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  1. [B]Time is Slow:[/B] Very surreal. I personally would prefer the blending to be more subtle in the background, but it offers a nice contrast to the ... wrist? ... the watch is on. It's nicely done with acrylics. [B]Quiet Boy: [/B] There's something kind of off about the face. Like the lower his-left our-right portion? I'm not sure it should dip in like that. The shading is marvelous, though, and I really like his look. It's almost as if he's harboring some inner demon unbeknowst to the world. [B]Control Anger: [/B] The "mute" is the most important part! As it is already located of the no
  2. Those are rather nice and resemble the Rurouni Kenshin style very, very nicely. It must have taken a lot of patience to shade the 1st one! I usually get irritated if I have to shade such a large area. It's really very good use of the pencil medium.
  3. Hm. I haven't been here in so long that I was sent an e-mail telling me how to delete my account. Anyway, I've noticed my drawing style changed yet again on me, and I'm not sure if I like it. This is not good, considering my fledgling webcomic is suffering under this uncertainty. I'd appreciate it if someone could give me some insight on the lineart. I guess criticism on all aspects are welcome, but I already know the cg could definitely be better. :: sigh :: [IMG]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y187/klinanime/egl_neko.jpg[/IMG] oh yeah, I can't tell if the whole thing is proportional
  4. Um. BLUE... I'm confused. Are you asking me, or are you asking people in general, because if it's people in general, that's the topic of this thread. What's your incentive to draw manga. INCENTIVE. Your innermost reason, selfish or otherwise, for drawing manga. That's what I was hoping to get at. (And the Psych course doesn't begin until next semester...) Yeah... If you were asking me: [QUOTE]Personally, my incentive to draw is because I like it, but my incentive to draw manga is to get my thoughts out there for critiques and I suppose, sadly enough, for praise.[/QUOTE] In other words, ho
  5. A lot of "'cause I like to"s out there, and it reassures me that the next generation of mangaka will show as much dedication as the present. There's also a lot of "manga as last artistic hope"s, which commends the artistic talent out there. (hope that made sense... dead tired here) btw, BLUE--- look at your avi and tell me you aren't obsessed.
  6. I don't know of any primarily Christian anime; just as a kind of "warning" (not really, statement maybe?) just because there's references to Christian symbols, it won't necessarily be promoting Christianity. Now, for compromise issues, there's very little "quality" anime that has little violence. Good luck on that, if you're cutting blood and gore out. The sexually provocative scenes might be easier to avoid. The good news is that with the sudden rise in popularity, I don't doubt anime will get a Contemporary Christian - like genre. Question: What would public opinion think of an anime that
  7. Thanks for all the tips. Unfortunate that the guy who was just elected our president only won because he brought people in to vote for him... At least I did become treasurer, though. It would've been kind of sad if I didn't, since I was running unopposed... ^ ^ I wish "Going to Die Alone" (Blade911, that's Evan's new name in the club) became secretary... Anyways. Anyways, I'll look into various art-related competitions, and into other anime (Gods not Inuyasha. Great show, but considering they watched it in tangent with DBZ last year, I think the really testosterone infused guys will thr
  8. Oh my goodness, the DMV nearest to me has everyone within three cities coming to it, so naturally it takes a really long time. To get my driver's liscense, I went in Saturday and waited two hours. They said I had to wait two more weeks, though I was sixteen, had at least 5 hours over the limit, etc. Ok, that's fine. Go in two weeks later: three hour wait, and they decided the person ahead of me was the last driving test. Next day: four hour wait, same result. Day after that: after 3 hours, the very last person to take the test! I wasn't supposed to, but I think the lady who was doing it felt s
  9. Well, I'm definitely getting a "who gives a da**" vibe. Better, more specific question, though I may possibly get the same answers (being somewhat antisocial appears to have its disadvantages): What about dancing with your date? Contact or no, or what? :: confused:: I guess it's more of a proper etiquette question...
  10. Wonderful plotline, and it seems you have all the details ironed out. With the prospective artists around, I hope soon to see previews of a finished project. You definitely seem like someone who enjoys making things seem as if they could be reality, so I expect to see something great come out of this. A pity I won't have time to lend my own talent due to time, but it's unlikely it would be of publishing quality anyway. A word of advice for any artists willing to undertake this: In order to really bring out the "dark" quality of this plot, heavily toned backgrounds would be a plus.
  11. For those of you who don't know, my brain spurts out a surplus of ideas that tend to end up in a heap of nothingness. However, I really like this new idea and I love the main char design (^ - ^) I've thought of. It's tentatively titled, "Life/Death: New York." Somehow in the future, a corrupt government is run by a kind of dynasty, (it sounds corny, but it's because the entire family are politicians and most are good presidents, but others have had their opponents eliminated) and the recent one has dual personalities. The "good politician" side is mortily frightened of her psychotic, take-ov
  12. With homecoming approaching rather soon and me being obligated to go because I'm playing w/the orchestral group for coronation (groan), I'd like to figure out how to dance, well, more like what is generally done and accepted. Last year I ended up being the one with the reading light at knee level, drawing, and I would like for that NOT to happen again as my back hurt horribly afterwards. I'd like to know what is generally considered conservative and not relatively humilitating, and don't just tell me to let the beat fill me because that's not going to give my confidence a boost.
  13. I was just wondering about all you artists out there: exactly what is your incentive to draw manga? Fame and recognition? To get your ideas out there? I'd like it if you were as honest as possible and really think about it before blindly answering, "because I like to draw." I dunno, I just want to get a perspective on the talent and commitment the manga market could potentially be flooded with. Personally, my incentive to draw is because I like it, but my incentive to draw manga is to get my thoughts out there for critiques and I suppose, sadly enough, for praise.
  14. Through many series of unfortunate events, those that were most needed in our anime club either graduated or... yeah, well anyway, most of the anime buffs in our school now refuse to come because the people in it only understand DBZ, Yu-gi-oh,etc. as anime, and it's basically ruining the club. :: tear:: (From what I understand, last year everyone watched DBZ half the time which was why I left) To get the "anime buffs" back in, I've decided to improve on the activities so we aren't just watching an hour of anime for every meeting. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just monotonous. Some ideas
  15. I'm unsure whether this should go in the movies section or whatever... Media Asia Films has recently revealed its HK$100m manga adaptation Initial D at a press conference in Japan. The Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Japanese cast: Edison Chen, Jay Chou, Anne Suzuki, Anthony Wong, Chapman To, Kenny Bee, Jordan Chan and Shawn Yue. Jay Chou as Takumi Fujiwara Anne Suzuki as Natsuki Mogi Anthony Wong as Bunta Fujiwara Edison Chen as Ryousuke Takahashi Initial D is Asia-famous Mandopop singer/composer Jay Chou?s theatrical debut, and this nuanced leading man naturally became th
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