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  1. [SIZE=1]Adiol pulled tight the straps of his armor, bringing the steel plate to his chest and setting it firmly. The metal almost molded to his figure, sculpted to perfection, just for him. A cross was placed in the upper right section of the armor, just above his heart. He slid his fingers through the fastened holes of a gauntlet on each hand, and his feet into rough plate boots. Armor leggings and pauldrons followed and soon enough he was completely protected and ready for battle. A sword materialized in each hand, their golden blades gleaming in the sun showing through the castle window. [I]You two have served me well, and now our time is coming to an end. I ask of you both to aid me in these last battles, and guide my forsaken soul to wherever it shall reside for the rest of eternity.[/I] [CENTER] - - - [/CENTER] "It's Adiol! The damned angel!" shouted one of the guardians among a large group moving through the plains towards an unknown destination. Rubedo had no doubt sent them to a position in an attempt to help implement his plan against both Adiol and Reoan. [B]"You all shall be judged,"[/B] shouted Adiol from across the field, both swords drawn and at his sides. [B]"Get him!"[/B] shouted the guardian again. Instantly the sound of drawing swords filled the air, shields readying and guardian hearts trembling with fear. They knew not the power of their opponent. Guardians, powerful as they may be, are still merely humans, and could never compare to the likes of an angel. His wings burst into full span, stretching as he took a battle stance. The group of enemies ran towards him rapidly, shouting battlecries and hymns to bless them in war. Adiol reared back and threw his sword, watching as it lodged in the chest of the groups front runner. He instantly took to the air, grabbed his sword from the body and began fighting the others. Swords clashed as the guardians surrounded him, slicing insistently from all angles. Adiol spun wildly, not even acknowledging the oncoming attacks, he could feel his swords rip through human flesh as he jumped from the center of the fray and landed outside it. Several bodies fell to the ground while the others ran towards him again. [I]Enough of this[/I] he thought to himself. And with that his swords disintegrated, as he slammed his right palm to the ground. White lightning glided across the dry surface in every direction, striking the guardians and instantly killing them. As the attack struck, each one was judged; bolts rippling through their bodies, flowing in their veins. After the bodies were drained of their blood, the jolts would exit and continue to the next. As he absorbed the final bolt of energy back into his arm, he gazed out among the battlefield. The plain was covered with bodies, until their souls purified, and their material remains disappeared. Even for heretics such as they, Adiol had offered vindication. Their actions were blasphemy, but their ideas and intent were true and noble. [I]On to the next...[/I] [B]OOC: I took out a good amount of guardians here, but I didn't want to make an amazing fight since there'll be better ones in the future. Seibzeihn, you should tie up any loose ends you may have, since after I sort out a few more things I'll be killing you.[/B][/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE=1]Adiol sat quietly atop a lavished balcony extending from his room in the highest of heaven's clouds. His feet hung over the smooth marble edge as he leaned back, admiring all that heaven had to offer. Children laughed and played among the streets, the smallest one's just getting the hang of their wings. Mothers and fathers laughed slightly to themselves as they watched the young ones stumble through the air. There was people everywhere, as always, but not a frown to be seen among the crowds. This is what he was fighting for, if only the people of earth could realize this state of happiness and tranquility. Of course there would be problems, but simple sparks of this same vindication would at least give him hope for better days. Sometimes this was what he needed, a moment to sit back and take in everything that had helped in creating him, and that he had helped to create. The innocence of a small cherub face, the subtle mist from a swift waterfall drop, he wondered if this was his equivalency. Although life had given him nothing directly, simply having been able to veiw such a sight was surely some sort of gift from God. However, his time was cut short by a mysterious prescence, now looming over his castle. He rose to his feet and turned to see a cloaked figure standing before him. It's arms were crossed and placed in the opposite sleeve and the face was hidden by a flowing black hood. [B]"I was sent to deliver you this message,"[/B] the person spoke, revealing the voice of a human male, deep and forlorn. He pulled his right arm from the sleeve and in his hand was a piece of white parchment, and so he read. [INDENT][I]Adiol High Angel of Heaven What is it that you're fighting for? Reoan has you beat, and the world feels oppressed upon you; I tell you, leave while you still can. Your kind is not welcome here anymore; Gods purpose was not to have earth as a battlefield for your war with Hell, or even with Reoan for that matter. Do it somewhere else, but not here, or we will attack swiftly without warning. I will give you time to prepare your kinds departure never to return again, but do not ignore this warning. This is our time, not yours anymore.