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  1. On Final Fantasy VII. [spoiler]I can understand the sadness portrayed in that one scene. However, did no one go back to the church on a later disc and find that one particular moment heart breaking?[/spoiler] Also, I own Crisis Core but got a tad bored with the constant and random battle system. Is it worth playing to the end just to see that ending sequence?
  2. It's a good game with a fair amount of depth to it as well. I think I got about 14 hours into it but university-life overtook so I couldn't quite involve myself with it as much as I would've liked. One thing I appreciated the most about the game is that there are a few major side-quests that you can involve yourself in and they're actually fun. Usually in an RPG I'll play a side-quest just for the sake of doing so in the name of completion but they're well written into the storyline. You made a good purchase so I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Though you'd never be able to tell, I'm a huge lover of meaningful Hip Hop. I love many types of music, but there's nothing better than a good dose of [B][PLUG]Sweatshop Union[/End PLUG][/B] when you just want to chill. (By the way, do check them out. They're Canadian guys who really deserve all the success they can get. Plus one of them's a long distance friend.) Anyway, though lyrics are very important to enjoy the music depending on the moment (or not so important, in the case of Soulja Boy) I feel a beat really carries the song. It really sticks with you. Anyway, I don't really expect a discussion, and I'm not sure if this thread should even be here, but what's the best tool to use for making beats? Do any of you know of any good computer programs at all? Thanks for the help. *Record Scratch*
  4. [quote name='Keyblade Wielder'][FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Seems like you know a lot about it, lol. :smirk: Anyway, I too, hope it comes soon without any delay or anything. It looks very interesting, much darker and more blood/gore than any FF game has ever given before. Maybe like [B]Drakengard[/B]? Who knows, but I seem to believe that was the only bloody/gory/darker/violent game that Square Enix has ever released? I don't know, anyone can correct me if I'm wrong here.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] Oooh I don't know about that. You've got the Parasite Eve duo and Vagrant Story.
  5. Well it appears I've caught my first super rare fish - a [b][color=blue]Blue Marlin.[/color][/b]. I'm not sure if this is a glitch because I checked up in the fish directory and it says that it appears specifically during August, and last time I checked, it was September 21st yesterday. ^_^
  6. I see, thankyou very much. Silpheed Pilot and I were thinking of meeting up via Animal Crossing so any are welcome to join. One last question, I asked SP but I just wanted to confirm as to what the maximum number of residents is? I only ask because it can seem a little sparse in the sense that I'm often wandering without any residents in sight.
  7. Well when I purchase this WiFi USB I will let you know. (For some reason I thought the DS came with a built-in adapter.) Well anyway, my town's called [b]Chillton[/b] and the native fruit are pears. Currently I've got a wolf called Lobo whose a bit of a jerk, a cat called Tangy, an alligator named Alli and a new resident whom is a sheep called Vesta. Though Vesta doesn't want to talk as she's 'unpacking'. Do the challenges the residents make really make a difference? Or are they just dialogue? I ask this because Lobo wants to see who can catch a Catfish first, and I've yet to find one. The fish that made the most difference to Blathers were a Koi and a King Salmon.
  8. The only reason that I can think of is perhaps that it is related to your modem. Also, I timed a wrong time to revive this thread as it was the last post on Page 8 so for those who are reading... READ MY POST! As I'd like to play with you.
  9. Well I think I'm about two years late with getting this game, however I only acquired a DS Lite for my birthday last month. So there. Having played a little bit of Final Fantasy III and nearly finishing with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I've turned my sights onto this little marvel which should [i]hopefully[/i] be arriving tomorrow. Anyway, I'm not expecting much of a response, however, I was just wondering if anyone still played it. It seems that WiFi really makes a difference with this game, and though I'd need the USB to use it, it'd be really good to eventually play with some people and vandalise your villages... Just kidding. Who knows, maybe you guys will want to start again. See ya'.
  10. [quote name='Goodbye, Face'][font=arial][size=1] Setting up my router was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I've seriously never been more frustrated. I still can't get port forwarding to work, despite having a really detailed guide on it for my specific router. It's a piece of crap that I have to unplug it then replug everyday to get it to work. Leave it to my dad to get the cheapest one he could possibly find. [/font][/size][/QUOTE] Ah don't even [i]go[/i] there. I unfortunately use a Netgear router which is a pile of crap in my opinion. Not only is it a temperamental device but their customer support line is, like many other companies, situated in somewhere like Bombay and it's impossible to extract information the first five times. Not only that but my mother had to wait literally two hours on hold before some 'expert' came to the line only to read some step-by-step guidelines on how to tackle [i]'our'[/i] problem. And Port Forwarding's a *****. I can hardly play any games online, or if I can at all, I have to keep trying to join a game, for example, if I'm using the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade server. It's weird how the internet's still a relatively new consumer invention, and as much as we complain, we devote so much time to it.
