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  1. [quote name='Tallgeese-']Yea you definitely missed it then. Watching anime is part of who you are, if you hide it from people i.e. someone asks you if you watch anime and you deny it you're putting up a front because you are ashamed. I don't know about where you are from but I don't know too many people that like fake people so.........whatever, do what you gotta do to be cool.[/QUOTE] I can see what you mean by your perspective and i respect it. But I think its more of a fear when I hide the fact that I like anime. I don't want to be stereotyped like how I see otakus get stereotyped. So I don't hide it because I'm ashamed of it. If someone does talk about anime or if someone that likes anime does talk to me, i do talk to them about the subject. So its not like I'm super shut in about anime anyways. I share my interests if someone brings it up and when they don't there's really no point to talk about it.
  2. For me, I think it would be some random singing. Most of the time its the songs I know all the lyrics too, but occasionally I might make up some random lyrics with a beat with another song. The songs are usually strange but sometimes the song might be pretty catchy.
  3. Hmm I'd have to say that fish are for eating aren't they? I really don't see the point in naming fish in general "sea kitten". I think only baby catfish can only have that name (except pr the sea part). Fish pretty healthy to eat too but just not as tasty as lets say beef. But why stop at fish why don't change other food names too! Like: Cow - Calf Pork - Piglet Chicken - chick Duck - duckling Don't they all sound so appetizing? :animedepr
  4. I have honestly became teary eyed when playing a game and weirdly it was Elite Beat Agents for the DS. The story behind one mission was that this [spoiler]little girls daddy died before x-mas, so you (the elite beat agents) must encourage this little girl and the mom to move on. One of the scenes was when the 2 were cleaning up the dads study and they found his diary. When they picked it up a picture dropped out having both the mom and the little girl in it, showing that he always thought about them. So this went on for about 3 more scenes till the dads ghost came home before x-mas and they all had a big hug (that was the past that made me sad). Oh, and the song that was playing with it was "Your the inspiration" by Chicago which was the perfect song for it.[/spoiler] So, Has a game ever made you cry/teary eyed? If so, what game and what part?
  5. I actually disagree with what most of you people are saying. When people make friends, they make friends cause they share a common interest. Like for example, people that like cars. You wont find people that like cars hanging out with Amish folk. So what I'm trying to point out is that saying otaku's don't have friends is a complete lie. I've seen otakus that hang out with other otakus, I my self have friends that are in fact otakus. But there are another type of people that contradict this and those are people who like anime but hide that fact to other people. I can honestly say that i am this kind of person. I'm not very open with talking about anime (that hasn't been shown on adultswim) around other people. So I don't criticized often.
  6. [quote name='Ikillion'][COLOR=#35160f][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]So how many times has season 2 been confirmed again? I lost count far too many times ago.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] One too many times i believe. But from what dagger posted, it seems to me that the new season might come out sooner than we all think. Maybe they are trying to re-familiarize us with the series again. But I'm just trying to throw some ideas around.
  7. These are pretty good. [IMG]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z31/GreenishDemon/9ed46af459c35f72cdcaf6b64ab48123.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z31/GreenishDemon/piranhas.jpg[/IMG]
  8. Well I'll give am awesome English voice actor: Liam O'brien Mostly known for Gaara (Naruto) and Archer (Fate Stay Night) This guy has such a cool voice, but he always gets the weird roles.
  9. I would have to go with saber because of her personality. Its really cute how she acts all tough, but inside, she's still a girl and when that side shows it just blows my mind.:animesmil However, archer was still a cool customer. Being the arrogant yet caring kind of person is just too cool. I also like how Liam O'Brien portrayed him. His voice just summed it all up.
  10. [quote name='2009DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]I've been doing hentai reviews lately on my blog being as I am more well-versed in the area than most. Indeed, there are plenty of great hentai out there (funny, I had seen next to none when this thread actually began.) Anyone whose seen Hatsu Inu can tell you it's as good as any other slightly-above-average romance anime. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] I have to agree, except for the slightly-above-average-part. I believe its actually more of the best hentai dojins around [B]because [/B]of its romance. If I had to recomend a series it would probably be "Love Selection" by Kisaragi Gunma. Its a collection of short stories, having mostly random plots. However, the art is excellent. The best I've ever seen in my opinion.
  11. [quote name='JaredThaJa']Obviously the Worst Fictional characters Period to be stuck on an Island with Would Team Rocket, with their Anoying Motto.[/QUOTE] HAHAHA YEAH!! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! Another reason for not having them with me, is because if we try to escape the island. We might just blow up or something in the middle of the ocean.
  12. Hahaha, oh man.. I just love OB. This subject was something called "the door that no one opens!!" (with the scary music of course). But its obviously not a bad thing... I hope its not.:animestun Well on the subject, it's really interesting to find an actual story to hentai. (since its really rare, unless its animated). Because most of the time the story like "BANG!" they run the bases right off the bat. I'd say a lot of hentai is usually like that.
  13. I heard they changed directors in the middle of production. Which is, from what I'm guessing, the reason for the delay. Cause those hints came our such a long time ago.:animedepr
  14. Im actually torn between the two. They both share aspects that really gives the character, well.. Its character. More or less I could say that voice acting is almost the same as in singing, because there is a fine line between singing and just plain talking. With voice acting, the voice is either very colorful and clear when expressing emotions or is just sum dull robot. Do you know what i mean?:animeswea Well, the bottom line is that in some cases the original voice acting is excellent (like Naruto) and there are other cases where the dubbing is truly awesome (like The melancholy of Haurhi and FLCL for example). I think why most people like the subs is obviously the voice acting is better. It's because usually the [B][U]original [/U][/B] director of that series chooses the voices on how he pictures this series, which is often times a very good pick for a particular role.
  15. I have to go with FFMA. As much as I love Naruto and Bleach, FFMA is completed. And unlike Deathnote, FFMA gives a full spectrum of the genre wheel. EDIT: However, now that I've actually read and understand the meaning of this thread I think there should be some more choices. Because there are ALOT of awesome series that could possibly be good choices. But now that I think about it, these 5 series really sums up anime in general. So don't listen so me.
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