[/I][/INDENT] With that the parchment was slid back in his sleeve and the voice spoke again, [B]"What is your reply,"[/B] the man spoke. [B]"You have no authority here,"[/B] Adiol spoke confidently. [B]"I'm tired of being a pawn in this game, my life was forged by my own hand, Judgement's Right-Hand. And you shall be judged!"[/B] he shouted in fury, leaping towards the cloaked man. His palm met with the figure's chest and ripped it's way through, erupting from the back with a splash of scarlet fluid. As he removed his arm from the body, it fell limp to the ground. The man's heart bled steadily from Adiol's hand, until it began to dry from the exposure. The body disintegrated into thin air, leaving nothing behind but the crimson souvenier. In a flash Adiol stood before Rubedo, the air almost cut by a steady leer. [B]"I trust you got the message,"[/B] Rubedo spoke. [B]"Indeed I did, I'm simply here to deliver my own,"[/B] Adiol returned, tossing the saturated organ to the ground. [B]"He has been judged, as will you all. I understand the turmoil in which Earth is in, but bringing about balance will restore all that is lost. And Earth is neutral ground, so it is where we will battle. Your veiled threats do not go unnoticed, simply unheeded.[/B] [B]"You're a fool Adiol, you had your chance. Heaven and Hell will both fall to the power of the guardians. Balance will come about, by our hands."[/B] Rubedo spoke. Adiol stood silent and left with a flash, leaving Rubedo and a small white feather where he once stood. [CENTER]-[/CENTER] [I]Why wasn't I told of this?![/I] Adiol shouted to God, infuriated. [I]The Guardians veiled their power, even from me. Rubedo was always neutral, I just didn't expect a neutral force[/I] the voice returned. [I]I wouldn't be surprised if this was what you planned all along, pitting Heaven and Hell against one another to weaken them, and then simply leaving it to the guardians to finish us off[/I] Adiol echoed. [I]Think what you will, but the plan is still in motion. You will fight them both[/I] the voice answered. [I]While the lesser angels fight the lesser demons of Hell, you and those you've chosen will accompany you to battle Reoan and Rubedo. Ready yourself.[/I] [B]OOC: There you go Kairi, hope everything looks good.[/B][/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE=1]Adiol leaned silently against a large stone atop the hill where he and Reoan had battled. Everyone had gone, but what of him? He'd lost nearly everything in his life, and now to gain some sort "closure," he was expected to defy his own wishes and fulfill another's. One might think he'd be use to it by now, having spent his entire life a martyr for the cause, yet with each sacrifice the hatred grew within him. His soul tainted, it's once giving nature turned to nothing more then an admiration of greed and it's spoils. [I]I deserve them[/I] he thought reassuringly. [I]No one understands, my life is just a joke to them. A meaningless existence created out of nothing more then God's flawed vision[/I] he echoed, his teeth beginning to grind together slightly. [I]She understands[/I] spoke the voice of the Great One. [I]What does she know?! We've both sacrificed, but she has gained, and I have not. Whatever happened to God's belief of equivalency?![/I] he shouted in return. [I]You both defy me, but neither of you truly understand the depths of all the happenings around you. You could have very well been given your equivalency, and simply not noticed. Both of you stray from your destiny, and refuse to accept the inevitable, sometimes I must take certain precautions to ensure that you return to the path you are meant to follow[/I] the voiced boomed. [I]You could never control me, or the girl for that matter. Your precautions are nothing more then attempts to cover up your own mistakes. I forge my own path in life, and that really ticks you off doesn't it?[/I] Adiol laughed menacingly. [I]God is supposed to be the perfect being, and so there are no mistakes, but that's all changed hasn't it?