal and were carbon co
  12. Thankyou very much guys, you've all been a superb help. I'm caught betweenthe [b]Alienware Area 51 m9750[/b] and the [b]Dell XPS M1710[/b]. I can get the Alienware for £1,350 with the 2 gigs RAM and 7,200 RPM hard drive, also contemplating the downgrade from Vista. Is this a good deal? For alot more (which I can't afford) an upgrade with the Alienware Area51 m9750 model is Dual 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX GDDR3. I can't afford this but would this be phenomenal power, or would I be fine with just the single card? Actually, how good is the damn card? lol. Argh I'm confused. It's too m
  13. Thankyou BK, that's [i]extremely[/i] helpful. Thought I was going out on a whim for a second with no replies. You sound like the expert. I'm going to research them further having looked at that Alienware one which looks really sweet but also really expensive. A couple more questions though... As this is a lot of money to spend, I'm going to want it to last, and knowing technology as I do, it seems that once you purchase a model, it's out of date immediately. So will the laptop still be respectable in 2 years time? Because obviously Direct X10 is going to be utilised, and I always re
  14. Hello all. Well, to cut to the chase - my second university year starts in a month and so I'm going to be moving into a house and truly experience the big, scary world, exempt from the security of campus... Yeah right. Anyway, for the first year, I ended up lugging my big Dell Desktop to and fro for when terms began and ended and it was a bit annoying to say the least. Therefore, my mother's confronted me with an idea that she would give me my christmas present early in the form of a nice laptop. I feel pretty bad as they are expensive no matter the specs, but I enquired as to
  15. Just saw it as I took my father out for a birthday treat. Loved it so much I felt like driving home as if I was being chased by Interpol - and funnily enough I had a bit of a swerve-scare in the process. >_> So yes, I came out wanting to be Jason Bourne and as such, that means I was gripped by the film. However, am I the only one who thinks they really left it open for a fourth one? I know Matt Damon has said he wouldn't, blah blah blah, but I just would've liked to have had a [i]bit[/i] more closure in the end. The actions scenes were phenomenal, especially the unconventional fighti
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