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  1. Curses to you Lactos intolerance! I want ice cream!

  2. If I had a portal gun I would either put one portal in a super awesome vacation location, and the other in my home, so that if I need a day off, or a get away I dont have to deal with customs, money, or travel of any kind and still get a vacation, because after all that vacation travel hubub, i need a break just from the vacation. So to pay for ONE vacation is worth a Lifetime of free ones Or... if i could change the SIZE of the portal I would put a small one in my laptop somewhere and the other by my wireless network at home so no matter where I go I can still fill my Computer and Internet addiction.
  3. addicted to water

  4. Just injoyed a homade bowl of peanut butter ice cream. Yum!

    1. PiroMunkie


      Peanut butter seems to be a common theme with you. I don't think I've ever had pure peanut butter flavored ice cream, but I do love some PB in my ice cream. xD

    2. Frankie


      yeah vanilla ice cream with a huge glob of peanut butter mixed in completely, yum! I cant have any actual nuts so the butterized version is all i can have.

      'Peanut, almond, and so on :)

  5. Oh bamboo.... Why must your nibs wear down so fast? TT_TT

  6. Peanut Butter Popsicles

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    2. Frankie


      twas something that popped out of my mouth randomly as a codeword to get someone to stop tickling me since stop wasnt working...

    3. PiroMunkie


      Haha, that's usually when wrestling ensues. I'm pretty passionate about not being tickled. :P

    4. Frankie


      Hmm I think it did in the case as well.... But it happens often and this has become the "im serious and if you dont stop now ill rip your eyes out" code word.... it works now... :p their code word is Pineapples

  7. My artist block is finally being broken down into a fine dust that I will mix into concrete and drop the new brick on my enemey's head. Well It sounds good to me anyways...

  8. Lrb gave me permission to post this application late, so here it be..... the digidestined part is under going editing, i decided to change my age, to much teenage ness...... hehehe Sign-Up Sheet [b]Digidestined[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Airobeth -Airo for short- Torain [b]Age: [/b] 8 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.deviantart.com/download/236576912/digidestined_oc_airobeth_by_airobeth-d3wunww.jpg[/img] [b]Background: [/b] Airo is a strange little girl. She acts like a kid when she gets the chance but she aspires to do something great with her life, though that changes from month to month, January its a doctor, March its a lawyer, October its a Musician. A little girl with no idea of her dreams, she just wants it to be BIG. So with that she spends most of her time in the library reading, or in school getting top marks in her class. Her parents signed her up for camp this summer in hopes she would get to know some other kids, make some friends, and get her head out of the books for a few weeks. Upon hearing this she went on a rather long tantrum speech of how that is not what she wants. Once her speech was over her parents put her in summer classes as was her wish and pulled her from the camp list at the last second. Her classes were going well, untill things started going funky around her. [b]Supplies:[/b] Upon being abducted, she had her Backpack, Lunch that included chips, sandwich, large soda, and a baggie of veggies. Also she had her brothers old laptop and solar charger, a cell phone, and three rather large books and four extra large pepperoni pizzas. (yes im keeping the pizzas lol, i can make it work regardless of how old she is heh,) [b]Crest:[/b] Respect Digimon [b]In-Training:[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Ploymon [b]Picture:[/b] OOps...... I didnt get that one. Its pretty much a red fur ball with two large ears, like renamon's with black tips, and a black diamond in its forehead. [b]Attacks: [/b] [i]Bubble Popper [/i]- Shoots a bubble that explodes into tiny bubbles that then pop like mini explosions. [i]Hot Goo[/i] - Spits up a steaming blob of goo that sticks to the target, and burns them. [b]Rookie: Name:[/b] Rraikmon [b]Picture: [img]http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/194/d/4/d493f5c2dee137e5376b9e74ec38b2c9-d3o75vh.jpg[/img] Attacks:[/b] [i]Hot Steamer-[/i] Breaths out a stream of hot steam to burn the foe. [i]Ice Ribbons- [/i]Three spiraling jet of water shoot from her mouth and freeze on contact with whatever it hits. [i]Silent Mist-[/i] Her entire body turns into a very thin mist, making it nearly impossible to see her. While like this she encases her opponent and creates pressure, causing damage. [b]Personality:[/b] Always by Airo's Side. Quick thinking and always tells the truth when itâ??s needed. She isnt afraid to battle and is willing to die for those she cares about. Hot headed sometimes. I think itâ??s the steam. [b]Champion: Name:[/b] Rylonamon [b]Picture: [img]http://www.deviantart.com/download/83433236/Rampantmon__s_Champion_by_GinnyLyn2.png[/img] Attacks:[/b] [i]Tail Slam-[/i] Basic move, where she slams her tail into the ground or the foe. [i]Tiger Eye-[/i] A hypnotizing attack, causes mental confusion and she can control the weaker victims. [i]Sonic Horns-[/i] Sonic waves pulse from her horns and immobilize their enemy creating great pain in their heads. Androids and Machines are affected differently. They start to malfunction. [b]Ultimate: Name:[/b] Rampantmon [b]Picture: [img]http://www.deviantart.com/download/82489774/Rampant_by_GinnyLyn2.jpg[/img] Attacks:[/b] [i]Diamond Eye- [/i]The diamonds under his eye (Yes his) start to glow and send out large diamond shaped blasts that explode on contact. [i]Horn Rammer[/i]- Basic move where he rams his head, and horns, into the enemy. [i]Spike Slammer-[/i] Basic move of thrashing about and slamming things with his spiked tail. [b]Mega: Name:[/b] Ramrexmon [b]Picture: [img]http://www.deviantart.com/download/83433102/Rampantmon__s_Mega_by_GinnyLyn2.png[/img] Attacks:[/b] [i]Raging Rammer- [/i]Runs at full speed and rams his whole body into the enemy, then if he can, he picks them up and slams them into the ground. [i]Jaw Crusher- [/i]A crushing bite attack where he bites an enemy and holds on tight. There are few out there who can withstand the pressure, or break free. [i]Spike Slasher-[/i] He attacks by spinning and slashing his tail and claws around violently. [i]Asteroid Blaster-[/i] Kind of his only long distance attack and more of a finisher than anything. He creates a large rock like asteroid in the air, jumps up, and slams it towards his enemies with his tail, like a baseball. It explodes, and creates a large burning crater, upon contact.
  9. Digging, Digging, Digging, Gah terraria why have you taken my soul?!