[/I] [I]Hmph, try not to waste all your time defying me, you'll need every last ounce of power to deal with the girl. She's made many allies, Asariel having been one of them[/I] the voice spoke. [I]So, what does he have to do with anything?[/I] Adiol spoke, slightly confused. [I]Well, they seem to be coming closer together, if you know what I mean[/I] the voice implied, laughing slightly. This very thought enraged Adiol, and without even thinking he swung his left fist towards the boulder beside him. His hand broke the surface and haulted towards it's center as the large stone began to crumble around him. His knuckles bled furiously as he began to tediously snap each finger back into place. [I]I thought you'd react that way[/I] the voice laughed loudly. [I]Next time you intend to fight the girl, don't do it alone, you can't defeat them all you know.[/I] And with that the voice disappeared and left Adiol standing solemn, alone once again. As much as he knew he should be considering tactical options, his mind drifted off, furious as ever. [I]I am judgement, they will pay.[/I][/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE=1]The two stared each other down with such focus, Reoan panting heavily and Adiol breathing just as he had before. The scenery had turned much darker, as rain began to drizzle from the tainted sky. It was only natural, the battlefield where two such conflicting energies would meet could never sustain a wholesome environment. This is what Reoan had feared, turning the very hill from her childhood, a living memory, into nothing more then another collateral wasteland. She was tired, tired of sacrifice, tired of giving everything away and getting nothing in return - not this time. Suddenly she let out a piercing cry, her muscles tensing and knuckles turning a bright shade of ivory. Adiol stepped back in awe as her power increased dramatically, her aura pulsating through the air nearly knocking everyone from their feet. Rubedo held the small girl close, his feet sinking slightly as he regained composure. Adiol did the same, throwing a hard shoulder to his opponents force and holding his ground against the power. [B]"What's that??"[/B] Asariel asked, astonished by the abrupt change in power. [B]"It's not Adiol, no, this time it's different,"[/B] he spoke, recieving no answer. Kraven sat silently, shaking his head [B]"It's Reoan."[/B] [I]Flashback...[/I] [INDENT]Adiol and Reoan sat adjacent atop a beautiful green hill, both gazing up aimlessly as the sun began set. Reoan's attention drifted from the sky to the angel sitting beside her; it was one of the first times she'd actually seen Adiol's entire face. He'd moved his hair to the side in an attempt to gain a better veiw of the landscape. The bright colors of the sky played across his pupils, entrancing her even further to their definition. As beautiful as the shifting horizon might have been, it was so much more so through his eyes, as most things were. Whenever her vision of life was distorted, she could find that sparse clarity in her lover's eyes. Her hand moved to his and as their fingers began to interlock, she felt safe. It was as though their souls fit in suit with their hands, finding a worthwhile vindication. [B]"I love this place,"[/B] Adiol spoke softly, still gazing out among the progressively brighter stars. [B]"Me too,"[/B] spoke Reoan, leaning her head slightly to the side and resting it on the angel's shoulders. [B]"No matter what happens, we'll always have this place,"[/B] Adiol continued. [B]"The wars won't last forever, but this memory will. And I'd gladly trade my life to protect it."[/B] Reoan sighed at the thought of the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell, and the realization that Adiol may be forced to participate. Hearing his lover's heave of uncertainty, Adiol drew his attention to the women beside him, placing his finger just under her chin and raising her eyes to meet his own. [B]"It'll be alright, I promise,"[/B][/INDENT] [I]End Flashback...[/I] Adiol fell to his knees as the pulsating aura ceased it's violent pounding. [B]"Do you remember now?"[/B] Reoan shouted across the field, anger plastered across her face. Adiol rose slowly from the ground, hunched over slightly. [B]"Did you think that silly vision would change my mind?"[/B] he shouted back. [B]"Stop wasting my time with useless memories, the time is now, and you will die!"[/B] [B]OOC: There's a little flashback for you DC.[/B][/SIZE]
