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  1. Yes, I can't even recall why I put that link there. A favor to someone, I imagine.

  2. Hah. So when I decided to try and see if you still existed online (in a fit of nostalgia), and I found beyondcarpetcare.com, that WAS you. Amazing.

  3. I actually picked up Age of Conan today. So far all I have to say is this has been the world's longest game install... and I've not even started patching yet. EDIT: OK, be prepared for about a 60 minute plus install then around 700 MBs in patches. Anyway, the game is a lot of fun. I'm only level 7 so I'm not terribly far into it, but it's been very enjoyable. I'm actually liking the "instanced island" aspect. Essentially, the first 19/20 levels take place on this island and you move off of it once you complete a certain quest line. This takes place at night, but you can talk to anyone to
  4. There have been a few "every mmorpg coming up!" threads here... even those have only gotten a few posts at most. I think it's safe to say that most people here simply don't even play them. And unfortunately those of us that do seem to play entirely different games or have radically different playtime schedules. I've not been able to meet up with [I]anyone[/I] from here since FFXI was new. I was in the Age of Conan stress test, but I didn't even get to log in during it. I wound up deleting the game entirely after the [I]second [/I]5 GB patch (and this is after an almost 10 GB download) becau
  5. Semjaza

    Gaming Persona 3

    I think Yuko winds up being one of the more interesting ones, honestly. By the way, the FES additions to the main game have been great. The new Personas are cool, there's new test questions and dialog, some small additions that make things come together a little better, etc. I enjoyed the little excursion I had with [spoiler]Elizabeth[/spoiler].
  6. Semjaza

    Gaming Persona 3

    By the way, this is a LOT easier to find than the last one. Places are carrying it that didn't carry the original Persona 3 whatsoever. I picked my copy up at Best Buy.
  7. Semjaza

    Gaming Persona 3

    [url]http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0014CN2H6?ie=UTF8[/url] FES is in stores now. For $30 you get a package of the original game and the new FES expansion with hours and hours of completely new content. [B] Thirty dollars.[/B] If you like console RPGs (or even if you don't, it's arguably the most interesting one in many years) and you don't buy this then there's just something wrong with you.
  8. In Perfect Drug you mean? I think that was a nice touch, it gives the guitar player a bit more to do in an otherwise rather dull stretch. I picked that up and March of the Pigs. I [I]can't stand[/I] The Collector, so I didn't bother. I also picked up El Scorcho. Whenever Harmonix FINALLY gets around to full album releases (where the hell is Who's Next?), I really hope Pinkerton gets added.
  9. I definitely understand that mindset. I think with pay-for MMORPGs you have to just be sure to find ones that make it worth the investment. The sheer amount of work that goes into WoW can help ease the blow I think... but on top of this, the users receive regular updates to the game. Not just bug fixes, but new options, quests, areas, etc. WoW might be $15 a month, but even before the expansion pack it had increased significantly in content, modes and the sheer amount of places to go. The same is true of LotRO. They've added player housing, refined the raids, adding player costume op
  10. Guild Wars was quite awesome when it came out and I don't think you can underestimate the appeal of free online play... but I re-installed it last month and I was just amazed by how dated and uninteresting it seemed. GW is really MMORPG-Lite in so many ways. From character customization, to actual ability usage, to challenge. Really, it barely fits into the MMORPG genre to begin with in many ways since every single area outside of hub towns (which could basically just be called a lobby since they offer little of importance beyond a clear meeting place) is instanced. Instances are generally ve
  11. Semjaza

    Gaming Persona 3

    Every night at midnight something known as the Shadow Hour begins. Basically, at this point, monsters known as Shadows attack the surrounding areas. Most people are transmogrified into crystallized coffins, but those who are able to summon Persona remain fully conscious. Most of them just wind up being killed, but a special group of kids (their main difference being that they know how to summon Personas at will) at a local High School have formed a force with the help of the the head of extracurricular activities. Their mission is to find the source of the Shadow and defeat it. It gets far
  12. In his defense, Kaim did have hundreds of years in which to become angst-y. I'm not entirely sure that Cloud's excuse compares lol. :animeknow
  13. I half expected (OK, way more than half) this to be yet another game just like Disgaea from these guys. I actually checked it out and it looks pretty interesting. I actually had never even heard of it before, although I've completely turned off my PS2 radar aside from the hope of a Persona 3: Fes release in the US. I'll have to look into trying this one.
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