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  1. OOC: Bwahahaa!!! You honestly didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you!?!? Ah, but resurrection is tough; I will have to make a new and improved character for this new and improved RPG ^_~... heh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Will Thorne Year: 2 Team: Kurookami Player's Troupe ( club president ) Label: Drama geek / con artist Description: Has straight, light brown hair down to his shoulder blades and emerald green eyes. He always wears flashy clothes, expensive, almost gaudy clothes every day, but one of his favorites is a very showy,
  2. This is my first real poem I've felt confident enough to post. Would people please tell me what they think of it? [U] A Knife to Dull the Pain [/U] Sleeping pills because I?m tired, A knife to dull the pain. Tear drops in a sea of blood, A puppet cuts its strings. No more acts to fool them all, I finally am free. Sleeping pills because I?m tired, A knife to dull the pain.
  3. Really good story! I like my role in it, even though the best trick I've ever done on a skate board, was a nose grind... on my nose!
  4. Name: Gender: Male Age: 7 Hair: Straight, black hair. Often has dirt in it. Eyes: Brown Height: 4' 3" Talent or Skill: Stealth Self Defense Weapon: A very long, tough, cord (can be used for strangling and as a rope, etc.) Reason You have a street life: When he was four, his family deserted him in the middle of a cross-country road trip. He than walked for the nearest town. He's lived on the streets ever since Personality: Very quiet and shy, but sometimes he'll find a person and stick with them through everything. He is talkative around only th
  5. Sunlight was slanting though the slats of the sole window in Hanako's tiny apartment. It shone upon countless layers of firework shells, old glowsticks and miscellanious junk, before coming to rest on Hanako's face. She groaned and rolled over on her stomach, when the blare of her alarm clock finally broke through her sleep. She glanced at the offending device before throwing against the wall. She fell halfway asleep before remembering the clock's display. "Aaack! I'm Late!" She screamed as she bolted up off the pile of blankets that were her bed. She jammed her clothes on in one
  6. I don't really think I fit into a stereotype, but during different schools and such, people thought I was a girl b/c I had long hair, that I was a Russian cause I had short, straight hair, and now people think I'm a hippy b/c I have curly hair. Very weird, but, if I had to classify myself I'd say I was a chameleon, b/c whatever group I'm around, I act like that group a little. It's a Great way to meet cool people, but other people tend to think you're a bit weird.
  7. Well, I have a couple, but definitely the one I want to do the most is be a japanese translator. Mostly because I'm fairly good at Japanese (Considering I've only been studying for roughly a year) and also because I really love Japanese culture. Course, the fact that a translator for Japanese makes around 10,000 an hour (or job, I can't quite remember) does tend to help with choosing that career.:p
  8. Karokku stomped along listening for human, when he heard something much worse from behind. Following the trail of blood he was leaving on the cave floor, were a group of six cave scorpions. He could take out one or two, maybe three, but six was well beyond him in this condition. He turned and ran. The scorpions looked up as he fled, and chased after pursuit. He was well in front of them when he ran, but they slowly gained on him. One managed to get in range of his tail, and he whipped to the side knocking one of it's pincers off. It screamed in pain and rage, but was soon over
  9. Man, those drawings are excellent, superb!! Especially the "I'm with stupid" one! And you should post your picture up, so we can see if you look as good as you do in the drawings.
  10. Well, my parents tell me I sleep walk a lot, but I never believed them until a friend I was spending the night with, at his cabin says I got up walked down the stairs, and was halfway to the lake when he caught up. Course, that'll explain a little of why I wake up with cuts and scratches I didn't know I'd gotten. Talking in my sleep is also always a problem for me. :freak:
  11. Name: Hanako Kiribayashi Year: 2 Team: Digital Starlight Label: Fireworks fiend/ raver Description: Has cropped short, spiky, blue hair(dyed). Has purple eyes(contacts). About 5'3". Wears black, baggy jeans, a flowing black trenchcoat both with glow strips along the seams, black combat boots, a purple, camo tanktop, and a blue backpack ALWAYS worn over one shoulder filled with fireworks. Bio: Hanako first found her love of fireworks when she was walking down a street with her family when she was five, and a fire broke out in a fireworks shop. She has been in love with the things
  12. Neoclone-7

    RPG Two Worlds

    Everyone was shocked into a momentary silence. Keiko spoke up first. "So... you mean to tell us that that," she said, gesturing towards the mirror, "Is what you really are?" Nayan nodded, "That is my true self," she said, stepping away from the mirror. The image disapeared, "if you wish to see yourself, stand before the mirror." Keiko pushed her way forward. Took a deep breath and stepped in front of the mirror. The mirror flickered and then displayed [URL=http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/MM35_gallery/MM35_PG196.jpg]a dark, hazy image[/URL] No one was as surprise
  13. Karokku was just outside the outskirts of the capital when he heard sharp, quick footsteps. He stopped moving and lay perfectly still, barely above the surface of the water, listening and watching. A minute slid by and the source of the footsteps appeared. A squadron of thirty heavily armed human troops was filing towards the capital. Humans! Down... here? Could they be attacking? Without so much as a ripple he floated over to the shore and clambered up behind them. Letting out a bellow he charged forward, jaws gaping. The troops turned around. Karokku crashed into t
  14. Karokku slid through the waters of his gaurd route with a gracefulness that belied his massive stature. He swished his tail and jetted forward, before looking up, just above the surface of the water. A rock smacked him directly between the eyes. He let out a bellow of rage before crashing out of the water to see who threw the rock. Stomping onto the path beside the river he looked around heatedly. No one in sight. Nothing in either direction as far as he could see. "uhh, hello?" He bellowed into the cave, " who's here? You threw a rock at me." As if in answer a muted ex
  15. Being alone suits me. I am never happier than when I'm alone. No one to get in my way, no one to stop me from doing what I want when I want, no one to intrude on my world. When people are around me I get moody and grumpy most of the time. I just relate better to books and games and fantasies then people. I just learned not to like most people cause their ***** most of the time.
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