  5. [SIZE=1]Adiol flipped back as Reoan's sword struck his own, knocking him awry for only a second. Both of his swords had instantly appeared, and showed glimmering in the sunlight as he took a stance and a slight breath to ready himself. His eyes closed and everyone was silent, only the wind over the hills could be heard at a distance. Soon enough Reoan's feet pounded the ground as she lunged towards him in another attack. Swords struck and the hills rumbled with the loud clash of metal. Both fighters slid back on the damp grass and took the time to regain composure. [B]"Is that all you've got Adiol?"[/B] he heard Reoan shout from across the field. This time it was Adiol's turn; he burst from the ground with tremendous speed, blowing grass to the air, leaving vacant ground where he once stood. He swung violently at Reoan, who stepped back in defense as the swords met repeatedly. Adiol floated in the air just a few feet above the ground, swinging down massively at his opponent, searching for a way to land a blow. Reoan found an opening and thrust her sword through it, grazing his shoulder ever so slightly as he dipped back to dodge the attack. She was left open and in an instant Adiol's hand was wrapped around her neck, squeezing tightly as the crisp clean air escaped her lungs. He looked down at her and smiled just before raising his arm and slamming her to the ground with immense force. She slid across the grass, rolling and bouncing wildly before coming to a stop quite aways from where Adiol stood. [B]"Reoan!"[/B] the group shouted, running to her aid and kneeling next to the fallen girl. Adiol rose his hand to the slight wound on his shoulder, running two fingers along it's length. [I]Hmph, it's nothing[/I] he thought to himself, lowering his arms and crossing them in front of his chest. [B]"Come now Reoan, I thought you would've been more of a challenge then that,"[/B] Adiol shouted across the field. Reoan began to rise from the ground, coughing slightly as drops of blood escaped her lips. She stood up straight, wiping the fluid from the side of her mouth. [B]"I'm not done yet."[/B] [B]OOC: Off to you DC. I'll probably add a flashback next time around.[/B][/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE=1]As Adiol's eyes opened he saw the figures of all his enemies standing just before him. At the sight of Reoan he could feel a deep drop in his stomach, quick to regain his composure and shrug off the awkward pain. Everyone turned to him abruptly, their faces glazed with anger. He brushed himself off slightly and smiled, [B]"sorry I'm late,"[/B] he spoke jokingly. [B]"What are you doing here?"[/B] spat Rubedo. [B]"Didn't I tell you to stop bothering me or I'd kill you,"[/B] he continued, moving his hand just above his weapon's hilt. [B]"Not here Rubedo, there's to many people,"[/B] Reoan spoke up, walking to the front of the group and stopping just before Adiol. [B]"Leave, now,"[/B] she spoke sternly. [B]"You know me better then that Reoan, what happened, didn't you miss me?"[/B] Adiol spoke menacingly. [B]"No matter, if you don't wish to speak here then we'll go somewhere else."[/B] He rose his fingers slightly and snapped, instantly the scenery changed. City streets were enveloped by flowing green plains and the middle of nowhere never looked so beautiful. [B]"Remember this place Reoan?"[/B] Adiol asked. Her face went blank as the rest of her group turned to await her reply. [B]"How dare you bring us here Adiol,"[/B] she spoke angrily. [B]"Do you truly wish to corrupt this place as you have so many others? You have changed..."[/B] she continued. [B]"Of course I've changed! After everything that's happened, the places I've been, the things I've seen, would you expect any different?! Did you think things would be the same?! That we'd return to the very hill where we sat as children and everything else would disappear, don't be naive Reoan."[/B] he shouted. [B]"Enough of this, draw your weapon,"[/B] Rubedo spoke, unsheathing his sword and slightly wincing as the sun glared from it's blade. [B]"Lets go."[/B] [B]OOC: Figured it'd be fun to start a fight between Adiol and everyone else, since he's so powerful and all lol. DC knows what this hill means, so if she feels necessary she'll explain.[/B][/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE=1][I]I witnessed your encounter with Rubedo, not quite as impressive as I'd expected[/I] spoke the divine voice in Adiol's head once again. [I]You've got no idea what I'm planning. Probing my mind offers you only the most basic of thoughts. Rubedo will join me, I assure you[/I] Adiol returned, his confidence as strong as ever. [I]As much as he distrusts me, Reoan suffers the same fate. I'll be sure to visit him again soon. Guardians are so foolish, as neutral as he wishes to be, when the truth comes out he'll be forced to choose, and he will choose me...or I'll kill him.[/I] [I]Don't be to hasty, I too believe he's leaning towards our side. Not because of your persuasion tactics, merely because he hungers for battle, and what better opponent then yourself?[/I] the voice spoke, following a booming laugh. [I]And keep an eye on Sartael. It's hard enough keeping track of her as it is, I don't need her crossing between plains or bothering the Zodiacs.