    1. Shwa


      There you are, where have you been?


  10. How come after 10 pm (quiet hours) in our apartments all the kids run around outside my window screaming like gansters and cussing like sailors? Ugh!

    1. Lyndy


      Welcome to the Modern Age.

  11. Is feeling out of place... coming back to OB After such a long time.

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    2. Shwa


      Great to see you back, I remember the last RPG we were in together, it was bad-ass! Make some more like it :D:D:D

    3. Frankie


      gosh if only i could remember all of them! Which one was it?

    4. Morbo


      Fankie, you should relax... (okay that was really bad)

  12. Avian was showered and at work a little late, due to the traffic, AND being tailed so noticably by one of Agent Walters goons. She made it into the bar and saw Chance there almost wastedo ut of his mind, he strugled to open a bottle and finally got it to his lips. She smiled and walked up to him, "Perhaps the unlimited access to the bar wasnt such a great idea after all...-" She paused and saw the man on the ground that no one even cared to notice, "Uhm chance, Why is one of Agent Walter's Goos passed out?" She was talking quietly enough that if the agent on the floor was trying to listen (and not actually passed out) he still wouldnt hear over the noise of the club. He had glanced up at her, a little shocked but it took a while for it to kick in, "Oh him, he followed me here, they have been watching me since we met," Avian nodded, "I am well aware of that, Agent Walter has been on my case since i got her 9 months ago... He just KNOWS Im responsible for some of those...things that happend in town, and since the club issue the other night hes got a fresh start on me again, nice work with the agent though, did you have to foce feed him the shots or..." "I was very ... persuasive with Him..." He paused and glanced at her, those yellow eyes again... "About-" Avian cut him off, "I kinda have something to ask of you, a favor." "Go ahead..." She smiled, "Well I told Agent walter the reason we were talking in the alley is because I was interested in you and attracted to you and I wanted to privately get your information and stuff, and that you were invited to my first new home dinner so i could get to know you better if you catch my drift. Hope you dont mind..." He smiled, "Nah..." Taking another swig he flashed her a grin, "Any of it true?" She blushed and glanced at the ceiling, "Maybe..." In the way she said it was basicly the same as saying yes... "But anyways, You should take it easy you know, and if he or the goons approch you, go along with the attraction story, thought thecnically its not a story..." Avian trailed off again as the music seemed to beat loudly against her ears. "Dont worry, this whole thing will be finished soon and we wont have to worry about Agent Walter and his idiots, I plan on luring him there right before we leave, Id love to grab him by the shirt, tell him i did it, what i was, show him a part of my wild side, toss him aside and take off. Just the look on his face would be wonderful I think..." She cleaned up the bottles chance had lined up and went back behind the bar, "I do kinda have to work tonight though so, ... Oh an if you see another agent looking guy around, hes the one who followed ME to work today."
  13. Avian woke the next day to three different noises going off. The first as Taylor using the blender to make a smoothie for breakfast, the second was her computer beeping at her about appointments, emails, and other info, and the third was a horrible cracking sound on her door. She pulled herself off the couch and made way for the door. She opened it and sighed at the sight of it. The man she had tried to shake for months was back, again. She thought for a moment about letting him in the house, letting him stray to far from the front door and just killing him there, but he was only doing his job, and killing him might put even more eyes on her than she needed. "Hello again Agent Walter... Let me guess, This is about my club right?" He glanced at her over his shades, his bright green eyes watched her for anything that could be a give away. "Of course..." He said as he entered without asking. She could break his arm in such a quick motion for that but she let it slide, she was used to it. He sat on the couch and set some pictures on her coffee table, "A lot of strange things happen around you Miss Torain. I mean your club iced over, Alot of people could have died if it didnt thaw out you know..." "Including myself thank you very much, and dont for a moment beleive i had anything to do with it because frankly sir, thats bull shit. I was running my club on its opening day, got frozen, and had a really bad night, You dont even want to know how much money I lost in that incident." He frowned, "True..." His dark blueish hair caught the light and avian felt like ripping it all out, if anyone on the planet could piss her off, it was this guy. "However, things of all wierdness happen, around you." "I beg to differ Walter, First off I wasnt anywhere near the three towns that