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  1. I don't know why I went and wrote wedding vows, but I did, so here they are. [u]The Road Ahead[/u] The road ahead Is long and hard As life does thend to be But knoeing you Are by my side Makes me want to see How far we get On our own steam How much we have to learn And knowing you Will take each day And make me-let me-earn The love you feel for me The life I've yet to lead And the greatest honour of them all Your presence here with me [u]I Promise[/u] I promise to live I promise to be A someone who's there Whenever you need I promise you
  2. It's not so much a banner or art request as it is blatant begging for a picture. I wasn't sure exactly where to post this and I figured my best bet was here... See, for Otakon, I'm cosplaying Tsunade But in order to do that one needs a costume and in order to make a costume one needs a picture and therein lies the problem. See, with all my searching, I can't seem to find a decent picture. So if someone could help It'd really, really appreciate it. Part of the issues, though definately not all of it, is finding a picture (or even two different halfway decent pictures) that shows the w
  3. While I don't need a smaller banner, I do need an edited one. People were complaining saying it was "Too Graphic" And I've had to remove it. Because I'm totally in love with it, I would ask you to make another one, but if you can't, I understand.
  4. ....... Yes Tekkaman, that's what I meant XD sorry I didn't make that clear... but I thought >.>
  5. I guess it's just so bloody amazing that even straight married men like it :P XD
  6. This contains spoilers for post-soulsociety arc. If you haven't finished it yet, read at your own risk. [b] Hope life?s been good to you Since you?ve been gone I?m doin? fine now--I?ve finally moved on It?s not so bad--I?m not that sad[/b] It was supposed to be fine, she was back home, in Soul Society where she belonged, so why did it hurt so much to be here without her. There were plenty of distractions, people to save, hollows to fight, but it just didn?t feel right without her by his side. It just didn?t feel right. [b]I?m not surprised just how well I survived
  7. Right, so I've just joined a HP Forum (located [url="http://finalprophecy.proboards50.com/index.cgi?"]here[/url]) as MidnightGenius, but I don't have any banners made that fit with the general theme of the site XD ...in otherwords, all my stuff is anime. Anyway, if comeone could make me a Harry/Draco set, it would be awesome. The avi is 100x100 max, and there's no size limitations on the banners Nothing to graphic, it's not a yaoi site but something kind of cute, with a quote from the fanfic Checkmate (located [url="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/798255/1/"]here[/url]) wo
  8. [quote name='lostvoice]The problems solved. I dumped him. He didn't want to be friends afterward so now I think hes kind of an asswhole. :animeangr But anyway I think I need someone... I don't know....mabye a guy who's less masculine. Someone strong yet still kind. (Someone less athletic and more [i][b]Poetic[/b][/i'].)[/quote]You'll want to be careful on that, you definately don't want it to seem like a rebound. I think you should probably hang out and have fun being single for a while, and let things happen.
  9. I have a small piece of advice for you. Your level and leveling up doesn't matter, what matters is the abilities you get. So be careful on that.
  10. [font=Arial][size=2]If anyone noticed, the title is something of a spinoff of "Candle on the Water" and you'll... err.. see why later. Anyway, following is the fanfic. I used the english names because I don't know Duke's japanese name. My ff.net is [url="http://www.fanfiction.net/u/675412/"]MidnightGenius[/url] Summary: Yami left, and Yugi finds himself going steadily downhill. What happens when he misses his other self too much, and can no longer handle the pain? Warnings: Character death. __________________________________________ ?What
  11. [Spoiler]The firewall place thing, in the crystaly area, where you have to rescue the girl by killing 3 bosses. I think I'm at the 3 harpies one...[/spoiler]
  12. Mine's actually really simple I invented it when I first entered the online forum world and have used it (and variations) ever since. Anywhere you see NashvilleDreamer (or NashvleDreamr) That's mee It was (and still is) my dream to be a famous country music singer. And since Nashville is Country Music Headquarters, I became NashvilleDreamer
  13. As with many games, I find myself underleveld and stuck I'll be back later once I can remember exactly where I'm stuck XD
  14. I've recently revisited my first game: Legend of Legaia. The only thing that took some re-getting-used-to were the graphics. The blocky graphics of the PS1 just look like compete crap when put next to the PS2 and the next-gen systems But the storyline makes it continue to be my favorite game, even 11 years after I learned of it's existance :P Also, I found my dad's old Atari I wanted to play it but none of the chords fit any of the TVs we have XD
  15. I'm currently debating over wether to get this. I've heard horrible things about it, but I want to play it for the story. So what do you think? Rent untill I beat it or suck it up and buy it?
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