  11. [quote name='Sandy']Other than Final Fantasies, I would highly suggest trying out [B]Suikoden V[/B]...[/quote] Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan of Suikoden (though only the originals) for a long while. A while in that I refuse to sell Suikoden II for the big price it could get on eBay. However, am I the only one that really didn't have the patience for Suikoden V? In my opinion it really lacked the charm of the first and second. I'm not a graphic-o-phile however the world just felt bland. Perhaps I wasn't far enough in, but the monster designs were so unoriginal and were carbon copies of every other knife-wielding rabbit or boar you'd fought five hours previously. I don't know, maybe I just needed a bit more patience. Also, the war parts were rubbish. I enjoyed the little figurines charging into eachother on the second. By all means, prove me wrong Sandy as I'd like to really enjoy the game. Anyway. to get the focus of this post on topic, I say Suikoden II is much better than V.
  12. Thankyou very much guys, you've all been a superb help. I'm caught betweenthe [b]Alienware Area 51 m9750[/b] and the [b]Dell XPS M1710[/b]. I can get the Alienware for £1,350 with the 2 gigs RAM and 7,200 RPM hard drive, also contemplating the downgrade from Vista. Is this a good deal? For alot more (which I can't afford) an upgrade with the Alienware Area51 m9750 model is Dual 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX GDDR3. I can't afford this but would this be phenomenal power, or would I be fine with just the single card? Actually, how good is the damn card? lol. Argh I'm confused. It's too much money to throw away. It's annoying about this DirectX10 situation as I can't really wait due to term starting again and whatnot. And I know that uni consists of alot of partying (I'm a second year now) but work's going to be more serious and thus I need more play capabilities. ;) Haha, Red I was thinking of cutting a few quid on ordering from the US, but I decided for guarantee purposes that I'd better not. What was your reason for not ordering from the US? Oh, and it also says that it won't ship 'til October? Is it not out yet or something in the UK?
  13. Thankyou BK, that's [i]extremely[/i] helpful. Thought I was going out on a whim for a second with no replies. You sound like the expert. I'm going to research them further having looked at that Alienware one which looks really sweet but also really expensive. A couple more questions though... As this is a lot of money to spend, I'm going to want it to last, and knowing technology as I do, it seems that once you purchase a model, it's out of date immediately. So will the laptop still be respectable in 2 years time? Because obviously Direct X10 is going to be utilised, and I always read criticism of Vista... so how would, say, a Dell XPS M1710 hold up with top of the range games out at the moment?
  14. Hello all. Well, to cut to the chase - my second university year starts in a month and so I'm going to be moving into a house and truly experience the big, scary world, exempt from the security of campus... Yeah right. Anyway, for the first year, I ended up lugging my big Dell Desktop to and fro for when terms began and ended and it was a bit annoying to say the least. Therefore, my mother's confronted me with an idea that she would give me my christmas present early in the form of a nice laptop. I feel pretty bad as they are expensive no matter the specs, but I enquired as to what the budget was and she said around £1000. In dollars, with the current exchange rate, that's 2000 bucks, give or take. I'm pretty excited but laptops have always been a bit of a taboo for me as I didn't find them particularly practical for my interests. I realise I'm going to mainly use it for coursework, however I try to feed a pretty hardcore gaming habit. Therefore, I was wondering if any of you tech-whizzes knew if laptops were capable of playing games like... hmmm... Supreme Commander? With my budget of course. Also, do you guys know of any particular builds I should be looking for/companies? Basically, any advice/anecdotes would be much appreciated. Thankya' kindly.
  15. Just saw it as I took my father out for a birthday treat. Loved it so much I felt like driving home as if I was being chased by Interpol - and funnily enough I had a bit of a swerve-scare in the process. >_> So yes, I came out wanting to be Jason Bourne and as such, that means I was gripped by the film. However, am I the only one who thinks they really left it open for a fourth one? I know Matt Damon has said he wouldn't, blah blah blah, but I just would've liked to have had a [i]bit[/i] more closure in the end. The actions scenes were phenomenal, especially the unconventional fighting. [spoiler]Towel > Blade = Win![/spoiler] I have one question though, and please don't flame me if I sound really stupid. But.. [spoiler]I've just returned from Sicily and read some of the Bourne Identity and from what I'm getting, a character named Carlos is very important. Now I know the movie's not faithful to the book, so am I right in thinking Carlos wasn't included? I really should re-watch Identity and Supremacy.[/spoiler]
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