had their own problems all at the same time... For example in there was three days straight of rain in the Sahara desert, at the same time hawaii suffered a lovely blizzard, and dont forget moscow and its severe heat wave... Yet I have never been to any of those places, so why do you think this iced up club has anything to do with me? I fail to see your logical reasoning..." He listened and remembered each incident, all did happen in places she had never been but he wasnt taking at as sure proof she was innocent. He knew these things revolved around her somehow, he just didnt know how. "you forgot to mention the fires in california..." She glared at him, "California ALWAYS has fires..." "Ahah!" He shouted as if she confessed to the whole thing, "You say that, but maybe you just dont like california..." "Iv never been there, cant really say id like it or not, I cannot beleive you think this is my doing, and surely some idiot with a camp fire in california or something isnt the best excuse to tell your boss but seriously I have no idea about any of these events... Blame Global Warming." "Not likely," He paused, "So who, may I ask is this man?" He pointed at a picture of her and chance in the alley way. She looked annoyed at the fact he thought she was this stupid, "I know you well enough to tell you, you already know who he is, But to humor you, his name is Chance. Rather fetching man I must say," She smiled blushed, "I wasnt really interested in people when i moved here, I mean the dating sort, but... When I saw him there at my club the other night, I was so drawn in by his mass and his- eh well you know, I wanted to get to know him, perhaps get his phone number, you know maybe go out on a date or two..." Taylor snuck down into the basement and locked the door, she couldnt help but snicker to herself about the look Agent Walter had on his face about this story. Avian continued, "So I took my break and hinted at him to follow... We talked for a bit and I scored his info, Well last night i invited him over, but you know that already since your watching me and such, We had dinner. I had just moved into this duplex you see, so to get to know my neighbors better I invited them over, and one of them had a date with a school mate so I invited her as well. It also gave me a sly way of getting to know chance better too, you know what I mean," Avian grinned and smiled, "Without making it seem to sudden and everything you know. And as for The girl your about to ask me about, Ira, yeah She had passed out at my bar after a while, and to make up for it I invited her and her boyfriend over as well, like a party, but her and her boyfriend got into this fight and only she showed up." "Then do explain why she left your house in such a manner last night..." He asked eyeing her suspiciously. She frowned, "Yeah, My fault really. It was a mix of i didnt know she was a vegitarian, and then as the night went on some things were said and she got quite offended, My neighbor, chuck, is quite the ass you know. Making remarks that ... should get him slapped by the opposite gender, Im quite surprised she left his face intact..." "Is that so..." He packed up all the pictures, jotted down some notes in a notebook and headed for the door. Avian followed him and once on the porch he turned around and took off his sunglasses. "I know your involved with something here, Beleive me nothing you say will make me think otherwise... Oh and by the way... Did you know that the girls boyfriend, the one who got into the fight with the Ira girl, did you know there was roumored to be a mass shoot out there the other night? Yeah many criminals are missing, including her boyfriend... I dont report such findings though, not my particular field If you know what I mean... You just better watch yourself... Ill have my eyes on you..." And with that he was in his black sedan and gone. Avian was surprised with him, he didnt pull his gun on her this time, and he confronted her openly instead of just trying to sneak up and corner her. This was a new thing for him. Avian shut the door and found taylor laughing in the kitchen, "What?" "Were you telling the truth about all that stuff about Chance?" Avian grinned, "Wouldnt You like to know..." With that avian headed for the shower.
  14. ooc: Talk about avian has her work cut out for her now >_< not only does she have a scret agent of earth after her, she has an unknown enemy from her home planet, wonderful TT_TT lol, fun stuff, --------- Avian was surprised by Tetra's bursting in through the front door, and her quick reply, "I..." She was at a loss for words, she did not know what to say, and she could see in Tetra's eyes there was nothing she could say or do to change the girls mind. "Alright, but you should go home, Once I know when we leave, Zum will be the messenger...for now limit how much you are around me, next door with zum is fine." "Why Is that?" Tetra asked suddenly. "Well, I am sort of under investigation again by a Secret agent, human, who is dead set on finding out how i caused all the tings i did when i got here, the explosion, the fires and putting them out again, and the