[/I] [I]She means well, her methods are just a bit unorthodox. Luckily for you I'm one of the only people able to keep her in line[/I] Adiol returned. [CENTER] - [/CENTER] [B]"...you just have to trust me, and let me pull a few strings here or there."[/B] And with that Sartael disappeared, leaving a disgruntled and somewhat confused Adiol behind. Soon after he was joined again by his young messenger. [B]"Hello Sir Adiol,"[/B] he spoke quietly. [B]"I don't have time for this now. Until Sartael returns I'll have to leave the Zodiacs be; it's best to humor her for now. I'll continue working with Rubedo, and maybe some others now that I think of it..."[/B] Adiol spoke, immediately disappearing and leaving only a single white feather behind.[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE=1][B]"Who do you think we should contact first Lord Adiol?"[/B] spoke an angel younger then himself, but very similar from a physical standpoint. [B]"The demons are easily coaxed. As much as I hate interacting with them on any level, they'll help our cause later on. The Zodiacs are those we should be concerned with. The girl already has a few on her side, and since we ourselves cannot restore balance, we must rely on them to do it for us. Her influence is great as well, very few have yet to hear of her story and we'll have to do our best to put this to an end quickly. I will first contact the one called "Rubedo," his thoughts tell me he thirsts for balance, as well as a woman of some sort. I believe he'll find our cause a most admirable one."[/B] spoke Adiol, confident as always. [B]Afterwards I shall contact Raven and Zane, who's displeasure for Reoan will work in our favor. Raven and Rubedo long to reunite as well, I can feel it."[/B] And with that the young angel nodded and disappeared. It was his job to report to the powers that be with all the details and progress that had been made. As much as Adiol hated to follow someone elses guidlines, it was in his best interest that everyone who needed to know of the situation, knew. [CENTER] - [/CENTER] [I]Hello Rubedo[/I] spoke a solemn voice in his head. Nowadays Rubedo was use to the casual conversation cluttering his mind, but this voice was one he hadn't heard before. [I]What do you want[/I] he answered bluntly. [I]It's not about what I want, it's about what you want[/I] Adiol returned, his soft voice somewhat calming to the persistently enraged Guardian. [I]I don't like people entering my mind unannounced, and in your case unwelcomed. I suggest you leave before I decide to hunt you down and take care of you myself[/I] Rubedo returned, not at all impressed by the civilty of the intruder. [I]Is that really what you want? Or is it Raven that you want? To a create a balance for her maybe? I can do that you know[/I] Adiol spoke reassuringly. [I]Who are you...?[/I] And with that Adiol appeared in front of the Guardian, light eminating from his every pore as he floated to the ground slowly, wings spread to their very limits. His feet reached the ground as well as several glowing white plums encircling his figure. [B]"Hello Rubedo."[/B] [B]OOC: Finally got this thing started.[/B][/SIZE]
  9. [COLOR=White][SIZE=1] [IMG]http://tinypic.com/e6bv37.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://tinypic.com/e6bv42.png[/IMG] [LEFT][B]Name[/B]: Adiol [B]Gender[/B]: Male [B]Position[/B]: Angel [B]Personality[/B]: Adiol's personality is tough to decipher and it's nearly impossible for someone who hasn't known him for years to make it past his mental clutter and to it's core. He has tendencies, as most do, but these are much more difficult to understand, and he expects those around him to simply follow his orders, no questions asked. Many fear that his somewhat "rebellious" past and troublesome history will lead him to choose the side best suited for his own well-being, rather then that of all Angels. However, they have been assured that although his intentions are not always so admirable, he's been left with no choice but to support God, for his own cause. Adiol has a strong presence and a mere stare from his forlorn eyes could turn the body cold and mind immobile. Although he often curses free will and the burden it has created for him over the years, no one expresses it more then himself. He fulfills God's wishes, but on his own terms, and even such a divine being has failed to control Adiol's aspirations and power of choice. Despite all the negative talk of him, Adiol is a good person, his soul is often in turmoil and his past has shaped him to be somewhat of a heretic mold. His beliefs are traditional, and even through his reserved character, one can see the simple eyes of a lost cherub. [B]Appearance[/B]: Adiol's divine ancestry has left with him several angelic qualities layered upon some of his own unique ones. His hair is long and of a light blonde variety, known for it's remarkable luster. It's tips persistently