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  1. Curses to you Lactos intolerance! I want ice cream!

  2. If I had a portal gun I would either put one portal in a super awesome vacation location, and the other in my home, so that if I need a day off, or a get away I dont have to deal with customs, money, or travel of any kind and still get a vacation, because after all that vacation travel hubub, i need a break just from the vacation. So to pay for ONE vacation is worth a Lifetime of free ones Or... if i could change the SIZE of the portal I would put a small one in my laptop somewhere and the other by my wireless network at home so no matter where I go I can still fill my Computer and Internet
  3. addicted to water

  4. Just injoyed a homade bowl of peanut butter ice cream. Yum!

    1. PiroMunkie


      Peanut butter seems to be a common theme with you. I don't think I've ever had pure peanut butter flavored ice cream, but I do love some PB in my ice cream. xD

    2. Frankie


      yeah vanilla ice cream with a huge glob of peanut butter mixed in completely, yum! I cant have any actual nuts so the butterized version is all i can have.

      'Peanut, almond, and so on :)

  5. Oh bamboo.... Why must your nibs wear down so fast? TT_TT

  6. Peanut Butter Popsicles

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Frankie


      twas something that popped out of my mouth randomly as a codeword to get someone to stop tickling me since stop wasnt working...

    3. PiroMunkie


      Haha, that's usually when wrestling ensues. I'm pretty passionate about not being tickled. :P

    4. Frankie


      Hmm I think it did in the case as well.... But it happens often and this has become the "im serious and if you dont stop now ill rip your eyes out" code word.... it works now... :p their code word is Pineapples

  7. My artist block is finally being broken down into a fine dust that I will mix into concrete and drop the new brick on my enemey's head. Well It sounds good to me anyways...

  8. Lrb gave me permission to post this application late, so here it be..... the digidestined part is under going editing, i decided to change my age, to much teenage ness...... hehehe Sign-Up Sheet [b]Digidestined[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Airobeth -Airo for short- Torain [b]Age: [/b] 8 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.deviantart.com/download/236576912/digidestined_oc_airobeth_by_airobeth-d3wunww.jpg[/img] [b]Background: [/b] Airo is a strange little girl. She acts like a kid when she gets the chance but she aspires to do something great with her life, though that change
  9. Digging, Digging, Digging, Gah terraria why have you taken my soul?!

    1. Shwa


      There you are, where have you been?


  10. How come after 10 pm (quiet hours) in our apartments all the kids run around outside my window screaming like gansters and cussing like sailors? Ugh!

    1. Lyndy


      Welcome to the Modern Age.

  11. Is feeling out of place... coming back to OB After such a long time.

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    2. Shwa


      Great to see you back, I remember the last RPG we were in together, it was bad-ass! Make some more like it :D:D:D

    3. Frankie


      gosh if only i could remember all of them! Which one was it?

    4. Morbo


      Fankie, you should relax... (okay that was really bad)

  12. Avian was showered and at work a little late, due to the traffic, AND being tailed so noticably by one of Agent Walters goons. She made it into the bar and saw Chance there almost wastedo ut of his mind, he strugled to open a bottle and finally got it to his lips. She smiled and walked up to him, "Perhaps the unlimited access to the bar wasnt such a great idea after all...-" She paused and saw the man on the ground that no one even cared to notice, "Uhm chance, Why is one of Agent Walter's Goos passed out?" She was talking quietly enough that if the agent on the floor was trying to listen
  13. Avian woke the next day to three different noises going off. The first as Taylor using the blender to make a smoothie for breakfast, the second was her computer beeping at her about appointments, emails, and other info, and the third was a horrible cracking sound on her door. She pulled herself off the couch and made way for the door. She opened it and sighed at the sight of it. The man she had tried to shake for months was back, again. She thought for a moment about letting him in the house, letting him stray to far from the front door and just killing him there, but he was only doing his
  14. ooc: Talk about avian has her work cut out for her now >_< not only does she have a scret agent of earth after her, she has an unknown enemy from her home planet, wonderful TT_TT lol, fun stuff, --------- Avian was surprised by Tetra's bursting in through the front door, and her quick reply, "I..." She was at a loss for words, she did not know what to say, and she could see in Tetra's eyes there was nothing she could say or do to change the girls mind. "Alright, but you should go home, Once I know when we leave, Zum will be the messenger...for now limit how much you are around me, next
  15. Knowing Chance would be going was the biggest pick me up Avian could have gotten. He wa strong, knew his powers well, and this brought her confidence. It was getting late so Avian looked to chuck and Zum, "You should head home now its kinda late, Chuck take Tetra home... please?" Tetra had just come up the stairs, a bit lost in thought, "Uhm..." Avian frowned, "I am sorry Tetra, i shouldnt have brought you into this, your young you have a life ahead of you here, you can tell your parents about this, since they should already know, at least you know the truth of where our kind came from
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