blackout... Since my club iced over because of Ira last night, he is back on my tail again. I dont want anyone harrased because of him. Agent Walter is just a wee bit obsessed, yet he is WAY off on what I really am, so ... Yeah anything I need to let you know, I will let zum be the one to tell you." Tetra understood, and her, Chuck, and Zum left again, to take Tetra back home. Avian slumped down in the couch and turned on the tv. The news went on about weather, small things, and a large murder at a big placein town. Avian could figure in her mind what it was about and flicked to another channel.. After surfing for a while she looked up to notice Taylor with another questioning look. "So... Whats this Zith guy like anyways, If we are gonna fight him, then we should know what he can do..." Avian paused, "nothing that great actually... He is plain human after all..." "Wait, Why doesnt someone just kill him then?" Taylor seemed mighty shocked that the guy in charge of all this bad stuff wasnt a unit as well. "Thats just it. He knows of the flaws of his own experiments, so he has chosen not to undergo the same process, He wants to live as LONG as possible for his desire's to come true, instead of the possibility of being drivin insane from some experimental flaw. We cant just up and kill him though, he can walk the facility halls with no body guards because he knows that the majority of the unit's there will come to his defense. So its more like we are going after some of his best, his brightests, exposing his facility and experiments to the world, getting a few more rebels and taking him down before he kills even more innocent people. Once we can actually get to him, and remove him from the picture, we may be able to stop this alltogether, since his units wont have anyone to follow, or missions to do, they could find their own way to live, if not, we will have to do something about them too. So many of them have a simple lust for blood, that I dont think is curable." Taylor nodded, "So basicly hes a human who wanted to fuck up everyone else, except himself because he knew of the side effects, and even though hes huma most of his units are still willing to follow him even though they could tear him to shreds in a matter of seconds. Did he breed their brains right out too?" "In a sense, he is trying to make them so they dont have a will of their own, they dont think except to kill, so they dont leave like I did. So they dont grow a heart and feel bad for the lives they have taken... Form a brainwash really. I heard of an attempt to kill him, but it only happend once, and that was before I was created. A unit not to different from myself actually, he decided enough was a enough. From what I heard he made it to Mr. Zith's office, however shortly after he entered, he left the office again, only dead. Mr Zith and his desk lady were in a discussion when the man decided to kill so I am assuming either he wasnt very skilled, or the secretary herself has abilities, and Mr Zith uses her as a personal guard when hes alone in his office, they say she was covered in blood when they dragged the units body out of the office. So... Its hard to get to him no matter what." "We got our work cut out for us then dont we..." Tay smiled, "Maybe its a good thing your taking along a few of us that have really small forms, we can spy the best you know." Avian smiled, "Indeed you can..."
  15. Knowing Chance would be going was the biggest pick me up Avian could have gotten. He wa strong, knew his powers well, and this brought her confidence. It was getting late so Avian looked to chuck and Zum, "You should head home now its kinda late, Chuck take Tetra home... please?" Tetra had just come up the stairs, a bit lost in thought, "Uhm..." Avian frowned, "I am sorry Tetra, i shouldnt have brought you into this, your young you have a life ahead of you here, you can tell your parents about this, since they should already know, at least you know the truth of where our kind came from... but I am sure your parents will 100% reject the idea of their daughter going off into space to go fight the bad guys...so... Chuck will take you home, if you have any questions or anything you know where I live, and your welcome here any time... same for you zum and chuck, i can even train you guys between now and lift off." Avian trailled off into her own thoughts, and chuck gave Tetra a silent ride home, Later Avian heard Chuck and Zum return and go into their side. She was left in her own home with Taylor lounging on the recliner as if they had just watched TV or something, instead of talking about psycho mad men and space flight. Avian let her in on every detail about what was going on with the ship, the supplies, and everything else. Avian suddenly hungry again, mostly from stress, got up and headed to the fridge, she pulled out a completely raw steak, one she had not cooked before the little group meeting. She grabbed a plate, washed the stake off, and then just ripped into it like it was natural. Taylor frowned, for her she liked everything food wise, but she liked it cooked.
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