streak over his right eye, which is almost always hidden from veiw. His left eye is a bright shade of blue while the right is a sharp golden yellow. As the tips of his hair fray to the side a delicate face shows through. His lips, the perfect size and skin, soft to the touch. His pale white shirt flows smoothly down his chest, it's top covered by a long, undulating, white scarf. Over his shirt is a loose, unbuttoned vest with a slight gold trim. His pants share the pale white color, streaking down his legs and slightly over the tongue of his shoes. He most often conceals his wings until they're needed. [B]Weapon[/B]: Adiol uses two golden short swords. [B]Bio[/B]: Adiol's past is a mystery to most and he expects to keep it that way. The past few years of his life havn't been to his liking, forced to serve as the Hand of God and carry out his mindless tasks. The latest has burdened him with the execution of Reoan in an attempt to restore the balance of power. Along with several other people, Adiol plans to extinguish Reoan's rebellion and return all worlds to their previous states. [B]Show Time[/B]: "Everyone is waiting for you sir," spoke Heaven's messenger. "Tell them I'll be there soon," said Adiol, dismissing the angel and returning to his previous thoughts. It was time, everyone was gathering. Some for Reoan, some for himself, and even some for the likes of Hell. Nothing was sure as of now, but every room was full of tension and everyone knew a revolution was about to begin. [I]I expect you'll follow all my orders precisely as I gave them[/I] rumbled the voice in his head, startling him from an idle silence. "Stop doing that," Adiol spat, an angry look upon his face, yet no one to show it to. [I]Hold your tongue angel, you will address me with respect[/I] the voice boomed again. [I]You're the only one who can defeat Reoan, and I'm the only one who can give you the solace you so desire, we need each other[/I] he spoke again. "Hmph, lucky for you. It must be nice, not having a physical form. Just blatantly entering people's heads uninvited and shouting about as if you had any right," Adiol spoke menacingly. He was the only one who had the audacity to speak to the epitome of divinity with such disregard. This alone was considered pure blasphemy among the other angels, most of which weren't at all pleased having to serve under such heresy. [I]Your words mean nothing, you will serve me. Or you will die, or better yet, continue living[/I] the voice spoke again, followed by a short laugh. "Enjoy your fun, I assure you, it won't last long. Now leave me be, if I'm expected to work with such a misfit army I need adequate time to prepare, time free of your annoying dramatics," he spoke again, finding no answer. [B]OOC: I wasn't very specific with the bio or character info since it's something to find out as the story progresses. Hopefully DC is pleased.[/B][/LEFT] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. [SIZE=1]Well, it's been quite some time since I posted anything since I've been so busy, but even through all the other stuff I've still managed to write aqnd I've got plenty of stuff for you guys to read. I'd like to thank everyone who's posted so far on my stuff and don't be afraid to post again with comments on new stuff. Thanks [CENTER][I]Poems[/I][/CENTER] [B]"Follow the Leader - Hymn 1"[/B] I'll take her hand as I ascend Soles equalled with my wingless angel Light as air and still I stumble Only she is there to catch me And so we sway, to and fro Fingers laced and interlocked She leads me far from all my fears Where I am safe, and not alone She leads, And I am poised to follow, quick to jump from stone to stone She leads, And I am lost without her, no one to guide me through the night She leads, And I am so far gone, her world much brighter then my own She leads, I swear I'm lost without her, of my devotion, she'll never know - [B]"Innocence, Mass Suicide"[/B] The young will fall as they are born, Our world becomes a fetal graveyard. Those who live are doomed to grow, Teenage life falls prey to sin. Our only solace, remedy, Cut wrists and throats, the blade our savior. Depression's disease consumes us all, Giving up our wanton children. - [B]"A Grave Made For Two"[/B] Are you to live if I'm to die? Fail to mourn, but remember to forget Live as if I never existed And love as if my heart wasn't your's Is this a eulogy or my last serenade? Will you swallow your pride and offer a hand? As this casket consumes me A tie thieving breath Won't you join me six feet under? Dirt provides the perfect escape - [B]"Renovation"[/B] I'll decorate my room with your insides Splash regret along my walls I'll nail your organs unto oak Sanguine fluids streaking down I'll place your face upon my own Beauty only runs skin deep I'll seal the deal with one last kiss As you awake and see I'm gone - [B]"She loves me..."[/B] I'll wait Until it snows in summer Until the sun comes out at night Until the rain falls to the sky Until she loves me... - [B]"A Part of Me In You"[/B] I can't believe that you're so empty You've taken my heart to fill in your chest Tied off it's ends and hoped for the best You've taken my lungs to help you to breathe Carefully placed and abused at your leisure You've taken my skin to patch it all up Intertwined stitches aid to weave lies You've taken my brain to help you to think Maybe next time you'll leave me behind - [B]"Hopefully you got the message?"[/B] Spilling my guts is no longer an option This paper is proof that my insides are empty A letter carefully written in blood Meant to be seen by your eyes only Mailing things is such a pain, who knew that organs weighed so much? [CENTER][B]Quotes[/B][/CENTER] - "If your heart was broken, you'd be dead." - "Could somebody show me the kind of affection that you only see in the movies, you know what I mean." - "I'm racking my brain, trying to comprehend, how, for some unknown reason, our status will remain as friends." - "We're murdering our lives trying to make it work,but you and I both know, that we are a lost cause." - "I?m scared to death to find out what you think of me." Thats all for now.[/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1]Ashen walked silently down a street he found very unfamiliar. Everything was so different then before, and why was he the only one who seemed out of place here? He tried to be subtle as he studied faces, hoping to find someone whom he'd seen before, or even someone who didn't belong here, but it was futile. He only found cold stares from others wandering the streets. It was weird, he was never very welcome by those who knew his true identity, but now he was a mystery to these people, and still he could hear subtle mumbles of insult. Even worse, he had lost his dagger. His prized possession, the thing that meant most to him in the world was gone, and he had no idea where to look for it. Turning a corner he saw several shops and carts set up selling various items, food, clothing, all the common things you'd see at a marketplace. [I]It might be better if I got out of these clothes[/I] he thought to himself, figuring a way to avoid all the awkward stares. But there was a problem, he didn't have any money. As an infiltration specialist he always thought it best not to carry any. When he needed it, he'd simply use a credit card, or visit an ATM to pick up the amount he needed. Unfortunently, he didn't see any means of obtaining real money around this place. He sighed lightly to himself as he entered a weapons store, maybe they'd be hiring? [B]OOC: It's short but I couldn't really think of something spectacular at the moment.[/B][/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE=1]Sasurai stood guard outside the room while the girls tended to Raphael. Since the attack things had settled down dramatically, there was still much to be done, but for now it was best for the team to rest and heal before moving on. Luckily for them the castle area that had been penetrated was closed off from the inhabitants. Sasurai stood guard only as a precaution, since the kingdom's remaining forces were locked in the levels opposite to their own. This is where the two team strategy would be invaluable. Team 1 had been locked and secluded from the main part of the castle and if they were to attack, the remaining forces would make a stand and wipe them out. Their opponent, however, had no idea that Team 2 even existed, if they could break in and successfully create a route through the enemy, both teams could meet up and conquer the castle on a united front. This was no easy task, however. Sasurai hadn't talked to the other team since they'd lift his home and he had no idea how they planned on making their way into the castle undetected. Luckily all they had to do was get in undetected, once they were in they could go gung-ho if they wanted, as long as they made an opening for Team 1. Sasurai pondered away, his arms crossed and teeth scraping relentlessly against one another. [B]OOC: Now it's basically up to Team 2 to enter the castle and do their thing. Members from Team 1 may still post, but we'll be resting up for now.[/B][/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1]Lane cautiously entered the mistresses portion of the plane. He wasn't welcome there, but he thought it his duty to check on Ms.Lilith and make sure that she was content in her travels. It was very quiet as he slowly latched the door behind him and began to walk the center isle. Luckily the first to encounter was Ms.Lilith, and so he approached, bowing in respect, "Is there anything I might get for you ma'am?" he asked politely. The mistress jumped a bit, startled at his presence in a place where he was not supposed to be. "Oh sorry miss," Lane laughed nervously, "I didn't mean to startle you." "It's fine," she added, excusing the surprise visit. "You really shouldn't be in here you know, if the other mistresses saw you there'd be trouble," she inquired, giving a stern look in his direction. "Sorry ma'am, I just wanted to check up on you, make sure there wasn't anything you needed," he smiled, trying his best to recover and defend his trip into forbidden space. "Well...thank you Lane, I'm doing just fine. Now you better get back to the others before anyone notices that you're gone." "Yes ma'am, just one more thing? What was that tune you were humming?" Lane asked curiously, drawing his attention to the mistress. "It's an old Scandinavian song, I learned it when I was little and have cherished it since," she spoke. "It's beautiful really, you'll have to teach me someday," he added with a smile and a nod, turning from her and walking back to his quarters. [B]OOC: Sorry it's short, but it was something to do[/B][/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=1]Malik sat quietly within his chambers, preferring dead silence to that of company's noise. He wouldn't necessarily call it meditation, but most of his time was spent in concentrated thought. The position of vampire lord had it's perks, but it was a tough job. In the past Wakanda hadn't proven such a problem. Vampires had always been the supreme species, yet as time went on the forces of good and evil began to balance. Vampires stood idle in power while their counterparts continually increased and evolved their magic. Even still, the strongest Wakanda could never compare with the strongest of Vampires. Malik himself made sure to keep a special force of his own in hiding made from the strongest vampires under his control. And he himself was most powerful, his mind and body further advanced then other creature he had encountered. His only true threat was Kalei, which he had yet to understand. She was the one, her destiny to defeat him, but how could this be? He was Vampire Lord, how could he become the prey of a simple Wakanda girl? [I]It won't happen..[/I] "My lord, it has begun," spoke a voice from behind him. He could sense the fear in his messenger as he rose from the lavish throne, turning and walking towards the young vampire he'd recruited as a personal servent. "Speak with those below me in control of my armies, make sure they are not to reckless with the Wakanda, they are not to be taken lightly," the Great Lord spoke, his voice calm yet seemingly loud in the room of echoes. "Y-Yes sir," his messenger spoke, bowing in compliance. "Also, increase the security of the girl, we cannot afford for her to escape, put Flux on it," he spoke. "B-But sir, general Flux might-" the young vampire was cut off immediately by Malik's booming voice. "Do not question me!" he shouted, followed by quiet whimpers and a nod, just before the messenger left the room. Malik returned to his seat, swirling a red liquid around the depths of his cup and taking a swig. He wiped the blood from his lips and licked the tips of his fingers, savoring each taste of the finest inner fluids. [B]OOC: Sorry it took so long to post. Flux is a general below Malik, who is absolutely insane. He has risen in the ranks because of his ruthlessness and absolute disregard for the feelings of others, even vampires. He obeys Malik simply because he has to. If you wish to save DC, you must go through him first. And hes quite the beast lol. Have fun.[/B][/SIZE]
  15. [quote name='René][COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Oh, but that's right, metalheads like to think themselves above the masses. Silly me, how could I forget. :rolleyes:[/FONT][/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote] [SIZE=1]Only cause we're better *shrugs* lol Personally I don't like nu-metal, I'm not saying I "love the list," but I'm really not a fan of rock and hip hop combinations. I don't like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Korn, etc. Sure, I can tolerate their music, but I don't like it. Half the bands that were made fun of are basically excluded from the list due to number 42 (make sure you have at least one female member). The majority of bands that were mentioned, or were implied, lack a female member. I think it would've been better if they took off about 50 from the list, since about that many didn't make sense or had nothing to do with nu-metal. As much as I don't like nu-metal, it feels cheap poking fun at them cause I guarantee there's a list out there busting on metal bands and those that follow. Just as many stupid stereotypical things can be said about metal bands, lots worse actually lol. And how old is this list? Referring to Carson Daly as an MTV interveiwer? lol[/SIZE]
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